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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Cold List


                    Jae Kamel’s URLs Presents….

                      The Cold List

                                      February 2017 Edition

Christmas-Free For Your Protection

I. Freedom.
II. Sex.
III. Music and Video.


Note:  716 links.  All links good at time of list publication. See also Online Tools 2016  for more Freedom and Privacy links.

I. Freedom.

Including privacy links. “In a free state there should be freedom of speech and thought.” –Tiberius (42 BC – 37 AD). }special Art projects. Don’t drive there in your car, though.   }kids, and video games.
http://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/   }Small list of Onionland links. Also hosts a forum. 2015 DL. Replacement: http://udsmewv45lunzoo4.onion/   }TorLinks is a moderated replacement for The Hidden Wiki, and serves as a link or url list of Tor hidden services. Feel free to copy this deep web link list directory to your website to make others aware of the darknet. We regularly update the tor onion sites on this site.   }+Ma’s Dynamic Links. Reverse Engineering Links. This page has links to some of the last remaining mirrors of old sites, and so on.
http://54ogum7gwxhtgiya.onion/blog/index.php/secure-communication-in-the-tor-network/#more-327   }”After the fall of Tor-mail many users began to wonder about the security of network communication path. Those who have used PGP can sleep peacefully, others are wondering what they will be. (show no mercy or PGP for resistant Windows User).  In total, this entry is for both groups. For a reasonable new, alternative ways of communication for victims lesson for the future and the desire to suggest a good solution. Enough of introduction.Here is a significant list of solutions for secure communication in an onion: “    }the aanr advocacy site.   }their Law Library page.   }the nudist bill of rights.   }In this post, I’ll show you how to delete personal information from one of the largest people search databases on the web: I’m Maggie; I help run our DeleteMe service, which takes the hard work out of removing personal data from the web, and I’ve become an expert on how to ensure your private info stays private.Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove your personal info from BeenVerified:   }Peter Guttman’s excellent “Godzilla crypto tutorial” is on this page, and uses 973 slides in 12 parts. Recommended. }their freedom and justice links and articles.   }their criminal justice, so-called, articles and news. DL 2011  Replacement:   }show all of their key-issues, link to category from their.  Also:   }searched the site for "criminal justice", gave us 8,453 results. Browse for what you want to read or share. Limiting the search to 2016 articles, gave us   }509 results.   }their links to other c.j. sites.    }It seems that literally no one is safe from the NSA. Even digital alter egos living in fantasy realms in the online gaming world are being caught up in the NSA’s surveillance dragnet. A newly leaked internal document reveals that the NSA and British intelligence agency GCHQ have developed mass collection capabilities enabling them to monitor the activities and communications of the 48 million Xbox Live console network gamers. U.S. intelligence agents from the FBI and CIA, along with GCHQ agents, have also been infiltrating virtual worlds created in games like Second Life and World of Warcraft. On Monday, eight of the U.S.’s largest tech companies fought back by launching a campaign to rein in government surveillance. They published a website, took out full-page ads in national newspapers, and wrote an open letter to President Obama and to Congress demanding that the government end bulk collection and target its surveillance at individuals suspected of wrongdoing.  }Cryptoreversing, Courtesy of reverser’s page of reverse engineering. This was orginally at . On Cryptosystems Untrustworthiness, Pavel V. Semjanov, Information Security Centre, St. Petersburg Technical University. }Some thoughts on key checking methods that are hard to reverse engineer by dph-man. }Fravia stopped his site. This mirror is the only updated one.   }Actipedia is an open-access, user-generated database of creative activism. It’s a place to read about, comment upon, and share experiences and examples of how activists and artists are using creative tactics and strategies to challenge power and offer visions of a better society.    }”If not you, whom? If not now, when?” (Apologies to Martin Buber.) The activism website, clean, easy to read, easy to use. No ads, no redirect, Recommended.    }RFID tags are small embedded chips in documents and objects that respond to remote requests with identifying data. Originally conceived as a way to identify and track objects, RFID tags are increasingly being used to tag and “authenticate” human beings. That’s a different world entirely: if RFID tags are included in California IDs without safeguards for your privacy, your personal information could be scanned without your knowledge or permission, exposing you to the risk of tracking, stalking, and identity theft.    }65 links on this page. Activism: Cyber Rights and Online Civil Liberties: “Information is the currency of democracy.” — Thomas Jefferson    }this page has a good selection of annotated links on cryptography.    }a fairly long, organized set of links about sex and sexuality.     }The year 2014 has made it very clear that privacy is under threat, and the situation is not likely to improve. Mass surveillance – which became a national issue via the Edward Snowden leaks – is not subsiding or under reform; instead, it is becoming more bold and complex with each passing day. }With eye-opening footage, revealing interviews, humorous anecdotes, and an array of visual effects, the film categorically explores the alleged usage of subliminals in advertising, music, film, television, anti-theft devices, political propaganda, military psychological operations, and advanced weapons development.   }remember Act Up? This is their Civil disobedience index. You can download various manuals and guides from here. Also here }is their page on Consensus decision making.   }on this you can find tactical updates for the Occupy Movement. In fact, you can find lots about the Occupy Movement here. Joe-Bob says, check it out.   }their IRC. Yes, seriously. Yes, it is 2014 now, almost 2015, and IRC is – evidently – still used. The channel is #aircrack-ng and is located on Freenode. We try and remain as informal as possible, but there are some rules we’d appreciate it if you’d follow! Broadly, if you’re friendly, tolerant, and reasonable, you’ll probably get a pretty long way without any specific knowledge of the rules – but for the avoidance of doubt, here they are! Famous quotes from #aircrack-ng can be found here :)   }ALA’s extensive First Amendment, liberty and privacy principles guide the association’s work in the federal legislative and policy arenas as well as at the state and local levels in order to protect personal privacy based upon a long standing commitment to patron privacy. Advancing the library community’s principles to protect patron confidentiality requires major grassroots work from the library community to promote library priorities in these environments. There are several parts of ALA that work on these important issues. }Protesters rally outside the U.S. Capitol against the NSA’s recently detailed surveillance programs June 13, 2013 in Washington, DC. Thousands of activists took to the streets and the Internet Thursday to mark July 4 with protests against the NSA. The protests, organized by the “Restore the Fourth” movement, were intended to raise “awareness of and spur political action against unconstitutional spying by the US government,” organizers said.   }”Freedom paintings”, with quotations about freedom on each page under painting. Click “next page”.    }The 18th century utopian philosopher Jeremy Bentham's panopticon was a prison; a circle of cells with windows facing inwards, towards a tower, wherein jailers could look out and inspect the prisoners at any time, unseen by their subjects. Though originally proposed as a humane experiment in penal reform in 1785, Bentham's idea has eerie resonances today. One of the risks of the technologies that may give rise to a singularity is that they may also permit the construction of a Panopticon society -- a police state characterised by omniscient surveillance and mechanical law enforcement.   }an FYI. Hot stuff.   }another FYI. More Hot stuff. Your town or mine should be so lucky as to have people like this living there.    }Reclaim the streets!  2017 Update: Use this URL:    }A direct action network for global and local social-ecological revolution(s) to transcend hierarchical and authoritarian society, (capitalism included), and still be home in time for tea... Welcome to the cyber-streets of RTSLondon.   }graffiti writer.   }iSee project. You really should check some of this stuff out. iSee is a web-based application charting the locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in urban environments. With iSee, users can find routes that avoid these cameras -­ paths of least surveillance -­ allowing them to walk around their cities without fear of being "caught on tape" by unregulated security monitors. 2017 DL. Replacements: }in the archives now. ...and...    }see this advertisement for them.   }some documentation, etc. 2017 DL. Replacements:    }This is still Highly Recommended, even in the archives.    }their link list (“Associates”).   }Wiretap is run as a free public service to provide electronic text to citizens of the Internet. As one of the earliest e-text repositories, there are thousands of links to this site. All of this material was gathered and organized in an Internet world prior to creation of the World Wide Web. As such, it still resides in the archaic Gopher form. We will be updating and extending the e-text collection for display under WWW, though still maintaining its text-only character for the underlying corpus itself. Note: this older website may be gone soon, use it or lose it. Established 1990 Located this week in Mt View, California Last change: 10 Dec 97 Wiretap has been in dozens of books (Planet Internet, Cultural Treasures of the Internet, Yellow Pages, etc), and innumerable newspapers, including the New York Times. It is probably the single useful gopher resource remaining on the Internet. We plan to be considerably expanding our offerings in the near future. More books, more authors.    }Art Crimes, site about the free art of free people in public.    }list of best graffiti sites, 2017.  783 links on the page.   }The Center for Artistic Activism is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. Our goal is to make more creative activists and more effective artists. We aim to win.  }a way to download cryptome’s security archives. Cryptome has removed their own archives, and these documents may be fakes (e-mail cryptome to find out). They have document downloads on their site.  }Manifetso2020 association, taking us from the ex-OPP, the old asylum which is now one of the possible objectives of a new era of city projects, with its beautiful spaces up the hills and unused buildings full of history, down to the old port, where an incredible number of practically abandoned buildings, clear example of industrial archaeology, are ready to host events, projects, fairs, concerts, exhibits and shows. All the while we have been able to experience the peculiarities of the city, such as the characteristic ways in which the go to  the beach, along the coastal roads of the Barcola with the typical Topolini buildings. }The search engine for security related websites. Serving the comunity since 1994. Link goes to an example of the search results, for the term “anonymity”.
http://bdpuqvsqmphctrcs.onion/   }“Epigraph: Due to Orwell-like total control of reality, global government somewhere called “Babylon”, tries to drop in storm of shit everything what they cannot control. Looks like all types of mentally ill people gathered together by this kind of elite, fags, pedos, with tries to litter at maximum hidden, uncontrollable part of network. From one point of sight this is plus for tor project, because its like a proof of secure. But you must remember about tempest of attacks possible to hidden services and tor network at all. Tor can’t help you if you use it wrong. Tor is only the second generation of hidden networks, there are still many weak places and tor is still centralized. Just imagine how easy CIA can takeover only 9 servers(main directories) and carry out their discreet and efficient attacks. There are only five thousands relays and at least a quarter of its staying as a exit. 1000 servers around the world ? Hm…”  This is the first and only collection of Tor-.onion links which are still valid. May, 2015. Check this our before all the links are broken or the site taken down. That happens very often on Tor-.onion sites.   }CFP is a very valuable conference for the comprehensive lens on digital privacy to be explored and to be responded to by government, private business, privacy advocates and the public. Who knew Microsoft would make an effort after receiving the ’04 Big Brother award to come around to digital privacy. }found on the Tor network, using the DDG .onion search engine. CryptoWall and HELP_DECRYPT Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ. By Lawrence Abrams on July 10, 2014 @ 02:11 PM | Read 431,861 times. CryptoWall is a file-encrypting ransomware program that was released around the end of April 2014 that targets all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The media is commonly confusing CryptoWall with the CryptoLocker infection, when it is much more similar to the CryptoDefense ransomware. The most apparent similarity being that CryptoWall’s Decryption Service is almost identical to the one for CryptoDefense. In October 2014, the malware developers released a new version of CryptoWall called CryptoWall 2.0. This new version included some additional changes that are described in the next section. When you are first infected with CryptoWall it will scan your computer for data files and “encrypt” them using RSA encryption so they are no longer able to be opened. Once the infection has encrypted the files on your computer drives it will open a Notepad window that contains instructions on how to access the CryptoWall Decryption Service where you can pay a ransom to purchase a decryption program. The ransom cost starts at $500 USD and after 7days goes up to $1,000. This ransom must be paid in Bitcoins and sent to a Bitcoin address that changes per infected user.   }The International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance (ICAMS). This infrastructure is not restricted to ordinary police work, but aims at mass surveillance of entire populations. In its technological capacity and global reach, it is an unprecedented project of social control. Already, the United States, EU governments, and other countries are using information gathered and shared through this infrastructure to crack down on dissent,close borders to migrants, refugees and activists, and seize and detain people without reasonable grounds.  All this is taking place in a most ominous context – a time when the U.S. and its allies are maintaining a system of mostly secret prisons where unknown numbers of prisoners are facing indefinite and arbitrary detention and torture. This infrastructure would ensure that citizens around the world are registered, that travel is tracked globally,that electronic communications and transactions can be easily monitored, and that all the information that is collected in public and private data-bases about individuals is stored, linked, data-mined, and made available to government agencies.    }Prominent national security whistleblowers are calling for the full repeal of the USA Patriot Act, charging that under that legislation the federal government has decimated the U.S. Constitution and warning that unless action is taken, there is no end in sight to government secrecy and manipulation.     }”In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”    }notes about the SCP.     }this site presents “freedom psychology”. Its writer has some of the basic points quite right; Joe-Bob says, check it out.  A sample page:   }this page and the other pages on the site are very important for freedom of thought, freedom of your mind. So, even though they are in the archives, we still Recommend them and consider them important.  }watch the masterpiece video on full-screen, and get a look at freedom. The video is in the video list below.  }Your antivirus could not detect such programs because they use compression and encryption of its files. The sample software is Hacker Defender rootkit. UnHackMe allows you to detect and remove Rootkits. UnHackMe tested for removal all modern rootkits: Rustock, Haxdoor, Hacktool, Elite Keylogger etc.   }Footprinting and Scanning is the first basis of hacking. Information gathering has many phases like profiling your target. Whois, ARIN can reveal public information of a domain that can be leveraged further. Traceroute and mail tracking can be used to target specific IP and later for spoofing. Nslookup can reveal specific users and zone transfers can compromise DNS security. Footprinting is necessary to systematically and methodically ensure that all pieces of information related to the aforementioned technologies are identified.  }hacking online security cameras.   }Bluelight ( is an international message board that educates the public about responsible drug use (with a focus on MDMA) by promoting free discussion. We advocate harm reduction and attempt to eliminate misinformation. Bluelight is funded by private donations and maintained by a team of volunteers. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Bluelight does not condone or condemn the use of illegal drugs. Bluelight is a place for people to ask questions and educate themselves about drugs so they can make more informed decisions regarding their personal use. Other programs that advocate complete abstinence have had limited success, so Bluelight anticipates that people will continue to use illegal drugs regardless of the potential health or legal consequences. We want to encourage people to take personal responsibility for the choices they make regarding their drug consumption. Harm reduction is the practice of taking reasonable measures to minimize the risks from drug use.  Common harm reduction activities include encouraging people to exercise moderation in their drug consumption and to understand the purity, dose and effects of the drug they are consuming. There is no such thing as safe drug use, but if someone is educated in the general principles of harm reduction,
