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Space Antenna
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Start Up The Video He's watching it and he's using a Chicken To Measure It. I mean if Dweezil Zappa had said to me Gary go ahead create a Grapevine for that video you took of my band doing G Spot Tornado would I share it with the community? Yes,  Of coarse I would. I would be happy to but that particular item is something that was documented for my personal use. I ensured Dweezil it would not be released or traded in any form. I have held up to that bargain for close to 15 years on that item. Example 2:) Shuts video and starts several Warren Cuccurullo Demos to Playing In Tongues. I'm listening to several Warrren Cuccurulo demos at this moment. Warren gave them to me personally. It is understood very clearly that this is for my personal use. It should not and will not be shared, released or traded in any form. I hold up to that bargain. I don't think these examples are relevant or valid. If you've been asked not to trade something given to you by the artist, or promised that you wouldn't, then there would be a betrayal of trust involved. Yet, we have seen that FZ didn't mind people taping shows, as long as people didn't profit from it.

"I don't think Pop Tarts have any place in our Lord's plans for the world."

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