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Sunday, July 12, 2015

JKU List Updates.

If you're new here, Jae Kamel and me publish an irregular e-zine called Jae Kamel's URLs. 18 Issues were published and then the e-zine was stopped. Each List is an Issue of JKU. Each List is updated at least once each month.

Here's a reblog of the update post from my other blog:

Updates: Jae Kamel’s URLs. July 12, 2015.

Updated: Online Tools 2015, JKU Research List, JKU Academic Research List,

The Free List, The Groundhog List, and The Cold List. This is, again, minor editing including adding new links, adding replacements for DLs (Dead Links, also knows as broken links), and other changes.

Here is the linklist for JKU (Jae Kamel’s URLs) again:

1. Jae Kamel’s URLs, First Edition. Released 5/1/07. (Lost, 2009) …
2. Jae Kamel’s URLs, Part Deux. Released 5/31/07. partdeux1.
3. JKU, tljc (The Legendary Journeys Continue). Released 7/2/07. tljc.
4. JKU, HL (A Tribute to Harmony’s List). Released 7/30/07. HL.
5. JKU, The Equinox Edition of The List. Released 8/23/07. JKU Equinox1.
6. JKU, FHE (Fall Harvest Edition). Released 9/23/07. FHE5.
7. JKU, The Cold List. Released 2/2/2008. ColdList4.
9. JKU, The Groundhog Edition. Released 9/18/10. GL84.
10.JKU, The Free List. Released 4/5/11. Free..
11. JKU, Research List. Released in 2011. JKU Research List.
12. JKU, Academic Research List. Released 2011. JKU Academic Research List.
13. JKU, Online Tools 2015. Released 5/31/11. Tools.
14. Julie Éclair’s PhotoList. Released 8/19/11.: Phlist7.
15. Poetry & Spoken Word List. Released 6/3/11. Poetry.
16. JKU One, original JKU resurrected. Started 12/13/11; Released April 1, 2012.
17. JKU Review, best of the previous JKU. Unreleased. See
18. JKU Index 2015. . (this index and contents). Released 9/23/07.
19. Julie Éclair’s VideoList. Released 9/30/12.

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