they increase the odds that their drug use will not lead to short-term disasters or long-term negative consequences.   }use the Internet anonymously almost anywhere you go and on any computer: all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network (see below); leave no trace on the computer you’re using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, email and instant messaging.  }from here you can download Tor for free. Yes, you want to.    }The BIT product database. Social critical awareness art technology fun products.    }Bureau of Inverse Technology (geek-friendly). “public audio database of civil liberty infringements and other antiterror events…bi-atlantic audio database reports sparrow population crash…engineered for semi-autonomous deployment…bureau inserts geospecific data directly into taxi display units…slow pollutant detector cam”, samples from their index page.  }”The Digital National Security Archive contains the most comprehensive set of declassified government documents available. The resource now includes 38 collections consisting of over 94,000 meticulously indexed documents, with more than 650,000 total pages. Each of these collections, compiled by top scholars and experts, exhaustively covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century. Together, these collections offer unparalleled access to the defining international strategies of our time.”    }All art is political in the sense that it engages society in some way, either influencing or influenced by it. But some works speak more directly to concerns relating to human rights, corruption, the distribution of class, wealth or power—not every artist is moved by beauty. At times, these more political works are lacking of the awareness of political directives but cause a stir. Or perhaps a work is directly aimed at a political cause, an endorsement, or message. Then again, the medium or risk of a particular artwork can be political as well, directly or subversively. If this all sounds convoluted, it is—but that’s indicative of this culturally confusing time we live in. Not to worry. We’ve parsed out The 50 Most Political Art Pieces of the Past 10 Years from our favorite artist-activists.   }”A national poll shows a third of Americans worry their privacy will suffer if drones like those used to track U.S. enemies overseas become the latest police tool for tracking suspected criminals at home.” — Associated Press The Rutherford Institute drafted model legislation entitled “Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.” has partnered with Rutherford on this great effort. 2015 DL. Now use this:    }The Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act Is Crucial to Americans’ Privacy Rights. While the threat these drones pose to privacy is unprecedented, they are being unleashed on the American populace before any real protocols to protect our privacy rights have been put in place and in such a way as to completely alter the landscape of our lives and our freedoms. We are truly entering a new era. Drones are equipped with thermal imaging devices to see through walls6 and outfitted with infrared cameras and radar7 which allow the police to keep track of anyone walking around, regardless of the nature of their business.    }Fact is, most of the new identity systems people come up with don’t work, but now and then we discover a clever new approach that actually does work. If the new system works well and passes all our tests – we add it to our updated report.As a result, our report is constantly being updated with the newest, very latest tactics available! NEW for 2015 – Includes Full Details of the New “Pass ID” Drivers License System. Our new 2015 updated report now contains seven completely different identity changing systems! No other eBook comes close! This treasure trove of difficult-to-find information is what makes our report so powerful, so different, so unique.   }Counter Balance is a European coalition of development and environmental non-governmental organisations, formed in 2007 to specifically challenge the European Investment Bank. The groups involved have extensive experience working on development finance and the international financial institutions (IFIs) as well as campaigning to prevent negative impacts resulting from major infrastructure projects. Counter Balance’s mission is to make the EIB an open and progressive institution delivering on EU development goals and promoting sustainable development to empower people affected by its work.   }Committee to Protect Journalism (international). Defending journalists worldwide.   }American articles, reports, newsletters, alerts.  }er, Biocom. DL 2011
Replacement:   }Biocom.  }Biocom news, for example.   }The Critical Art Ensemble.    }The Center for Nonviolent Communication. “The natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart.”  }video of Rosenberg speaking about his peacemaking work in Africa, 9:54.  }This is the best glossary of cryptography that we’ve ever seen online, and maybe offline too!  Highly Recommended, and that’s our highest rating. Everything you could want to know.  }Ritter’s turorial. Learn cryptography, and be Free.  }Note that some opt-out forms paradoxically require you to submit personal data in order to have it removed; be your own judge of whether this is wise. (I recommend creating a temporary email address specifically for these requests.) Also note that with most of these services you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after you submit your removal request. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your spam filter. Here’s what I found when I tried to opt out of each one:    }Snoopy, a tracking and profiling framework, can be installed on a RaspberryPi or other low-cost hardware to collect information on people who walk past by connecting to their device’s active Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals. The data collected can be used to profile users based on the access points to which their devices have connected. The tool was demonstrated at the Black Hat Arsenal by Glenn Wilkinson, a security analyst at U.K.-based security consultancy SensePost. It can be used by ethical hackers to collect anonymous statistics or, more maliciously, to inspect the intercept traffic and conduct surveillance on a targeted victim. Snoopy can be set up as a rogue access point, making it appear to look like a hotel or café Internet access point.    }Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance — open, secret and classified documents — but not limited to those.  Check out this site. Full of links and document downloads.    }’git’ tutorial primer.  “My name is Daniel Miessler and I work in Information Security based out of San Francisco, California. This site is a life project based on creating, consuming, and sharing worthwhile content in the areas of information security, philosophy, politics, design, and other topics.” Site Recommended, we found it readable, clear, clean, and useful. “hacker”, “techie” and “geek” news and info.  }his tech primer series.    }more about Snoopy. In this paper the unique signatures that mobile devices emit was introduced. From this initial observation a hypothesis was constructed with the intention of tracking people based on devices they carry, as well discovering personal information about them. Numerous wireless technologies were discussed, identifying their range and possible fingerprint. The Snoopy framework was then introduced as a distributed, tracking, profiling, data interception, and analysis tool. The framework is technology agnostic and can be used to track any signature for which a suitable Python plugin can be written. Result data was discussed from field experiments with the framework, and additional hypothetical scenarios were discussed. Finally, advise was given on how to be aware of one’s own footprint, as well as a mention for future work.    }Decadent Lifestyle. Decadence. Rock n Roll. Sex. Drugs. Pop culture. Nudity. Alcohol. Party. Everything that\'s fucking beautiful.   }Defacto2 preserves the legal productions derived from the legacy PC cracking and warez scenes. Including text files, demos, music, art, magazines and other legal products that are cracking related are covered. We choose to preserve this niche field as it is rarely discussed. And without this effort, an essential element of the underground computer subculture could be lost and forgotten. As the nature of robin-hood piracy with its high-churn for participants means it is a community that is not well documented nor understood. To clarify the term 'PC' refers personal computers that run Microsoft Windows or earlier IBM-PC compatible computers that ran MS-DOS. Despite the subject matter, we do not engage in or support software piracy period.   }Groups & sites: Scene and warez organisations, groups and collectives.    }DEF CON has changed for the better since the days at the Alexis Park.  It has evolved from a few speaking tracks to an event that still offers the speakers, but also Villages, where you can get hands-on experience and Demo Labs where you can see tools in action.  Of course, there is still the entertainment and Contest Area, as well as, Capture The Flag.  There is so much more to DEF CON than there was in the past and it is our goal to help you get the best experience possible.  In addition to introducing each of the different aspects and areas of DEF CON, we have a panel of speakers that will talk about how they came to be part of DEF CON and their personal experiences over the years.   }”Legal and ethical questions arising from the growth of modern duplication technology are myriad and manifold. Taping, photocopying, and now digital sampling have forced legal battles to define the limits of what U.S. copyright law terms “fair use.” One of the most interesting of these battles has been that focused on the work of the Bay-area band known as Negativland. “  }part of the Tactical Arts Coalition.  }their links. Another really good link list you should sample from.  }Words From The Homefree.
http://udsmewv45lunzoo4.onion/  }TorLinks is a moderated replacement for The Hidden Wiki, and serves as a link or url list of Tor hidden services. Feel free to copy this deep web link list directory to your website to make others aware of the darknet. We regularly update the tor onion sites on this site.  }The Surveillance Self-Defense Project. Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) exists to answer two main questions: What can the government legally do to spy on your computer data and communications? And what can you legally do to protect yourself against such spying?  }Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco.  }The right to privacy is often understood as an essential requirement for the realization of the right to freedom of expression. Undue interference with individuals’ privacy can both directly and indirectly limit the free development and exchange of ideas. … An infringement upon one right can be both the cause and consequence of an infringement upon the other. }activists with the Freedom not Fear movement will stage an international week of action to oppose various forms of surveillance. EFF is spending this week examining surveillance trends and spotlighting movements that have sprung up in opposition. You can follow our series here. }This page is a portal for information on three closely related projects EFF has been deeply engaged in on this front. State surveillance is a growing problem. From North America to South America, Europe to the Pacific Rim, proposals for mandatory data retention, (un)lawful interception, legislative proposals to broaden law enforcement access to peoples’ communications and data threaten to jeopardize freedom of expression, privacy and association.  }about public color printers tracking your documents.   }The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor’s users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Along the same line, Tor is an effective censorship circumvention tool, allowing its users to reach otherwise blocked destinations or content. Tor can also be used as a building block for software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features.   }Hacking the City - Interventions in urban and communicative spaces. “Cultural hacking” does not only mean voicing criticism, putting up resistance or even exposing an opponent’s faults—it also signifies innovation. 
http://udsmewv45lunzoo4.onion/    }TorLinks is a moderated replacement for The Hidden Wiki, and serves as a link or url list of Tor hidden services. Feel free to copy this deep web link list directory to your website to make others aware of the darknet. We regularly update the tor onion sites on this site.   }the electronic privacy information center, or EPIC. They provide information and advocacy for your privacy and freedom.   }another place to download Tor for free.    }links to freedom-related websites. }open source, etc., technology. Check it out. News that you need to know about.  They have many forums and meet-ups on freedom related subjects, etc.    }one of our favorites is their Design For Social Change page. Here you can find such as, a drive-in theatre made of used and salvaged materials.—How-to-Use-Your-Sexual-Rights-1-6-For-Sexual-Health-and-to-Enhance-Your-Sexuality!&id=1256319   }sexual rights and how to use them.—How-to-Use-Your-Sexual-Rights-1-6-For-Sexual-Health-and-to-Enhance-Your-Sexuality!&id=1256319   }the IPFF ( International Planned Parenthood Federation) declaration of sexual rights. These are Human Rights that are Sexual in Nature.    }Experimental Interaction Unit, Selected Projects 1992-2011. -Energy parasites are handcrafted objects designed to opportunistically harvest small bits of energy across public landscapes. Agnostic to energy origin or ownership, these artifacts redirect their captured energy through a variety of means including expressing it and storing it for later reacquisition and usage.    }projects and activities of the Experimental Interaction Unit. DL 2011  Replacement:    }check it out.  2017 DL. Replacement:    }Experimental Interaction Unit: Commodities of Mass Destruction: This paper describes several projects by the now-defunct Experimental Interaction Unit that use prod-uct design, software engineering, and digital networking to uncover collective behaviors that contribute to systems of social control. Biology and human behavioral studies are essential aspects of this critique. Experimental Interaction Unit’s projects from 1996 to 2001 represent subversive use of technology to reveal unrecognized aspects of human interaction with networks, such as how telematic distance psychologically absolves individuals from taking responsibility for their actions. The fear of vulnerability to terrorist actions, including biological warfare and electronic interference, is exploited in these works, in order to expose the ways in which security is promised in exchange for control.  Leonardo, Vol. 42, No. 4, pp. 324–331, 2009.   }In one of the most shocking articles that the New York Times has ever put out, a New York Times reporter has openly admitted that virtually every major mainstream news organization allows government bureaucrats and campaign officials to censor their stories.     }another collection of Freedom links, mostly freedom of expression, on/offline, and civil liberties. Not an art site, more law and public policy-oriented.   }a really, really good article about Censorship.   }Won’t you join FFRF in our critical work to promote nontheism and defend the constitutional separation between religion and government? With more than 21,500 members, the nonprofit FFRF works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for free-thought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).   }Unfortunately, an identity based on a forged birth certificate is of limited value. If you need a new social security number (required by federal law to get a normal job) forged documents won’t get the job done. To get a new social security number issued, you’ll need a genuine, officially-issued birth certificate which can be verified by the issuing authorities. To improve your odds even further you’ll need “new” parents who have verifiable birth certificates. However, an identity based on a forged birth certificate and a forged baptismal certificate can be very useful as a quick, transitional identity to be used while you’re waiting to receive your genuine ID documents. Using forged documents you can get a genuine drivers license the same day, so this approach can be extremely useful when you’re in a hurry. Our report discusses the easiest and most reliable way to accomplish this feat.   }And be careful who you buy your fake new identity documents from. Some of those people who offer to sell you fake ID on the street are working with detectives and will either have you arrested when you pick up your new identity documents or will routinely forward the personal information you give them to the FBI. Also, some of the most authentic new identity documents you’ll be offered may actually be genuine documents that are unfortunately stolen and therefore useless. If you seriously want to wipe the slate clean and get a second chance at life, you’re going to need a full set of genuine new identity documents including a new drivers license, a new social security card and new bank credit cards. You’ll never be secure living a new life under forged identity documents. A new identity is like a new house, if it’s to last it must be built on a solid foundation.     }Other inexperienced identity-changers attempt to “borrow” the identity of a dead infant. This tired old technique has been so terribly over used by criminals that it’s now practically worthless. Several government agencies have actually gone to the trouble of compiling dead infant databases that contain information on all the infants buried in cemeteries around the country. Also, soon the cross-referencing of the official birth and death records will be completed which, in effect, will be the end of this sad old approach. Clearly what’s needed is an entirely new approach.The information in this unique report comes directly from several underground groups who are the only real experts on the subject. This new report marks the first time these groups have released this controversial information to the general public. For more information, please feel free to explore the links below.  }Unfortunately a new identity borrowed from a dead infant can easily be exposed as fraudulent as it will forever be linked to others by both the name and the birthdate. Today many vital records offices are busy cross-referencing their birth and death records. As a result, in the near future anyone who attempts to verify one of your new identity documents will be promptly informed that you’re dead! Since this approach is a favorite of hardened criminals and is widely discussed in prisons, there’s an excellent chance you’ll end up sharing your new identity with a major criminal. Perhaps you’d like to share your new identity with someone on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list? Or maybe you would you like to share your new identity with an international terrorist? While this system worked well back then, today it’s clearly an invitation to disaster and should be carefully avoided.  }articles and blog site for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting.    }more examples of Censorship (regarding items for which Freedom should have prevailed.)  }AMERICAN AND BRITISH spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according to top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. The hack was perpetrated by a joint unit consisting of operatives from the NSA breach, detailed in a secret 2010 GCHQ document, gave the surveillance agencies the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data. }RESEARCHERS WORKING with the Central Intelligence Agency have conducted a multi-year, sustained effort to break the security of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, according to top-secret documents obtained by The Intercept. The security researchers presented their latest tactics and achievements at a secret annual gathering, called the “Jamboree,” where attendees discussed strategies for exploiting security flaws in household and commercial electronics.The conferences have spanned nearly a decade, with the first CIA-sponsored meeting taking place a year before the first iPhone was released.   }from here, download apps “tools” to hack The System.    }Activism: Privacy and Security Issues: Spying on activists is a common tactic and is something activists should be (at least) slightly concerned with. On one hand, this attention means the group is making some things happen. On the other, the privacy and security of activists can be compromised.    }They’re angry at and afraid of Big Brother in France, too, you should know. Since the original link leads to a site in French, here’s a translated link:    }note that “liens” is the French work for “links” if you want to look at their link list.     }FreeBrowser is a free Android app that provides access to an uncensored internet. The app is available for free because we believe that uncensored access to information should be available to everybody and that it should not come at a cost.   }Sexual Freedom Activist Network aka Sexual Freedom Network: Sexual Liberty · Organizations · Activists · Critics Sexual Liberation · Organizations · Activists · Critics Articles · Books · Chronology · Documentaries · Events · Laws · News · Periodicals · Radio · Research · Researchers · Television .    }this is the new freedom house website, recently rebuilt. 11feb12. Freedom House supports democratic change, monitors freedom, and advocates for democracy and human rights around the world. Freedom House’s programs primarily offer assistance by providing information, as well as trainings, and on-site technical advice. Freedom House sometimes also provides financial support.    }their Self-Help Legal Clinic. Good quotes! DL 2011  Replacement:    }hope this of use to you.   }nice links to Federal and State laws and statutes. DL 2011  Replacement:   }if you need to know.   }site for the Free Expression Network, a project of the national coalition against censorship.   }Decentralized, censorship-resistant distributed data store which aims to provide freedom of speech through a peer-to-peer network with strong protection of anonymity. Freenet works by pooling the contributed bandwidth and storage space of member computers to allow users to anonymously publish or retrieve various kinds of information.   }The FISA court has used judicial overreach to approve the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping. “In more than a dozen classified rulings, the nation’s surveillance court has created a secret body of law giving the National Security Agency the power to amass vast collections of data on Americans while pursuing not only terrorism suspects, but also people possibly involved in nuclear proliferation, espionage and cyberattacks, officials say.    }Such spying has a chilling effect on the free expression, dissenting voices and political organizing the First Amendment is supposed to safeguard. Fortunately, we still have people willing to speak out in the face of intense government harassment, brave whistleblowers willing to risk so much to expose this wrongdoing, and journalists willing to investigate and tell these stories.   }this is one of the strangest pages we have seen. It is a little difficult to read, but easier if you “zap” the colors. We thought, if you’re here and you enjoy the other links in this category, then you’ll enjoy this page too… “Jedi Mind Tricks”, “verbal slaughterers of the Judeo-Christian ethic”.  }Since the towers fell on 9/11, the American people have been treated like enemy combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all manner of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, shot at, locked up, and denied due process. In allowing ourselves to be distracted by terror drills, foreign wars, color-coded warnings, underwear bombers and other carefully constructed exercises in propaganda, sleight of hand, and obfuscation, we failed to recognize that the true enemy to freedom was lurking among us all the while. The U.S. government now poses a greater threat to our freedoms than any terrorist, extremist or foreign entity ever could. Site is Recommended. Story quoted above is one of several on the home page.   }The nation’s young people have been given front-row seats for an unfolding police drama that is rated R for profanity, violence and adult content. The lesson being taught to our youngest—and most impressionable—citizens is this: in the American police state, you’re either a prisoner (shackled, controlled, monitored, ordered about, limited in what you can do and say, your life not your own) or a prison bureaucrat (politician, police officer, judge, jailer, spy, profiteer, etc.). Unfortunately, now that school is back in session, life is that much worse for the children of the American police state. The nation’s public schools—extensions of the world beyond the schoolhouse gates, a world that is increasingly hostile to freedom—have become microcosms of the American police state, containing almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.” If your child is fortunate enough to survive his encounter with the public schools with his individuality and freedoms intact, you should count yourself fortunate. Most students are not so lucky. Site Recommended. Story quoted above is one of several on the home page.    }this site shows the track format of magnetic stripe cards.   }Uroburos is a rootkit, composed of two files, a driver and an encrypted virtual file system. The rootkit is able to take control of an infected machine, execute arbitrary commands and hide system activities. It can steal information (most notably: files) and it is also able to capture network traffic. Its modular structure allows extending it with new features easily, which makes it not only highly sophisticated but also highly flexible and dangerous. Uroburos’ driver part is extremely complex and is designed to be very discrete and very difficult to identify.   }shows where wildfires are occurring in the U.S. You can change scale, grab and slide map, etc. Good info.   }Ghostery is your window into the invisible web – tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons that are included on web pages in order to get an idea of your online behavior. Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.   }download link for the snoopy-ng modular digital terrestrial tracking framework. Snoopy is a distributed, sensor, data collection, interception, analysis, and visualization framework. It is written in a modular format, allowing for the collection of arbitrary data from various sources via Python plugins.    }Repositories notes and wikis for Defacto2 and repositories for historical scene websites.    }this seems like a good incident locator map but does require registration and login. We’ll do tests after our registration is approved by their administrator.    }2017 Update: The New World Order of Global Warfare; Prejudice Two Ways. Islamophobia Breeds Paranoia; Trump and the New Iran Gambit; America’s “War on Terrorism” – Understanding the Web of Deceit Threatening Humanity; African-American History: The Global Dimensions of the Life and Legacy of Malcolm X; “Ukraine on Fire”: Oliver Stone’s Documentary. U.S. Sponsored “Coup”.    }The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal.  The CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada. In addition to the Global Research websites, the Centre is involved in book publishing, support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial  economic and geopolitical issues.Since September 2001, we have established an extensive archive of news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media. In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the “unspoken truth”. }”Sometimes administrator (possible you too) forgets (sic) to change default password like ‘admin:admin’ or ‘admin:12345′ on security surveillance system, online camera or DVR. Such online cameras are available for all internet users. Here you can see thousands of such cameras located in a cafes, shops, malls, industrial objects and bedrooms of all countries of the world. To browse cameras just select the country or camera type,” its administrator said. Here’s one more reason for owners of security cameras to change their devices’ default passwords: their private lives could be made public by a hacker’s website. The site claims to link to more than 73,000 security cameras whose default passwords the owners failed – or did not bother – to change. In the Philippines, it listed at least 507 such sites as of Tuesday noon.”Mostly, it falls on us, dear security-conscious readers, to nudge our not-so-techy friends and remind our families how very important it is to set strong passwords on security cameras unless they want to give the whole world a free pass to watch inside their homes,” it said. On the other hand, Motherboard magazine said the website is “one of the latest, and perhaps biggest, examples of a trend wherein security researchers risk people’s personal privacy under the justification of exposing security issues.” “Although this approach can sometimes force a vendor to act and fix the problem ,it can also harm the public at large,” it said.   }The GNU Privacy Handbook, Copyright © 1999 by The Free Software Foundation. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”. Please direct questions, bug reports, or suggestions concerning this manual to the maintainer, Mike Ashley (<>). When referring to the manual please specify which version of the manual you have by using this version string:$Name: v1_1 $.   }how to use google for hacking, for example, hacking security cameras.    }Almost half of the Internet users across the globe use ADSL routers/modems to connect to the Internet. However, most of them are unaware of the fact that it has a serious vulnerability in it which can easily be exploited by anyone with a basic knowledge of computer. In this post, I will show you how to hack an Ethernet ADSL router by exploiting the common vulnerability that lies in it.   }write-protect USB drive. Also on on this page, a write-protect tool.  }the download link.  }the blog page for this site. “Dedicated to outfitting graffiti artists with open source technologies for urban communication.” }The Grafitti Research Lab goes west.    }The Communist Party of China built the Great Firewall, which one-by-one has closed down access to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, most Chinese-language news sources hosted outside China and, most recently, Wikipedia. In response, VPN services, proxies and other circumvention tools were developed. On domestic social media websites like Sina Weibo (pronounced “way-bow”), sophisticated keyword and message filtering has been developed by the censors. In response, clever users made use of homophones and images to bypass the filters. Because there is always a workaround, it may seem as if online censorship is failing. Such an optimistic conclusion, however, would be based on a misunderstanding of the intent of the censors. Their goal is not to completely deny access to certain topics, but rather to prevent these topics from reaching the mainstream. Unfortunately, in this mission they have been successful.   }the national security archives. That’s right, some Americans are keeping an eye on the NSA and HAS and FBI, an reporting to you on this website, and the sites & pages linked to. Recommended. From the site: “Founded in 1985 by journalists and scholars to check rising government secrecy, the National Security Archive combines a unique range of functions: investigative journalism center, research institute on international affairs, library and archive of declassified U.S. documents (“the world’s largest nongovernmental collection” according to the Los Angeles Times), leading non-profit user of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, public interest law firm defending and expanding public access to government information, global advocate of open government, and indexer and publisher of former secrets.”   }who is Noam Chomsky? –You can’t be serious. “The time has come for a  call to action to people of conscience. We are past the point where silence is passive consent — when a crime reaches these proportions, silence is complicity.” — Noam Chomsky.  }We employ volunteer hackers and technologists through our Volunteer Network and engage their skills in short projects designed to help charities that can not afford traditional technical resources. Our industry experts vet all the work to guarantee a high-quality product, and volunteers are rewarded with glowing references from our industry-recognized subject matter experts. With each project, our volunteers move one step closer to that dream job, and a charity is brought one step closer to its technical goals. We’ve designed, built and hosted web sites, set up blogs, programmed custom web applications, conducted code reviews, performed security assessments and more, all through our volunteer’s efforts. We’ve personally witnessed how one person can have a profound impact on the world. By giving of their skills, time and talent our volunteers are profoundly impacting the world, one “hacker” at a time.  }while the term botnet can be used to refer to any group of bots, such as IRC bots, the word is generally used to refer to a collection of compromised machines running programs, usually referred to as worms, Trojan horses, or backdoors, under a common command and control infrastructure. A botnet’s originator (aka bot herder) can control the group remotely, usually through a means such as IRC, and usually for nefarious purposes. Individual programs manifest as IRC bots. Often the command and control takes place via an IRC server or a specific channel on a public IRC network. A bot typically runs hidden, and complies with the RFC 1459 (IRC) standard. Generally, the perpetrator of the botnet has compromised a series of systems using various tools (exploits, buffer overflows, as well as others; see also RPC). Newer bots can automatically scan their environment and propagate themselves using vulnerabilities and weak passwords. Generally, the more vulnerabilities a bot can scan and propagate through, the more valuable it becomes to a botnet controller community. 2017 Update: this site has removed all pages and parts of pages that are titled or have the term "botnet" in them. So, we're giving one Replacement here, and adding a couple more to this category.   }A botnet or robot network is a group of computers running a computer application that only the owner or software source controls and manipulates. The botnet may refer to a legitimate network of several computers that share program processing among them.    }Classic prog-brutforser. Passwords can iterate on different objects: POP3 (bruteforce soap) FTP HTTP (password guessing to the admin site, soap, and so on!) and a bunch of others! It features multithreading and adjustability. Passwords can iterate through the dictionary as well as everything the characters. Can work either directly or through a proxy (although the current one). A program every hacker must have in your arsenal. Site is in Russian, you’ll want to translate it.    }MylaInstrument sent anonymously to send an anonymous soap and SMS. Want to send an email from a friend or address You here.   }From here you can download ForensicZone, but, your anti-virus will stomp on it. Recommended. It downloads the entire contents of another computer, where you can browse through them on your own computer.   }On Thursday, the ACLU of California introduced a free smartphone app that would enable users to send videos of questionable police activity straight to the organization, streamlined in such a way that recordings would reach ACLU even if the officers try to alter or remove it. When a user stops recording, the app automatically sends a copy to the ACLU’s server, while it keeps the video on the phone intact. Simultaneously, a text report will pop up, interacting with the user -in writing- about the recorded incident. The app will give choice to the user to remain anonymous.   }When it comes to protest, police and law enforcement agencies are always equipped with weapons and the latest electronic  devices but the activists and protestors rely on little more than sign boards and smartphones. Don’t feel disappointed there is good news! There are several tools out there that can be handy in order to protect privacy and record whatever is happening around you.  The Backlash kit has become quite popular over the internet suddenly since everybody seems to be talking about it. Such as, one of the items in the kit is a black & white colored, digitally patterned  blocky bandanna; the blocky pattern actually stores the message and the Backlash app helps the user in accessing these messages later. Recently we also were informed that the NYPD has been provided with unmarked white vans equipped with advanced X-ray technology that can see through people’s clothing and walls. Already, the privacy of citizens is of little importance to law enforcement agencies all over the world.The toolkit has a number of unique gadgets such as portable routers which can enable improved communication networks in case of an Internet blackout occurs. It also can prevent cellphone surveillance by blocking radio signals. The designers state they realized that one relatively common practice by the law enforcement included “Bottlenecking.” This involved creating blockades to restrict the movements of protesters into areas where they cannot be covered by television or print media cameras. This tactic also helps police in forcing the protesting crowd to gather at a secluded point where they can be easily beaten or arrested. To counter Bottlenecking tactic, the Backlash toolkit includes a wearable “panic button” bracelet, which when activated via a button causes all the bracelets to vibrate and flash signals warning of an approaching threat. The kit also contains a small-sized “personal black box” that can form its own Wi-Fi hotspot and helps protestors to capture pictures, videos and store it on an SD card automatically. Leo Selvaggio came up with a unique idea of designing an anti-urveillance face mask which if put on the face can let you pass as someone else. In May 2015, the ACLU of California introduced a free smartphone app that would enable users to send videos of questionable police activity straight to the organization, streamlined in such a way that recordings would reach ACLU even if the officers try to alter or remove it. The app was developed due to increasing police brutality in the United States. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics with an understanding of privacy protection are working on ‘privacy glasses’ that make human faces unreadable to machines. The glasses work as a shield between the Iris scanning software and your eyes. A Germany-based ”Security Research Labs” developed SnoopSnitch Android app for users to detect stingray mobile trackers installed by the government and security agencies in order to listen to people’s calls and keep an eye on their activities. Though the app is hard to install for some it works like a pro.   }If you are not comfortable with the surveillance cameras, an identity replacement technology that is basically a Surveillance identity prosthetic provides you a new face. It is basically a 3D printed resin mask which has been made by using a 3D scan (of Selvaggio’s face), and has been formulated by . The mask renders both his skin tone and his features and provides quite a realistic look. However, the eyes which appear from the eye holes in the mask look a bit creepy. Well, creepiness is actually a part of the whole idea of the artist i.e. “my face in your face”. This approach is with the aim of exploring the impacts which have been caused by this hugely networked era on personal identity.   } The second-gen version uses a new unspecified material, along with a patterned surface to absorb and reflect light. Design-wise, the new titanium-framed privacy visor is also a lot slicker. Now, rather than looking like you just stepped out of Hackers, you’ll blend right in with all the extreme sports enthusiasts. Significantly more inconspicuous and less suspicious. The glasses tricked smartphone cameras in 90 percent of tests with facial recognition software, The Wall Street Journal reports. The material confuses facial recognition systems by absorbing and reflecting light. In a nutshell, it prevents facial recognition systems from focusing on your facial features. See video below.   }Now we present an Android app known as SnoopSnitch that can track Stingray, the favorite smartphone tracking gear of the FBI and NSA. Stingrays or IMSI catchers are surveillance tools that are being widely used by the government. These tools pretend as cell phone towers and can trick the nearby phones to connect to it. That’s how private data gets leaked and acquired by surveillance agencies. Usually, these tools are used by law-enforcement agencies but the widespread and somewhat unprecedented use of stingrays has prompted discomfort and doubts among citizens. Thankfully now there is a mechanism available for detecting stingrays and it is called SnoopSnitch.   }image of one.   }A variety of organizations, institutions, companies, and countries seek to restrict Internet access from within their premises and territories. In general we seek to focus on those blocked pages likely to be most controversial — for example, those blocked pages seemingly inconsistent with the criteria of the blocking regimes that respectively restrict their retrieval, as well as blocked pages that are well-known or frequently requested. However, to provide a more complete sense of the state of Internet filtering efforts, we also seek to investigate all blocking, including the restriction of access to web pages consistent with censors’ category definitions.   }this map is much more pleasant to the eye, compared to the other work-health-map-app listed here, but, is tricky to use. For example, if you click on their “full-screen mode” icon, the map/app takes off on its own, moving to different parts of the  world and showing what diseases, etc., have been reported there, rather than simply going to full-screen mode. However, if you click on any area on the default map, it will report which diseases have been reported there and when.   }the Human Rights Watch arms project. This page is about U.S. blinding laser weapons, but today it is the Chinese that are the largest makers and sellers of these sinister weapons.  }We live in a world where infrared cameras can scan for drunks and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is sinking $1 billion into a new facial recognition program. Maybe it’s time to start thinking like a master spy. For those of you interested in channeling James Bond, here are some straight-out-of-a-movie ways to avoid the surveillance systems all around you. You know — just in case. And if you’re not paranoid enough already, check out our gallery of the 13 creepiest apps around.  }State legislatures nationwide are looking at measures to restrict the use of drones domestically, as privacy and ethical concerns mount among the public about the use of the unmanned vehicles. The specter of drones surreptitiously hovering over American cities and neighborhoods has not sat well with many state legislators, who fear the technology may open the door to violations of the Fourth Amendment. In 39 state legislatures, 85 bills and resolutions have been proposed to set parameters on the uses of drones. Three states have already passed legislation to restrict their use completely or to limit their use to narrow purposes.   }Human Rights First is working on several fronts to protect Internet freedom, including: The Global Network Initiative (GNI): we helped launch and continue to actively support this multistakeholder initiative to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector.    } was born in 2009 to provide affordable,  ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID card software, card printer supplies, ID cameras, RFID solutions and badge accessories. We carry an array of products belonging to each of the brands below, neatly categorized for easy navigation and accessible from the entire site. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries or click on the links below to go directly to the company’s homepage. The “Netizen” project: maintaining free access to the Internet or communications tools is essential to the work of journalists, activists and bloggers around the world who use them to organize. Working with these netizens gives us a window into how to maintain that space.  }another URL for the site, hackers for charity .org. Hackers for Charity is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists. We solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world's poorest citizens.   }this site has been improved and works much better than it did before.   }”About the International Committee of the Red Cross. The ICRC, established in 1863, works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people affected by conflict and armed violence and to promote the laws that protect victims of war.    }page one of how to decode your driver’s license. You can see what others see when they slide your card’s barcode. Note: although they call it “swiping”, that is not the correct word. That is, the word “swipe” already (and previously) means “to steal”; the correct word is “slide” or “slider”.   }page two of the license decoder.   }page three of the license decoder. }page four of the license decoder.   }Snowden’s files show billions of pieces of phone & internet data plucked. By Glen Greenwald and Shobhan Saxena. Among the BRICS group of emerging nations, which featured quite high on the list of countries targeted by the secret surveillance programs of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) for collecting telephone data and internet records, India was the number one target of snooping by the American agency.    }alas, the Internet Privacy Forum seems to have gone down on 12/27/11. We’re busy finding replacements links for it now, since protecting your privacy is a good way to preserve your Freedom. Nov. 2012 Update: we have these replacements:   }tools and tech forum all related to internet privacy; and     }”The World Privacy Forum has been active in the area of Internet privacy. Following are links to WPF resources, research, and links to other information. This list includes links to the Do Not Track proposal and the NAI report.”; and finally     }”The PRIVACY Forum includes e-mailed messages and associated materials (along with an archive including some of these items) for the discussion and analysis of issues relating to privacy (both personal and collective) in the information age. Topics include telecommunications, information and database collection and sharing, and a wide range of other privacy issues, as pertains to the privacy concerns of individuals, groups, businesses, government, and society at large.” Free.    }Below is a free for all list of links meaning you can add anything you please. Then you add you will be automatically returned to this page and Below is a free for all list of links meaning you can add anything you please. Then you add you will be automatically returned to this page and your URL should appear. Remember to RELOAD your browser.your URL should appear. Remember to RELOAD your browser.    }a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all; clean and simple website.   }”This data is slowly migrating to an updated Steganography Software List – Authors may submit their tools for inclusion in the list.” -Neil F. Johnson, PhD. Shows: Tool, Vendor/Author, Operating System, and Steganography type.    }the Kuwait VPN (Virtual Private Network). iWasel is a VPN, Virtual Private Network that is constructed by using public wires to connect nodes. For example, there are a number of systems that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data. These systems use encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. iWasel creates a secure, encrypted tunnel through which all of your online data passes back and forth. }The most recent confrontation between the government’s interest in crime prevention and “people’s” right to remain silent under the Bill of Rights illustrates the widely accepted disparate view on liberals’ right vs. communitarians’ sense of societal security.  At the same time, the discursive approach of the parties, and especially of the civil libertarians in Hiibel’s ongoing privacy case before the U.S. Supreme Court, showcases the “moral geography” of the United States derived from the Cold War. Professor Paul A. Passavant’s book, No Escape:Freedom Of Speech And The Paradox Of Rights, challenges the dichotomous approach to the relationship between liberalism and communitarianism.  The author argues: “[T]he conventional perspectives on rights neglect how recognizing rights for subjects also requires the production of subjects for rights” (p.xi).   }freedom documents and historical materials.   }Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 is a breathtakingly broad and intrusive power to stop, search and hold individuals at ports, airports and international rail stations. Liberty is calling for Ministers to repeal this misguided and dangerous power.   }For the low down on disappearing and starting your life over, we turned to the book How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace by Frank M. Ahearn and Eileen C. Horan. Frank Ahearn is the grizzled grandfather of the vanishing act. After 20 odd years working as a skip tracer—an investigator who specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found—he realized he could make just as much money and incur a lot less risk helping people avoid investigators like himself. We’ve culled a few of Ahearn’s tips below, but if you’re really serious, his book is a great pocket guide to getting lost.   }”You look in the obituaries,” Mr. Burton said, “in Topeka, Kan., say. You want a gas station attendant more or less your age. Once you get the date of birth, you call the county. ‘Hi, I used to live in Kansas, but I’ve been living in American Samoa for the last 20 years as a Christian missionary. Any chance I could get a copy of my birth certificate?’ “Should your ruse succeed and the certificate arrive, simply call a motor vehicle office and apply for a driver’s license. “All you need,” Mr. Burton said,”is one good piece of ID. The rest follows after that.”     }Toute ;actualité en direct - photos et vidéos avec Libération - Libération (French).    }the Privatix Live-System (based on Debian GNU/Linux) is an easy to operate safe and portable system that can be booted from a cd-rom, an usb flash drive or an external hard drive and ensures your privacy and confidentiality while using the internet and communicating or editing and encrypting sensitive data, on anyone else’s computer.   }this site is for those who are new to Tor and the “darknet”. Onion sites, so named because they end with “.onion”, are hosted as Tor hidden services – a completely anonymous way to host websites. They’re part of the deep Web – an invisible part of the Web that’s not visible to search engines and normal users. It’s full of websites for users obsessed with privacy and anonymity online. While browsing the deep Web, be careful what you click. While much of the content is no doubt entirely made-up, there’s some horrifying imagery you could see if you’re not careful – but then, there’s horrifying stuff on the normal Web, too.    }Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. We envision a world where psychedelics and marijuana are safely and legally available for beneficial uses, and where research is governed by rigorous scientific evaluation of their risks and benefits. Research into the beneficial potential of psychedelics again being conducted under federal guidelines, but no funding for this research is yet available from governments, for-profit pharmaceutical companies, or major foundations. That means that the future of psychedelic and marijuana research depends on individual donors and family foundations.   }information on Video Tracking Technologies and Identity Systems.    }Skip blocking, proxy overshoot, and get rid of the blocking, proxy, the best service in PHP that, without ads, super fast connect to the Internet and free safety and the high-speed, Protect your identity online and protect your computer from hackers and viruses networks. Site is in Arabic or Persian, you can translate it.  }the actual download page.  }how to temporarily neutralize surveillance cameras using lasers. Also interesting info about lasers and their availability.    }Samsung’s positive buzz over the Galaxy S5 didn’t last long – security researchers from SRLabs soon posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how they were able to trick the scanner with a fake fingerprint made of wood glue. Indeed, the same approach allowed a similar and well-publicised hack of theiPhone 5s Touch ID last year, the researchers from SRLabs said in their video.   }here there are 15 video feeds from NASA; some live and some streaming. Recommended. Also }use this page for best results. Note: there are more websites like this one, on The Legendary Journeys Continue (tljc), here:  .   }K.A. Hamilton’s “Freedom” link list. A nice set of links, most of them are still live or unbroken.   }The National Coalition Against Censorship. They offer direct assistance to anyone confronted with censorship.   }Founding Negativland member Mark Hosler has been invited by The Digital Freedom Campaign, a fair use advocacy group and broad-based coalition dedicated to defending the rights of artists, consumers and innovators, to travel to Washington DC as a “citizen lobbyist” to speak with various members of Congress about Negativland’s work, methodologies, and the bigger picture of a world where it seems like everyone these days is making collage.    }Direct mp4 download or play:    Wireless Microphones 8-7-2016 . I think I stumbled onto several feeds of wireless microphones from a performance. Actually, I was searching for a PA system wireless mike feed from the big fair we have in Seattle every year at the beginning of August, called Seafair. There was one signal at about 513.2 megahertz that appeared to be the KIRO – TV channel 7 audio, but they were very careful to cut off their mikes during commercials. Channel 7 televises Seafair every year. The signals were all wide band FM, and due to the great distance (possibly over a mile), there was a lot of fading and drop outs. The large wide areas that show up on the display while tuning, and appear to be strong signals are local digital ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) Seattle TV channels.  I used SDRSharp and Airspy to receive wth a simple ground plane verticle antenna, extended to about 5 and a half inches. The antenna is mounted on a microphone stand, inside my house. Screen capture was done with Potplayer.   }A little background research: If you do intend to change your identity and you are not in any rush, I would suggest that you might want to spend some time looking at the study of genealogy (the process of tracing your ancestors). Maybe try and trace your own family back a few generations, finding their birth, death and marriage records. This will familiarize you with some of the processes involved, get you used to talking to clerks, etc., and maybe put  you a little more at ease for when you start the process of creating a new identity.    }If you think that IP address, cookies and HTTP headers are the only factors used to uniquely identify and track users around the web… you are terribly wrong! New, modern fingerprinting techniques rely on multiple factors: IP address, Cookies, Language, Timezone, HTTP headers (User agent, referer, etc), HTML5 APIs (WebRTC, Battery API, etc), HTML5 and CSS3 features detection, CSS media queries, WebGL, Browser plugins (Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc), Browser add-ons, Browser options (Do-Not-Track etc), Browser storage, System fonts, TLS/SSL Session IDs, Hardware detection (Camera, Mic, Touch screen, etc), Screen (resolution, color depth, pixel density, etc), Audio and video codecs, and Accessibility features.   }new internationalist, issue 249 – November 1993: Sex and freedom: In one camp is the anti-censorship lobby. In the other, anti-pornography activists. Catherine Itzin charts a path through the impasse in the debate on sexually explicit material. – See more at:   }NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy, both living and dead. it mostly exists to document the connections between people, many of which are not always obvious. A person’s otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining the crowd that person has been associating with. The main page looks like a gossip page, with links to characters watched and their activities. 2017 Update:    }people who have died so far this year. }The myths and realities of identity change. Highly Recommended.    }Aware of their own limitations, the savvy folks within the City Design Group within San Francisco’s planning department are attempting to use tactics to hack their own technocracy. Inspired by the Park(ing) Day to Parklet story, by the Urban Prototyping Festival, and informed by Gehl’s evidence-based design approach, and the Living Innovation Zone program, The City Design Group has created the Market Street Protoyping Festival — a user-generated, tactical urbanist approach to generate novel ideas, and potentially, new permit instruments or operating procedures to transform Market Street, San Francisco’s main commercial spine. The machine is attempting to hack itself by generating citizen-led innovations in order to circumvent its own lethargic bureaucracy.   }NO2ID is a campaigning organisation. We are a single-issue group focussed on the threat to liberty and privacy posed by the rapid growth of the database state, of which “ID cards” were the most visible part. We are entirely independent. We do not endorse any party, nor campaign on any other topic. We aim to publicise the case against state control of personal identity among the general public, in the media, and at every level in government. NO2ID’s members are from all sorts of backgrounds and hold all sorts of opinions on other questions. They almost certainly include people much like you.   }fine site from Rochester, NY.  2017 DL. Replacement:  }How would you feel, having a camera stare into your face, every minute of your commute, to & from work, every day? How would you feel, if On*Star was mandatory, with a camera always on, in your face?    }their privacy links.   }their issue-specific Links page. This page is archived, but the site was current and didn't lose web-hosting until Feb. 3, 2017.    }This is the text of Chapter Four of David Lyon's The Electronic Eye: The Rise of Surveillance Society (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1994): 57-80. It is used here with the permission of the author and the publisher.   }the current version of the Bill Of Rights in the national archives;   }the archived version of it from } the Surveillance Camera Players – NY. }their group in Tempe, Arizona, for example.   }important Freedom Link list, includes other link lists. Yes, you do have the time to look at this.  }photos of nude people exploring San Francisco. It is a pay site, but there are free samples. }current naturist and nudism articles and legal information. }The indiscriminate and widespread surveillance, arrest and fingerprinting of peaceful demonstrators at the 2004 Republican National Convention drew a sharp response from the NYCLU. The organization released a report one-year after the RNC that documented crackdown on the lawful demonstrations and recommended reforms. It also challenged the NYPD’s mass arrests, blanket fingerprinting and prolonged detention of protestors in federal court. Through that lawsuit, the NYCLU gained access to various secret reports produced during the nationwide political surveillance operation the NYPD ran before the convention. }Offliberty lets you access any online content without a permanent Internet connection. Today many websites offer nice content but most are difficult to browse offline. If you have limited access to the Internet you can use Offliberty to browse any content later – being offline. If the Internet bus visits your village only once a week or your grandma doesn’t let you use Internet more than 1 hour a day – Offliberty is for you. Offliberty DOES NOT host and has NO RIGHTS to any content. You must agree with our Terms of Service and other sites usage rules before you take them offline. Sometimes browsing offline content requires permission from its author or owner. Remember to be sure that you have it. We ARE NOT taking any responsibility for Offliberty users activity. }The digital age is transforming society: we believe it has the capacity to bring us greater democracy, transparency and new creative and social possibilities. But our freedoms are also under attack in the digital world: from governments and vested business interests. So we campaign against threats to your rights. We work on issues ranging from mass surveillance, to copyright, censorship, data protection and open data and privacy.  We do this by talking to policy-makers and other activists and working with other campaign groups (both here and abroad). We raise the profile of these issues and present our arguments through conventional and social media. And of key importance, we mobilise our supporters take part in our campaigns, for example by contacting their MP.   }Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. It provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Individuals can use it to keep remote Websites from tracking them and their family members. They can also use it to connect to resources such as news sites or instant messaging services that are blocked by their local Internet service providers (ISPs).    }The organization that hosted the event, OpenITP, is a New York-based project working to "improve and increase the distribution of open source anti-surveillance and anti-censorship tools." Its goal is far-reaching -- to make internet access freer and more universal -- and it says it focuses on funding software development and education.    }"We will not be cowed by barbaric killers." -David Cameron and Barack Obama on #obamabeach, Joint Statement. "I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and
brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets." paraZite.XXX # ~21a, MiRRORz ~10&plusmn;1 | Thu Nov 17 21:12:45 EET 2016. }The world’s largest distribution network for proxy sites to circumvent Internet censorship 2.2 million subscribers as of August 2014. }be on the mailing list for the latest “circumventors”. Note: full list of proxy sites on the Online Tools 2015 List  ; but Tor and some proxy sites are here on this List. }lets you control who your computer “talks to” on the Internet.  By selecting appropriate lists of “known bad” computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been “hacked”, even entire countries!  They can’t get in to your computer, and your computer won’t try to send them anything either. And, of course, it’s free.    }Much of this frenzy of access is facilitated by mobile phones — particularly smartphones. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of teens have a smartphone while just 12% of teens 13 to 17 say they have no cell phone of any type. Fully 91% of teens go online from mobile devices at least occasionally, and 94% of these mobile teens go online daily or more often, compared with 68% of teens who do not use mobile devices to go online. African-American and Hispanic youth report going online with greater frequency than white teens. About a third (34%) of African-American teens and 32% of Hispanic teens report going online “almost constantly,” while 19% of white teens go online that often. White teens are more likely to say they go online several times a day — the most commonly expressed frequency of internet access across all groups. }important for all of us to know, for our Freedom. “International cryptography freedom. This is a growing list. Contributions welcome; send to: . Please mirror this page, or scavenge it to make your own. Let us know about additional sites or your page and we’ll make a link. See also Cryptome for news.”  The link to Cryptome is on this page. }this is a huge collection of libraries of mostly text files. The library linked to has text files on drugs, all drugs and every drug. On the first page are the categories, then after you click it goes to the texts page. Highly Recommended, if you can read. In the left margin, the other libraries on the site. All the links we checked worked, 02jan16.  721 links on this page alone.  “The network relies on contributions from its users to maintain services. Advertising and affiliate links on this site do not provide enough income to cover the hosting costs. For donations of hardware and software, please visit this page. “ }Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora. Help make mass surveillance of entire populations uneconomical! We all have a right to privacy, which you can exercise today by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services.   }practicing integral transformative justice, they say.  2017 DL. Replacement:    }Q: What is transformative justice? A: I will refer you to Philly Stands Up!‘s website definition:
Transformative Justice has no one definition. It is a way of practicing alternative justice which acknowledges individual experiences and identities and works to actively resist the state’s criminal injustice system. Transformative Justice recognizes that oppression is at the root of all forms of harm, abuse and assault.  As a practice it therefore aims to address and confront those oppressions on all levels and treats this concept as an integral part to accountability and healing.    }the prison dharma network community.  2017 DL. Replacement:    }The Prison Dharma Network (Prison Mindfulness Institute) was founded in 1989 by Acharya Fleet Maull, a Buddhist then serving a 14.5 year mandatory minimum sentence in federal prison for drug trafficking. Prison Mindfulness Institute supports prisoners in the practice of contemplative disciplines, with an emphasis on sitting meditation practice and the practice and study of Buddhist teachings and other wisdom traditions. It promotes these paths of wakefulness and nonaggression as ideal vehicles for self-rehabilitation and personal transformation. Prison Mindfulness Institute also provides mindfulness-based staff development training for corrections professionals.    }A searchable directory of all of our Prison Dharma Network (PDN) member organizations and groups providing meditation, mindfulness or contemplative programs in prisons around the world. If you are looking for organizations or groups in your area providing prison mindfulness or prison dharma programs inside prisons, please explore this directory. If you are an organization, group or individual that provides inside mindfulness, meditation, yoga (or other contemplative traditions) programs and are not yet listed in our Prison Dharma Network/Prison Mindfulness Directory, please click here to submit a listing for your project. We are steadily building a coalition of organizations and individuals effecting social change and transformation in our justice system. Please join us!    }Basically, the new URL for the Prison Dharma Network.    }Topic: Deconstructing "Propaganda" (Read 3717 times). Links to several videos on you tube, where the book's chapters are presented. 1 video per parts 1 - 5, 3 videos for part 6, 1 video each for parts 7, 10, 11, 12.    }Stories of cell phone spying, tracking, stalking, and eavesdropping fill the airwaves and the internet, leaving users of these devices increasingly concerned about the security of their confidential data, geo-location (GPS), and voice communications. Criminals can compromise your phone even when you think your phone is turned off by utilizing back doors originally built into your wireless devices for law enforcement use.
Until now, there was no reliable method to defend against these intrusions. The "PrivacyCase” stops them immediately by allowing you to control when and where your device is accessed. Our electronically shielded protective case was designed to provide users of wireless devices with a method to counteract the attempted hijacking of communications data & geo-location transmissions while preventing the device from being used to eavesdrop on the activities of the user. }Kodachi is a Debian based Linux distribution that comes with Tor, a VPN and DNSCrypt. The desktop is a customized Gnome with custom scripts that let you manage everything using a good  looking graphical interface. With the open source system monitor utility Conky you can see real time information about your live Internet connection. Assigned VPN IP, Tor country exit node, open ports,  CPU and RAM spikes as well as bandwidth consumption are all shown in the background as you surf the Internet. Secure cloud providers are integrated with the distro, you can access Dropbox, SpiderOak or Wuala to upload files to the cloud. Very useful when running a live operating system and you need to save data without leaving tracks behind. I normally use my email Inbox to do that but a cloud account is more suitable for big files. }a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. See also JKU Web Tools.  }Freedom links with a libertarian slant. } The 2.4Ghz project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be used for wireless surveillance cameras, but it can also be used for parents to monitor their children. Such systems are becoming more popular as they get cheaper. But what most users of those devices don’t realise is that they are broadcasting the signal. This project (on-going) has several layers. Initially, I have been walking around different towns in Europe to collect and record footage received with the device (see below for the collected movies). the project consists of a series of workshops: 2.4GHz Workshop, where participants are invited to explore the CCTV wireless networks of their city by searching for 2.4GHz surveillance video signals. The location of the various signals found are collected into a Google map (See Below). }Reporters Without Borders’ activities are carried out on five continents through its network of over 150 correspondents, its national sections, and its close collaboration with local and regional press freedom groups. Reporters Without Borders currently has 10 offices and sections worldwide. Reporters Without Borders is registered in France as a non-profit organisation and has consultant status at the United Nations and UNESCO. }an example of a good naturist/nudist site. Nudism is, of course, an example of freedom and a good use of it; but it is not sex, and does not belong in the sex category. The nude human figure is not sex, and it is useful for everyone to bear that in mind.  }older news, but still really relevant. See also:  }a positive use of surveillance. }The world’s largest distribution network for proxy sites to circumvent Internet censorship.  The best proxy links are here:   }Online Tools 2016, Category III.   }instructions how to install the Circumventor program which gets around all web blocking. }this page has important news about your privacy, violations of it, your constitutional rights, and those who advocate and take other civil action on your behalf, for your freedom and privacy.  }Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) is a nonprofit consumer organization with a two-part mission — consumer information and consumer advocacy. It was established in 1992 and is based in San Diego, California. Excellent and interesting articles, and more. }Targets of the Surveillance System: Activists. Who else is under suspicion in the 21st century surveillance state? Leaked information and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits have revealed that in one sense little has changed since the days of COINTELPRO. }RAW is deceased now, but, he was very concerned about Freedom, mine and yours, and this website will prove that to you. From here you can get good ideas, link up with others who want freedom, and so on. Recommended.  }of course, don’t miss his link-list. Some of the sites he links to a little more serious… it’s not quite all humor with RAW. For instance, when he just didn’t and couldn’t feel free enough in the U.S. anymore, he moved to Ireland – for the rest of his life. Took Freedom seriously.  }The 2.4Ghz project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be used for wireless surveillance cameras, but it can also be used for parents to monitor their children. Such systems are becoming more popular as they get cheaper.  }”I decided to go ahead and use this list to collect removal procedures from ALL of these websites and provide direct links or instructions to do so. The following list was provided as being the “big boys”, so if you remove your name from these ones then all the smaller “sites” should fall afterwards.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .How to remove yourself from each of these have been listed below. I would recommend that you scan some form of ID such as a state issued ID like a drivers license. Black out your picture and drivers number. Leaving your name, address and DOB visible. Any sites that requires such a thing will have an * after the address.” }Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War By Amy Worthington. 2016 Update:   }her article is still on this site. She says, “So, while we await the great awakening, have a wonderful, barium-dried summer under a synthetic tarpaulin of aluminum-white, particle-laden, electrically-charged aviation scum that passes for sky. Endure well your respiratory and ocular difficulties while staring at huge oily sun rings and smeary sundogs, the patent signature of chemical assault. Don’t forget to salute and click your heels when you see tanker formations patriotically saturating the atmosphere with such a dense, micro-particulate brew that they cast black shadows alongside or ahead of themselves. “.   }AC is an opportunity to learn a skill, teach it to others, and push our limits in a meaningful way. Don’t sweat it if you are not an expert when you host. By the time it’s over, you’ll be a pro.  AC is usually held about once a month. Just frequently enough to give us something to look forward to, but time enough to get involved in other mischief. One must be recommended to join Adventure Club or vouched in. AC helps create trust between loose networks of connected strangers and build connections for other projects. Members find out the date, time, location, and what to bring to Adventure Club a week before it happens through word of mouth, an email list, or sometimes handbills. No one person runs Adventure Club. As a member, you are responsible for Adventure Club and will, at some point be asked to organize one. Got an idea? Take the initiative. If you need help, you can always email us at adventureclub<at>   }”The first pillows of the war have been thrown. Let a blazing wildfire of sabotage, vandalism, mischief, child’s play, dancing, singing, living, and loving burst upon the civilized world, to burn it away forever and give life to new worlds from the smoldering cinders. “   }Radio Free Europe: Radio Liberty. See also the Research List for all the radio sites. “RFE/RL journalists report the news in 21 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate.”    } The Hungarian National Association of Radio Distress-Signaling and Infocommunications (RSOE) operates Emergency and Disaster Information Service (EDIS) to monitor and document  events on Earth which may cause disaster or emergency. Our service is using the speed and the data spectrum of the internet to gather information. They monitor and process several foreign organization’s data to get quick and certified information. Sample: }the disaster alert map for North America. (8/2011)    }The introduction of technologies that monitor and track individuals to attribute suspicion and guilt has become commonplace in practices of order maintenance in public space. A case study of the introduction of a marker spray in Dutch urban public transport is used to conceptualise the role of technology in everyday resistances against surveillance. The introduction of this technology made available alternative subject positions. The notion of provocation is proposed for the opening up of social spaces by a technology. Through provocation, issues that do not find their expression in commonly accepted protocols and means of evidence are given a voice as a result of defiant, emotional and provisional technology usage. Attending to visible and defiant usages also opens up an agenda for examining the varying intensities at which technology operates.   }FinSpy, a surveillance tool designed to enable law enforcement to monitor computers in criminal investigations, is being used by governments around the world to spy on activist activity, a new report from Citizen Lab revealed Wednesday. The U.K.-based Gamma Group markets and sells the software to law enforcement ostensibly with the sole purpose of lawfully monitoring the computers of criminals — including pedophile rings, human traffickers and organized crime syndicates. The tool has, as Citizen Lab found, been put to broader and more nefarious uses by governments in countries including Bahrain, Ethiopia and Vietnam with “strong indications of politically-motivated targeting.”    }Science is based on openness as researchers communicate their findings at conferences and release them publicly in scientific journals. Scientists are good at collaborating, and you can see evidence of this in author lists, which seem to grow longer, recognizing more contributors, and involving more institutional bodies in more countries each year. But there is a limit to the degree of sharing that goes on amongst academic scientists.  Science rewards first discoveries, so sharing detailed information about what one is doing always comes with the risk of being scooped (beaten to publication). Even after publication, scientists are reluctant to share data even for verification purposes, as documented in a study of data requests to PLoS authors. So while academic scientists are ideologically supportive of openness, they also practice some degree of secrecy, which seems to be largely ignored in discussions surrounding science policy.   }Top 125 Network Security Tools. For more than a decade, the Nmap Project has been cataloguing the network security community’s favorite tools. In 2011 this site became much more dynamic, offering ratings, reviews, searching, sorting, and a new tool suggestion form. This site allows open source and commercial tools on any platform, except those tools that we maintain (such as the Nmap Security Scanner, Ncat network connector, and Nping packet manipulator). We’re very impressed by the collective smarts of the security community and we highly recommend reading the whole list and investigating any tools you are unfamiliar with. Click any tool name for more details on that particular application, including the chance to read (and write) reviews. Many site elements are explained by tool tips if you hover your mouse over them. Enjoy!   }Links in the category “anonymity” from the secureroot website. Page current as of 4apr15. 62 links on the page. We found some dead links on this page; and some of the sites are already listed here or on Online Tools 2016  . }An Open Decentralized Platform for Collaborative Search, Filtering and content Curation. Seeks is Free Software, and distributed under the AGPLv3 license. Through open code and data formats, Seeks allows you to regain control over your selection of results and to build a personal profile you can share with others. The easiest way to start using Seeks is to use a public node. A public node is an instance of Seeks which has been made available to the general public. Trusted public nodes allow a somewhat anonymous search and can be customized. See how to setup your own public web interface to Seeks. Please Contact them if you would like them to add your public node to this list. }Censor-ware exposed.   }According to a six-month-long investigation conducted by Greg Palast for Al Jazeera, “voting officials in 27 states, almost all of them Republicans, have launched what is threatening to become a massive purge of black, Hispanic, and Asian-American voters. Already, tens of thousands have been removed from voter rolls in battleground states, and the numbers are set to climb.”    }more Urban Beautification, also called Uncommissioned Urban Art. If that’s “vandalism”, then so are you.    }By the official rules of billboards, someone pays rent on the sign for a time, and by doing so can put an image there that turns our neighborhoods into advertising supplements.   }Culture jamming tactics can be put to use to further a political or activist agenda.    }Elections can be jammed too, and frequently are both by wily political operatives and by people who enjoy messing with politicians.   }San Luis Obispo. See also the High Weirdness Category on JKU PartDeux, , and Other on Part Deux  . }Anarchism is the belief that no government is just and that no government is therefore exactly what we ought to strive for. I don’t have the energy to put into a page dedicated to anarchism in all of its historical complexity. Luckily, there are a number of great resources on-line. This page lists a few of these resources, as well as links to writings by some of history’s more eloquent spokespersons for freedom.   }Saint Mary’s College of California even offers a class in Pranks: Culture jamming as social activism. }To use SRLabs’s fake fingerprint, an attacker simply places the wood glue replica over the tip of his finger and swipes as usual over the scanner, which is embedded in the Galaxy S5’s home button. The wood glue is poured into a mold made out of a laser printout created from a photo of the victim’s fingerprint. With the right image contrast and printer settings, the buildup of toner on the printout creates a 3D representation of the fingerprint that is accurate enough to “cast” a replica that will fool the phone.   }technical info on using Privoxy and Tor. This is for your freedom and privacy. See also JKU Online Tools 2016.    }you can download Privoxy for free from here.   }Space Track. Run by the US Department of Defense, responsible for making unclassified orbital elements available to the public. This organisation has taken over the task from the OIG which was run by NASA. You will need to get an account to access the data. March 2013 Update: “This is the legacy site that has been retired. Please visit our upgraded site here: “    }Commercial Space Launch Act of 1984 and its Amendment; Second Purpose of the CSLA of 1984.
Defines DoT Office of Commercial Space Transportations mission. Ensures protection of the public, property, and the national security and foreign policy interests of the US. Responsible for licensing launches, permitting launches, licensing re-entry, launch site operator licenses, safety approvals. Encourage the United States private sector to provide launch vehicles and associated launch services by simplifying and expediting the issuance and transfer of commercial launch licenses and by facilitating and encouraging the utilization of Government developed space technology.
For more websites like this, see also JKU, The Fall Harvest Edition here: .  }We have a service that allows users to upload documents through a website and stores the uploaded documents encrypted on disk. The documents on disk are encrypted with a per-user key, which is randomly generated upon account creation.mThis document key is stored in a database field which is encrypted with the user’s password as the key. When the user (owner) want to download a document, they need to provide their password, which is used to decrypt the document key which is in turn used to decrypt the document. We have chosen this pattern to negate the need to re-encrypt all encrypted documents when the user chooses to change their password: we only need to re-encrypt the document key. This setup work fine (and we think it is a secure pattern1). }Encryption is the transformation of data into a form unreadable by anyone without a secret decryption key. Its purpose is to ensure privacy by keeping the information hidden from anyone for whom it is not intended, even those who can see the encrypted data. For example, one may wish to encrypt files on a hard disk to prevent an intruder from reading them. In a multi-user setting, encryption allows secure communication over an insecure channel. The general scenario is as follows: Alice wishes to send a message to Bob so that no one else besides Bob can read it. Alice encrypts the message, which is called the plaintext, with an encryption key; the encrypted message, called the ciphertext, is sent to Bob. Bob decrypts the ciphertext with the decryption key and reads the message. An attacker, Charlie, may either try to obtain the secret key or to recover the plaintext without using the secret key. In a secure cryptosystem, the plaintext cannot be recovered from the ciphertext except by using the decryption key. In a symmetric cryptosystem, a single key serves as both the encryption and decryption keys.  }Under the radar screen of the public, a global registration and surveillance infrastructure is quietly being constructed. It consists of numerous initiatives, most of which have been agreed to by governments without any democratic debate through international forums, treaties and arrangements. Governments are no longer focused on law enforcement and intelligence-gathering about specific risks. They have embarked on a much more ambitious and dangerous enterprise: the elimination of risk. In a “risk assessment” system, many of the ordinary legal protections that are fundamental to democratic societies – due process, the presumption of innocence, rights against unreasonable search and seizure and the interception of personal communications, and rights against arbitrary detention and punishment – go out the window. For the risk screeners, guilt or innocence is beside the point. What matters is the avoidance of risk from the point of view of the state, “separating the risky from the safe on the basis of the best information available from all sources…”.  In this exercise, however, the “best information” need not be complete or even accurate: it need only be available. In a risk avoidance model, the information appetite of states is infinitely expandable.  There are, of course, historical antecedents of this kind of system – the witch hunts of the McCarthy era, the registration of the Jews in Nazi Germany, the secret files of the Stasi.  }site will tell you the date and year SSN was issued.  }this site will tell you whatever you want to know about drugs, including news, and they have a mailing list. Unique site, and part of your freedom, to know about drugs, cartels, the DEA, etc. Click on “Drug Information” for an alphabetical list of drugs. There, you’ll find complete info about most drugs you might see, and some of that info comes from the DEA itself. Site is simple and easy to use.   }the Surveillance Camera Players  – SF.  DL 2011. Replacement:  See above.   }check it out.  This one has all the current tricks.    }what “swipe” readers read. DL 2011. Partial Replacement: }this is sort-of what the lost website was about, but…    Another partial replacement:  }this one is also similar. 2017 Update: we're searching for this page (in archives) or a replacement....   }Digital certificates are electronic credentials that are used to assert the online identities of individuals, computers, and other entities on a network. Digital certificates function similarly to identification cards such as passports and drivers licenses. They are issued by certification authorities (CAs) that must validate the identity of the certificate-holder both before the certificate is issued and when the certificate is used. Common uses include business scenarios requiring authentication, encryption, and digital signing.   }humiliating big-time criminals. We found this site a little hard to read an understand at first, so have added a couple of explanatory pages.  }for example, some of their hijinks.    }This is small reassurance for civil liberties activists. Testifying before Congress about the expansion of CODIS, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Technology and Liberty Program Barry Steinhardt argued, “While DNA databases may be useful to identify criminals, I am skeptical that we will ward off the temptation to expand their use.” “We have already entered the realm of the Brave New World,” he said, urging Congress to “turn back” from expanding these databases further. Such critics argue that mandatory DNA sampling of suspects and felons fundamentally changes the way government treats its citizens.“The state is saying, in effect, you may be a danger in the future because you were in the past, and therefore we need to register your DNA,” Boston public defender Benjamin Keehn argued on PBS NewsHour. “If we are going to take DNA from prisoners because they are at-risk [of committing crimes in the future], why shouldn’t we take DNA from teenagers, from homeless people, from Catholic priests, from any subgroup of society that someone is able to make a statistical argument of being at-risk?”   }A cryptographer has devised a way to monitor cellphone conversations by exploiting security weaknesses in the technology that forms the backbone used by most mobile operators. Karsten Nohl, chief scientist of Berlin-based Security Research Labs, said the attack works because virtually all of the world’s cellular networks deploy insecure implementations of GPRS, or general packet radio service. Some, such as those operated by Italy’s Wind or Telecom Italia, use no encryption at all, while Germany’s T-Mobile, O2 Germany, Vodafone, and E-Plus use crypto that’s so weak that it can easily be read by unauthorized parties.  }Wikileaks now has an online submission system for the first time since 2010. Accessible only as a Tor hidden service, the new page is available at wlupld3ptjvsgwqw.onion   . (The Tor Browser can be downloaded here.) Wikileaks’ previous system was brought down when a staffer named Daniel Domscheit-Berg split with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over security issues. Domscheit-Berg held the encryption keys for all the documents received through the system, and ultimately destroyed thousands of submissions rather than let them be published in a way that might endanger the sources.  }ThreatExpert’s Statistics for HackTool.Win32.Crypt [Ikarus]: HackTool.Win32.Crypt   [Ikarus] is also known as: (Threat Alias)  (Number of Incidents),news-19297.html  }Municipal wireless networks used by American police forces to link surveillance cameras and public loudspeakers may be easily hacked into, two researchers said at the DEF CON 22 security conference here yesterday (Aug. 8 2014). Dustin Hoffman and Thomas Kinsey of tech-support firm Exigent Systems related how the police wireless mesh network in a small California city had no security and could be accessed by anyone, raising the possibility that pranksters or criminals could use the system to their advantage, even by injecting bogus video feeds.,news-19291.html   }How hard is it to hack into satellite communications? Not that hard, according to researcher Ruben Santamarta of Seattle-based security company IOActive. He’s found a number of flaws in several widely-used satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals, the ground-based devices that communicate with orbiting satellites. Speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas yesterday (August 7), Santamarta showed how SATCOM devices work and what kinds of flaws, including hard-coded credentials, backdoors and insecure and undocumented protocols, are present in them.,news-18340.html   }basically advertising for TrueVault and TrueCrypt, but they might work for you. Joe-Bob says, check it out.,news-19290.html   }LAS VEGAS — Google’s Nest “smart” thermostats may be the most secure devices in the “Internet of Things,” but can still easily be hacked into, three researchers showed today (Aug. 7) at the BlackHat security conference here. Yier Jin and Grant Hernandez of the University of Central Florida, along with independent researcher Daniel Buentello, demonstrated that by holding down the power button on a Nest device for 10 seconds, then plugging in a USB flash drive, one can inject malicious software that can take over the device.   }12 more things that you didn’t know could be hacked. Alas, nothing to protect the people from police violence; but some fun hacks: “smart” toilets from Japan; children’s “smart” dolls; home automation systems; more. }the homepage for The Tor Project. You do need to check this out, if you’re interested in freedom.  See also Online Tools 2016 ) from JKU, in the Proxy Sites category.
http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/   }Tor Link Directory.    }here’s the Tor Project overview. Note that the IE browser refused to show us this page, we had to use the Tor browser to see it. Tor and Privoxy protect your freedom and privacy, we highly recommend that you use both of them together.    }Temple Of The Screaming Electron.    }a little article about Carnivore.    }their Fun List.    Found this pretty list online on a webpage that I cannot share for the content it had, I filtered non-friendly links, and the list below is safe to browse but even though, they might change any moment so make sure to report in comments or contact me if you find anything that is not safe. I will make sure to update it. Click here for 2015 list .   }”Here is the updated list of TOR sites, again I did not check every individual site and I held no responsibility of what is inside, this page is just a reference for educational purposes, this post is a response to visitors asking for a new updated list of the older one “Working Links List To Darknet Aka Deep Web .Onion sites” which is still useful too.”  “I cleaned the most I can, also I don’t recommend doing any financial actions or interaction inside the darknet, it’s a bad place full of fraud so I recommend only checking for research or educational purposes ONLY, please report to me any links that have abuse or anything illegal as the content might change anytime, leave it on comments using Google+ or contact me on the contact page and I will get the link deleted, thank you. “   }a good idea, but for Firefox users only. a lightweight browser extension that helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines.     }In Spain, public space is treated as the property of the State as opposed to a communal space shared by everyone. City councils dictate, to an excessive degree, what activities can and cannot occur in public space. Two exaggerated norms are the prohibitions against line-drying of clothes on balconies as well as sleeping on public benches. The notion that public space belongs to the State and not to the people reinforces the institutional value placed on private property and property ownership, and the division that such a value creates between the haves and the have-nots. When public space is increasingly regulated by the State, an unscripted way of living based on sharing and social interaction becomes problematic if not impossible. In order to reactivate spontaneous social cooperation and unexpected engagements with the cityscape, street artists interact unrestrictedly with the built environment instead of accepting the imposed, fixed relations of private property and normalized codes.    }Hacks Against Corruption  (HAC) is Transparency International’s first attempt to bring together technology and anti-corruption specialists to use technology to come up with some of the challenges we face in fighting corruption: visualising the cost of corruption, monitoring complex, massive public budgets and allowing citizens to safely report corruption in their life.  (HAC) is Transparency International’s first attempt to bring together technology and anti-corruption specialists to use technology to come up with some of the challenges we face in fighting corruption: visualising the cost of corruption, monitoring complex, massive public budgets and allowing citizens to safely report corruption in their life.  }TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.  }info about the 2D barcode.  }online app that decodes your barcode.  }the improved Swipe website 1/29/12. }table that shows what’s in your barcode, by State or Province. }what’s encoded on your Driver’s License, by State or Province.    }In the world of reverse engineering, we often hear about black box testing. Even though the tester has an API, their ultimate goal is to find the bugs by hitting the product hard from outside. Learn more about different software testing techniques in this course. Apart from this, the main purpose of reverse engineering is to audit the security, remove the copy protection, customize the embedded systems, and include additional features without spending much and other similar activities.    }By opting out of these invasive background check and information database sites, you’ll be taking the appropriate steps towards protecting your privacy. At UnlistMy.Info, we will provide a continually updated list of the top sites collecting your information, and instructions on how to remove yourself from their public listings. Check back often for new sites, and if you know of one that we don’t, be sure to submit it!   }Directions on how to remove yourself from the top sites are listed below. It is recommended that you scan some form of identification, such as your state-issued drivers license. Just remember to black out your photo and ID number.    }The source code for Mirai, a tool that creates what are known as botnets, has been released on the so-called dark web, sites that require specific software or authorization to access and that operate as a sort of online underground for hackers.  Mirai is an easy-to-use program that allows even unskilled hackers to take over online devices and use them to launch distributed denial of service, or DDoS attacks. The software spreads via the Internet, taking over DVRs, cable set-top boxes, routers and even Internet-connected cameras used by stores and businesses for surveillance. Once a device is hijacked, so much of its bandwidth goes towards doing the botnet's work that it can run slowly or suffer intermittent failures, and it's very difficult for the consumer to know the cause. }hacking TSA airport scanners.   }The wireless networks that cities use to link surveillance cameras are vulnerable to hacking, according to two security researchers who spoke at the Defcon hacker conference here. Police rely on these surveillance cameras and public loudspeakers to keep watch on areas of cities where they can’t always send patrols. Cities have been installing these systems with grants from the Department of Homeland Security. For some departments, this helps deal with budget cuts that reduce the number police on the street. They can set them up in parks, business areas, and other places with a lot of pedestrians. This means the cameras are like a “force multiplier” that enables one officer with a monitor to watch over many places at once. “I suddenly hear a voice saying, ‘This is the police. Please get off the fountain,’” Kinsey said. “The voice sound like he said it a thousand times before.”  Kinsey and Hoffman looked into the networks and reverse-engineered some systems. In their city, they mapped out 122 cameras and their precise locations. They found that a lot of what they needed to hack a camera was freely available. The networks had almost no security, as the Wi-Fi signals were unencrypted (until three days before they gave the Defcon talk).    }A well known anti-Chinese censorship group is withstanding an unprecedented and aggressive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on all its websites, in an apparent attempt to knock them offline.  GreatF​ire, a group that tracks Chinese online censorship and maintains a series of censorship-resistant websites that mirror other popular sites that are blocked in China, says it’s the worst DDoS attack—a common strategy by which a malicious party overloads a site with bogus traffic —in its history. Several apps and services that bring Freedom to China.   }Dark net hacker markets are starting to look more and more like the e-commerce markets that exist everywhere else online, according to a report published by Dell. the market was “booming with counterfeit documents to further enable fraud, including new identity kits, passports, utility bills, social security cards, and drivers’ licenses.” Prices for highly-sought information and documents are climbing, while other information is getting cheaper as hacking becomes more ubiquitous.   } Central planning is not able to account for the distributed and diverse knowledge and preferences of different people. The goal of proplet design is to control physical objects with digital protocols. Proplets protect its structure and function from non-owners, and observe the environment for phenomena impinging on a region, on matter, or on its owner. A proplet is an electromechanical device (e.g. a MEMS device (What is MEMS? Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are miniature devices comprising of integrated mechanical (levers, springs, deformable membranes, vibrating structures, etc.) and electrical (resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.) components designed to work in concert to sense and report on the physical properties of their immediate or local environment, or, when signaled to do so, to perform some kind of controlled physical interaction or actuation with their immediate or local environment. Some well-known examples of MEMS-enabled functionality in everyday life are airbag deployment in automobiles; motion and orientation detection in smartphones; and blood pressure measurement in IV lines and catheters. )).   How does a proplet find out who owns it, or a guest module who controls it? There are two basic ways: 1. It looks up the public key of its current owner or guest in a public title registry, and follows instructions signed with the corresponding private key, or 2. It follows instructions signed by the private key held by home proplets. Home proplets live on or inside the owner or guest. Transfer of remote proplets (or guest modules) occur with the transfer of the home proplets that govern the remotes.  A proplet’s guest modules are publicly listed and transferred independently of each other and of the proplet’s ownership module. With the home proplet alternative, biometric control of the home proplets may replace public ownership records.  }A different reading of recent history would yield a different agenda for the future. The widespread feeling of emancipation through information that many people still attribute to the 1990s was probably just a prolonged hallucination. Both capitalism and bureaucratic administration easily accommodated themselves to the new digital regime; both thrive on information flows, the more automated the better. Laws, markets, or technologies won’t stymie or redirect that demand for data, as all three play a role in sustaining capitalism and bureaucratic administration in the first place. Something else is needed: politics. Even programs that seem innocuous can undermine democracy. Privacy is not an end in itself. It’s a means of achieving a certain ideal of democratic politics, where citizens are trusted to be more than just self-contented suppliers of information to all-seeing and all-optimizing technocrats. “Where privacy is dismantled,” warned Simitis, “both the chance for personal assessment of the political … process and the opportunity to develop and maintain a particular style of life fade.”    } The most common applications for botnets include email spam campaigns, denial-of-service attacks, spreading adware/spyware, and data theft (particularly of financial information, online identities and user logins). A botnet attack starts with bot recruitment. Bot herders often recruit bots by spreading botnet viruses, worms, or other malware; it is also possible to use web browser hacking to infect computers with bot malware. Once a computer has been infected with a botnet virus it will connect back to the bot herder’s command and control (C&C) server. From here the attacker is capable of communicating with and controlling the bot. When the botnet grows to its desired size, the herder can exploit the botnet to carry out attacks (stealing information, overloading servers, click fraud, sending spam, etc).  }In Orwell’s worst nightmare he never pictured that a world leader would be making lists of people to be murdered by flying robots without offering evidence, charges or a trial.  That transnational corporations would treat governments as subservient contractors.  Or that our fingerprints, faces and DNA could be captured without our knowing about it, and reduced to digital data on massive supercomputers, for secret purposes, in our increasingly secretive government.”  }The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is a collective of patients and caregivers based in Santa Cruz, California. WAMM’s unique model centers around providing hope, building community and offering medical marijuana on a donation basis. We offer a safe, organic supply of medical marijuana to patients with a doctor’s recommendation.  }We know that PRISM is a system the NSA uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular Internet services. We know that access is governed by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was enacted in 2008. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper tacitly admitted PRISM’s existence in a blog post last Thursday. A classified PowerPoint presentation leaked by Edward Snowden states that PRISM enables “collection directly from the servers” of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and other online companies.    }this book, about propaganda and 'mind control' in America, is referred to in one of the websites annotated above.   }Users and experts review online and mobile apps and platforms for privacy, security, and openness.  A Stanford Center for Internet and Society website with support from The Rose Foundation. 2017 DL. ??  Replacement:   }Our Project (whatapp was one of them). The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School is a leader in the study of the law and policy around the Internet and other emerging technologies. Note: the WhatApp site was taken down in December, 2014, and the "even better version" they were "
currently working on" never appeared.   }this app gives you visual locations of reported sicknesses, with symptoms reported shown by a symbol resembling a pie chart. In our test, it started in southern California, and by changing the zip code after selecting the “search” tap at left, we moved the map to northern California, although you can also grab and slide the map. In our test, we viewed Japan as well. Click on symptoms at the right to get the symbols to appear, or click on “how to use”.  }How to Change Your Identity Three Parts: Changing Your Name, Changing Your Social Security Number, Using Your New Identity.  If you’re the victim of spousal abuse or are testifying in a criminal trial, law enforcement agencies have the ability to help you assume a new identity. To learn how to change your name and register for a new social security number, read on get help yourself get a fresh start.  }this site also shows some of what the swipe-readers read.   }A darknet is a private, distributed P2P file sharing network where connections are either made only between trusted peers — sometimes called “friends” (F2F) — using non-standard protocols and ports. Darknets are distinct from other distributed P2P networks as sharing is anonymous (that is, IP addresses are not publicly shared), and therefore users can communicate with little fear of governmental or corporate interference.  }Hyperspectral surveillance is the implementation of hyperspectral scanning technology for surveillance purposes. Hyperspectral imaging is particularly useful in military surveillance because of countermeasures that military entities now take to avoid airborne surveillance. Aerial surveillance was used by French soldiers using tethered balloons to spy on troop movements during the French Revolutionary Wars, and since that time, soldiers have learned not only to hide from the naked eye, but also to mask their heat signatures to blend into the surroundings and avoid infrared scanning. The idea that drives hyperspectral surveillance is that hyperspectral scanning draws information from such a large portion of the light spectrum that any given object should have a unique spectral signature in at least a few of the many bands that are scanned.    }This list of Internet censorship and surveillance by country provides information on the types and levels of Internet censorship and surveillance that is occurring in countries around the world. Detailed country by country information on Internet censorship and surveillance is provided in the Freedom on the Net reports from Freedom House, by the OpenNet Initiative, by Reporters Without Borders, and in the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices from the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. The ratings produced by several of these organizations are summarized below as well as in the Censorship by country article.  }The NSA doesn’t just hack foreign computers. It also piggybacks on the work of professional for-profit hackers, taking over entire networks of already-hacked machines and using them for their own purposes.   }software called EPPB or Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker to download their victims’ data from iCloud backups. That software is sold by Moscow-based forensics firm Elcomsoft and intended for government agency customers. In combination with iCloud credentials obtained with iBrute, the password-cracking software for iCloud released on Github over the weekend, EPPB lets anyone impersonate a victim’s iPhone and download its full backup rather than the more limited data accessible on And as of Tuesday, it was still being used to steal revealing photos and post them on Anon-IB’s forum.   }one page from the Project Renaissance website. Mind tools to help you keep your mind free, and to use and understand the links in this Category.   }RetroTxt is a handy little extension that takes old fashioned text files and stylises them in a more pleasing visual format. Despite the web being built on text, web browsers are often incapable of accurately displaying texts written during the pre and early web eras. This is where RetroTxt comes in! It imports the text into a modern format, injects a font that mimics a chosen retro computer, then applies styling to improve the display and readability. It can also double up as a text viewer for your
locally stored, off-line files and even serve as an NFO text viewer.  Published on 2016/05/02 by Ben.  }this explains a little about what the yes-lab does and what it is for. See the yes men, above. 2013 Update:  }At the moment, the Yes Lab is mainly a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out media-getting creative actions, focused on their own campaign goals. It’s a way for social justice organizations to take advantage of all that we Yes Men have learned-not only about our own ways of doing things, but those we’ve come in contact with over the decade and a half we’ve been doing this sort of thing. The Yes Lab has offices and work shopping space at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute in New York.   }website is, a community of people committed to social change. This is their Noam Chomsky page. Crowded page. Almost everything you could want to know about Prof. Chomsky. }a brief description of what Tor is and does. }online ZXing decoder. Decode a 1D or 2D barcode from an image on the web. Also links for mobile users.

II. Sex.
Some sites are Explicit.  (viewer discretion advised).   }photos of the red-light districts in Amsterdam. This site isn’t typical of this list: it’s included for balance. It’s first since all of our  Lists are in alphabetical order, within each category, and numbers come before letters in ASCII. }many of you will remember our old video list, which is now a separate document. Well, here is someone else’s suggestion for “steamy, sexy, or sensual movies”. The 15 at the top of the list seemed to have some porn; scroll down for the annotated, major motion pictures.  }Conjunction in the Libido shows the opposing forces of Soul and Spirit coming together in sexual Conjunction.   }The Secret Of The Golden Flower, [T’ai I Chin Hua Tsung Chih ], Translated by Richard Wilhelm ; Translated from German by Cary F. Baynes; Published by Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner (1931); Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd (1965); ISBN 0 7100 2095 (c); ISBN 0 7100 7485 9 (p).  }some of the erotic poetry of Alphonso Taylor here.    }What is the mechanism for healing? Resonance. “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.”  We Recommend this site, but also a pop-up blocker with it.   }Anne of Carversville. She has the Sensualtiy News website; this is her Sensual Art & Fashion page. See also  }below.    }from the Archive: Erotic and Sexy stories. We checked, and the links are good, the stories are still there in 2016. Enjoy.   }brief article on the ancient oral sexual methods of the Kama Sutra. Ignore the ads. See also videos below for a film about the Kama Sutra, 1:53:13.  In a seductive tale of love and betrayal|a king’s courtesan is forbidden to embrace her one true love. Trained in the art of pleasure|Maya|the beautiful servant girl becomes defiant|rebelling against ancient tradition. As passion takes over|the conflict brings consequences that no one ever envisioned.   2015 DL. Replacement:   }this webpage and the sites’ other pages are on now. If you like them, you should download them now. And also    }”Their tastes, their preoccupations, their bodies, are discordant. But they adore each other! And, in the games of love, their harmony is perfect. The hare-man knows all the subtle caresses that arouse his wife. Making use of Apadravyas, he increases the size of his frail lingam. There are all kinds of them in the pleasure room: gold armband, precious wood tube, ivory bracelet. They choose them according to how their lovemaking progresses.” Read more at . Note: the video above was not found, look below in “Videos” for 2 replacements (which aren’t the same, but still the same subject, Kama Sutra). You can watch the  trailer for the film here:    }1:52, Kama Sutra, A Tale Of Love. Declan Quinn won the 1998 Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography for his work in the film. The film was also nominated for the Golden Seashell award at the 1996 San Sebastián International Film Festival. A clip from the film is also here:   }3:28. This is clip 9 of 12. }Aria Winters was curious, the pretty 23 year old brunette had been with the modeling agency for 2 years and had been to several exotic locations for photo shoots, but this was the first time ever that her assignment was located in a science laboratory in a local state university. Why in the world would a local state university require a model?  It was a humid Sunday afternoon and Tom parked the agency car in a deserted parking lot outside a huge building. With his muscular arms laden with tripods and cameras, Tom led the way into the large building. It was mostly deserted except for afew lab assistants in their small rooms, bent over their microscopes, lost in a world of their own.     }Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository...because the best things in life truly are free. ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.    }their view of Tantric sex, etc.   }review: Sex. Drugs, and Democracy. The film may be dated (1994), so to speak, but the review article still makes valid points.   }Better Sex Techniques from their certified board of doctors and psychologists; some good ideas.  }video, healthy sex. DL 2011 Replacement link:   }Joe-Bob says, check it out.       }hotlink to one of the free audio samples. DL 2011  Replacement link: }apologies for the brief advertising at the beginning. Other replacement links below.  }”Marijuana inflames the erotic impulses and leads to revolting sex crimes” – Daily Mirror (1924). }Nectar Of Delight. Tradition in India maintains that the gods sent man the Hemp plant so that he might attain delight, courage, and have heightened sexual desires. When nectar or Amrita dropped down from heaven, Cannabis sprouted from it. Another story tells how, when the gods, helped by demons, churned the milk ocean to obtain Amrita, one of the resulting nectars was Cannabis. It was consecrated to Shiva and was [the godess] Indra�s favourite drink. After the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving Cannabis the name Vijaya (�victory�) to commemorate their success. Ever since, this plant of the gods has been held in India to bestow supernatural powers on its users. }conscious loving for women, “Sacred Sexuality & Intimate Relationships”. 2017 DL. Replacement:     }An Extraordinary Pathway to Sacred Sexuality & Intimate Relationships; An in depth experience for creating wholeness between yin (female) and yang (male), being “Centered” while in relationship and expanding our personal pleasure. }the homepage for Conscious Loving.   }conscious loving resources page. DL 2011. Replacement link:   }their top ten tips.   }conscious loving relationships forum page. }loving and sex, part 1 of 3.   }loving and sex, part 2 of 3.   }loving and sex, part 3 of 3.!tantra   }he says, “sexual energy is the key.” }a somewhat older site, but “up” as of December 2014. Creative Erotica is a publication about art & design with a twist of sensuality. Showcasing artworks on beauty, passion, lust, eroticism, pornography, fetishism and sexuality. Artists and creatives can submit their works, visitors and members then vote and choose the artworks to appear in the book.   }this page discusses things to say during sex. }sex in the romance: a review of romantic encounters of the close kind. Have fun. }Ferri’s Highly Recommended Links. We forgive him for borrowing our notation. Some of these links are old and DL.    }EroPhoric showcases select and user submitted audio-visual Erotic nude art videos accentuating Adult entertainers, Erotica videos, Erotic events, Fashion erotica, Fetish, Nude art performance, Venues and tasteful adult content.    }"About me and the sites: This site is the oldest of my various blogs. It is the home of the webcomics I write, the artwork I commission, images I curate, and miscellaneous writings. The generally material lies at the intersection of stuff I find erotic and the topos of mad science. The content is definitely for adults only and is sometimes squicky. I make no apologies for these facts. If you don't like what's here, there are plenty of other places for you on the web to be. " Information, links and site-map at the bottom of that page.   }Erotic Mad Science Comics. Well, so check it out. If you can't find that page, look for his "Gnosis" links here:    }site-map.    }page describing and discussing Karezza techniques.    }Healing Tao courses taught by Michael, Joyce, and others. These are “hands-on” courses in applying Taoist methods to sex.   }a blog not untypical of “normal” conversations or opinions about sex. Included for balance.   }the mother of all erotic link pages. Art sites, photography, video, the works. Pick and choose what you like carefully! Site appeals to all tastes and preferences. This site has a huge number of links. Photographers' websites, Galleries, art and avant-garde sites. 554 links on the page; Recommended.  Click "more" at the bottom of the page or at the end of any category list, and you'll get many, many moe links.  }page 2 of their totally thorough link-list ! Some links go to sites with explicit photos, words, or videos. Many go to independent professional/art photographers' sites; and some go to Galleries. 3,597 links on the page!  Recommended.  Use caution.    }their erotic stories, readings, and poems links here, along with many, many more. Recommended.    }internet sexuality information service, for youth sexuality and reproductive health.    }collection of various foreplay and sexual techniques.   }black & white photos of sex workers from around the world. No they aren’t pretty; but they’re real and included in this Category for balance. Each photo is annotated: hover mouse. A good look a what it’s like outside of our U. S.   }conscious loving relationships. They say, “We believe by training others to create and enjoy Conscious Loving Relationships,  we all move closer to a world filled with joy and peace.   }This feminine arousal liquid may arouse without irritating sensitive parts. Zestra ( contains plant-derived ingredients, such as borage oil, angelica extract, vitamins E and C.  Some over-the-counter supplements contain herbs and vitamins that may rev up sex drive. Active ingredients include: Tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, ashwagandha, rhodiola, catuaba bark, yohimbe, maca or eleuthero extract. These aren’t immediate enhancers, but when taken routinely or according to label directions, supplements with these ingredients may pep up your passion over time.   }”That’s one big flower,” she said out loud.   }the sacred sex revival campaign event has passed (2009) but their contact info is still on this page.   }chapter excerpts from The Heart Of Tantric Sex; simplified presentation of current ideas. 2011 note: this site has changed somewhat since this list was first made. Check it out.   }funny and hip site of Hong Kong film webmaster Ross Chen.   }this is the replacement link for Sacred Sex (below). Karezza, Tantra, Sex Magic.   }one of the karezza pages from the above site linked to.    }4-7 – Theta Range : recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness; Access to subconscious images, deep meditation, reduced blood pressure, said to cure addictions ; Reset the brain’s sodium potassium levels, which cuts down on mental fatigue ; Increases sex drive  ; Meditation, Intuitive Augmentation ; Near Sleep brainwaves, conducive to profound inner peace, “mystical truths”, transforming unconsciously held limiting beliefs, physical & emotional healing, purpose of life exploration, inner wisdom, faith, meditation, some psychic abilities, & retrieving unconscious material; bursts of inspiration, twilight sleep learning, deep relaxation, reverie, high levels of awareness, vivid mental imagery. Hypnopompic & Hypnagogic states; Military remote viewers operate in this range.  }I turned on the lights and turned off the music. I sat in my living room watching patterns on the wall and thinking. I started running my palm over my cheek, almost subconsciously. It felt really nice. I moved my hand over my face, neck and torso, marvelling at the feeling.  }Confessions From The Golden Flower, Plant induced sexual fantasies. This site is dedicated to the Goddess and the erotic experiences and fantasies her many plant teachers inspire. Here, you will find the rare opportunity to read the plant induced sexual fantasies of other people and to share your own experiences and fantasies with the world. If you would like to confess your fantasy to the Golden Flower, please email your stories to NONA: If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use an anonymous remailer or, if you prefer, I can remove your name from the story. Pass through the Magic Portal to discover links to new and wonderous places!.   }Studies show that an array of new drugs can increase sexual desire, improve sexual performance, and even make sex more pleasurable. A whole new range of drugs, herbs, and nutrients have been shown to improve libido and sexual performance, as well as the subjective experience of erotic pleasure.   }First off, what is an aphrodisiac? The word can be interpreted in many different ways. It may be a substance that enhances sexual desire or arousal. It may be a substance which treats various sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia. It may be a substance which tones and balances sexual hormones and sexual function, or promotes fertility. It may be a substance that heightens sensations or promotes relaxation, key to enjoying sexual activity. All of these definitions of “aphrodisiac” will be adressed in this thread.    }Headquartered in Brooklyn and made in collaboration with editors and contributors all over the world, we are always seeking new perspectives on lust, love, and sex. Through each issue, we hope to help eradicate shame and encourage readers to experiment, explore, and learn about different desires.  }this page has a review of a gay film by a Danish man. The review is thoughtful and intelligent.  }ancient Indian sexual development methods called Siddhasana.  }try different sexual methods together. Suitable for Moslems.  }free to join this nudist dating and love hub.  }friends, love, and romance with like-minded nudists. Recommended.  }free sign-up for this site that allows nudists to meet and “interact”.  }notes about human sexual growth.  }site for the psychology of sexual emotion (contents at left). Page shown asks thoughtful questions and answers. }er, a 19th-century philosophers views on sex and the emotions.  }erotic poetry reading, plus introductions and explanations, etc. 28:02. From San Francisco.    }here is their list of erotic poetry and prose podcasts. Listen or download and enjoy.    }photos from the series, sex positions for singles. Recommended.    }a collection of Erotic Sex Poems.    }Note: You are wired for compassion. It’s a reality, a critical need. We need (not merely want!) compassion to both thrive and survive, in the same way that we need nutrients, water and oxygen to survive. The need for compassion is built into our body’s design. Love and compassion, and the acts that flow from it, are essential nutrients  in the form of “emotion molecules” (see book by Dr. Candace Pert, biophysics professor at Georgetown University, titled Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind Mind-Body Medicinethat support us to thrive. Along with other nutrients, such as kindness and gratitude, they fill our being with a sense of purpose and meaning (thus spiritual nutrients?) — again a need not a mere want.   }invites readers to submit videos to be used a sex-education for students. }literary erotic webring (scroll down, click on title of interest, it goes to site). DL 2011.  2017 Replacement:   }the Erotic Art Webring; 400 links.  and    }Selections from Adult/Erotic Stories_and_Fantasies you might like. Erotic stories webring. 36 links.    }this is a select directory of erotic professionals. You can search by location, category, or sex for Classes, Workshops, & Retreats. Love and Intimacy, Sacred Sexuality, Sensual Touch , Tantra and Tantra Techniques. We thought this was a new site, since the search engines never found it before, but its been there since 2005, 7 years ago.  }this site has quotations from sacred literature throughout the ages. Really good site if you’re into sacred sex. Recommended. They also have a nice link to Gnostic Retreats and Gnostic information here: }also a glossary there for those who want to know, or those new to Gnosticism. Note: sometimes the browser won’t load this page. Then you could try: }and use the Meetup site to find others in your area. For example, there’s one in Miami. So, you’d have to sign-up on the Meetup site, but that’s quick and easy.    }a Sacred Sex campaign. DL 2011 Replacement link above under londonfestival.    }the Sacred Sex Revival. DL 2011 Replacement link above. }article about “the conscious sex movement”. }collection of 1,775 articles about sex. 2011 update: this is now 6,960 stories about sex. }”Angels of Sex”, about, uh, “sacred sex workers”. }Part Two of article. Like, ancient temple sex workers. Not the “P” word.  }scribd has tons of documents about conscious loving. }Sensual Erotica is a website with great quality porn for women. We work hard everyday to bring you erotic videos and erotic stories which are created for women and couples! Our site is filled with passionate, erotic and sexy content for women and adult couples. We offer a selection of erotic dvd sets that are created with women in mind. Note that the videos, etc., are mostly heterosexual. }features photos, short videos, and so on. This Sensual Freedom site is on Tumblr. We don’t like Tumblr, since they make it very difficult to upload images, but, these are images relevant to sex and sensuality. Avoid this site if you don't want to see a lot of gynecology. }this site is the most organized of all the ones teaching sexual positions. These are illustrated by small photos of actual people, not graphics. You can search or select by a variety of criteria, including duration, skill level, effort involved, and the collect a profile of you and your partner, so that age, weight, height, are also criteria. Clean site, no actual sex shown. It looks like a new site to us, but netcraft says its been there since October 2005, 10 years ago.  }this site has lots of sensual eye-candy. Highly Recommended. Explore.    }her new wide-screen video page.  }frontpage for the SexArt website, erotic cinema for discerning adults.    }the main page of the SexArt site, showing the updates stream. Payware content.  }collection of sexual positions and techniques from 5 ancient Asian sex treatises. Explicit drawings. Ignore ads; also workaround full-page ads. }good, brief descriptions of various sexual techniques and issues, but nothing in-depth. Maybe good for teens to read, or others new to sex.  }Sex search engine. The Language of Love, Lust, Sex, and All the Many-Splendored Things in Between in Teenspeak – Jockspeak – Menglish – Slanglish – Spanglish Gaylese – Americanese – Britspeak – Ozslang – Funetic Populo-Vulgar Speech – T-Shirt & Net Shorthand Pompo-Verbosity & other Figurative Lingos. Enter a Word or phrase, select the dictionary and click the search button.  }another site mostly for beginners, or the bored. Explicit descriptions.      }illustrated sex-techniques with explanations. Another site for beginners, or those new to sex.   }commercial site w/explicit photos.   }a “how to” guide for, uh, well, you know. Well, we don’t know if you need instructions or not, we’ve included this, you know, just in case.   } There is more to our reality than our five senses can perceive. We are not God’s ultimate creation, nor are we at the peak on the evolutionary ladder. Our reality is embedded in a complex system of unseen worlds and controlled by denizens of a higher reality. The forces at work are not all good, and we’re not on top of the food chain. “Food” doesn’t have to be physical, and certain beings feed off of our emotions and energy; predominantly, chaos, wars, distorted sexual energy, emotional turmoil and fear, which they initiate and create, by working through us.  }There is a ‘set-point’ theory that states we all have certain conditions we naturally revert back to despite any actions we take or dreams we have to change those conditions. Thus it’s often the case that the billionaire who goes bankrupt will end up a billionaire again. The person who has spent a lifetime, and generations, in financial hardship, will commonly end up with no money again years after winning the lottery. A person often goes back to the same weight range repeatedly regardless of what they eat. Website is Recommended.   }Thomas Cleary’s translation of The Secret Of The Golden Flower: The  Classic  Chinese  Book  of  Life. Copyright  ©  1991  by  Thomas  Cleary. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States  of  America.   }Track 9 Sexual Energy: Male and female musical components stimulate the essence of compassionate bonding energies.   }Sound healing and therapy music, click below CD for sample.    }features free audio sex samples. 2011 update: site and page are still there, but they seem to have withdrawn the free samples. }brief article, that is like an advertisement for a course that would teach one the one hour orgasm method. }If we use sex as the example it’s easy to see how each of us has our own brand and flavor of pleasure. Anyone that has ever had a sexual relationship with another person knows that they didn’t always get their needs met. One person might want to have their feet rubbed while having oral sex while another might want, or maybe even require, being pinched while engaging in some form of sex. It’s all up for grabs but what is true of each of us is that we each drive the experience via the means that we grew to “like” in our brains and nervous system. That means we trained ourselves to have certain experiences that then become necessity if we are to “get-off”. }It turns out that our notions of what ‘wild lands’ are, or more accurately ‘were’ in the past, isn’t very accurate. Large herds of animals recreate the landscape on their own, without any of our human, artificial input. That land now looks like vast, open savannas rather than closed, forested areas. Herds of large animals are forming that normally don’t herd together. There aren’t as many hiding places in the landscape so there is more exposure for all who live in this land. And all of this is blowing the scientists’ minds because historically we have thought that ancient animal life didn’t live like this at all. }smart sex guidelines, and information. }sex, sex humor, erotica: various stories. }Taoist sexual wisdom and methods. Old style site, with TOC from the book, descriptions, excerpts.  }fine art nudity and erotica, including poetry.     }healing the Feminine archetype, restoring balance between the Sexual Polarities & exploring Wisdom based living on a Global level. 2017 DL. Replacement:   }"The Co-creator engages in “supra-sex” by joining their unique genius with others to design the communities and organizations that can birth a new culture." }”Reality is so subtle that the ancient immortals called this reality a tiny pearl. In reality it has no such shape; they call it thus because there is a point of conscious energy hidden in the center, and because that point of awareness contains the whole cosmos, space, and the universe.” — Liu Yiming.  After reading the translations of Richard Wilhelm and Thomas Cleary and comparing them to passages in the original Chinese text, he began to feel that, although both translations had their merit, a new translation was possible, that would better reflect the inner meaning and symbolism of many of the passages. This website is the result.  }site has ten pages of an article about porn stars in L.A. and The Valley, with interviews. No pics or videos or porn. }Temple Of  The Screaming Electron’s Erotica Section Index. "All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

For years we never categorized the erotica at, we just filed the stories that were submitted in alphabetical order. We've recently started categorizing all of the stories that we have, but until we're done, you'll still find the vast majority of our erotic fiction stories here. "   }Temple Of  The Screaming Electron’s Sex Articles. }audio Erotica. Replaces above link(s). }audio Erotica. Plays in Windows Media Player. }audio Erotica. Ignore or skip intros and advertising at start. }audio Erotica. }audio Erotica. This one was recorded for Valentine’s Day. }you really have to see this site for yourself, we don’t know how to describe it.     }we enjoyed this collection of illustrated techniques, and thought that you might like them, as well.  The site is tricky to use; we have found that for situation like that, scripts can be very useful.  Large site, with many pages of GIFs.   }sex and gynecology GIFs, some older (i.e., 70s or 80s) images. Some images may be offensive. The animated GIFs don't "play" when you open their page.  }sex GIFs, most interesting, some HQ, some hot. Variety. A sample:   }appropriate GIF. Also here   }is a short excerpt from a video in which two sisters share a man. }avalanche of sexual images and GIFs. Warning that some are homosexual.  2017 Update: site now has very few GIFs and no videos. Some images or links don't show when opened, only a blank page. The site is more heavily lesbian now.  }adult images, mix of Fashion, FAN. Few GIFs and no videos. Including vintage images; also occasional homosexuality. Recommend. Most of the animated GIFs are fairly tasteful; a sample   }in b & w.  }The story of Eros and Psyche has been passed down through the work of a Greek initiate in the Eleusinian (or Isis) Mysteries.  In THE GOLDEN ASS OF APULEIUS, the tale of these divine lovers is inserted into the personal story of Apuleius.  It is a tale of psychosexual transformation. Recommended. }descriptions of the different kinds of kisses.   }this site consists entirely of animated gifs, depicting the various types of sexual activity. We think that you might like this, all types of sex are shown, and some novelty gifs, some not sexual at all, some, e.g., anime, etc.  2017 DL.  Replacement:    }called "3D", these colored animated gifs are drawings of couples in sexual positions. The gifs don't always "play", some positions are still and others are random. 2nd Replacement:   }some humor. Page says "5794 GIFs found for sexual relations", but fewer than 10 percent of the GIFs are sexual or erotic; and only a fraction of those are sexual positions. Note that many of the GIFs are homosexual. However, the URLs of a small sampling that you might like:     }shows human energy according to traditional, for example, yoga, etc. Note that chakras are wheels, and have been measured; they often appear at the indicated points as cones or vortices. The cones' axes are perpendicular to the spinal axis, and perpendicular to the the surface of the body considered as a plane. Chakras are not imaginary, although of course, you can imagine them; and in visualizing learn to connect your "internal" images of them with sensations or sensory perceptions of them. 
3rd Replacement:   }this page also has some sexual or erotic GIFs which we thought you would enjoy. Note that there are some controls for which page you see. In the lower right-hand corner, some downward pointing triangle/arrows. Click those, then an index of page numbers appear in the upper-left side of the page. From there you can jump to the page number you want to see. We sampled some of the GIFs, and Recommend them. For example,   }page 121, chosen at random.  Warning: the GIFs might be explicit.  Or, you could also consider   }page 130, also chosen at random.Warning: the GIFs might be explicit.   }this urban dictionary has various sexual terms defined. The definitions are short and are not illustrated, and not all of them are serious. Enjoy. DL 2015. Replacement:   }sexual activities, including various forms of sexual intercourse and other sexual acts between people. Sexual acts are generally described by the positions the participants take in order to perform those acts. **listing of Sexual positions** .   }my friend Ravel Patel contributed this word to the Urban Dictionary:    }A person who is sexually attracted to the intelligence in others. "I told her, no, I’m a sapiosexual: I’m attracted to your intelligence! " added by Ravel Patel October 20, 2011.    }From the well-worn erotic sculptures of the Greeks and Romans, to the sticky pages of the Kama Sutra, to the Lacanian labyrinth of porn sites, smut has come quite a long way over thousands of years, as have the ways in which we enjoy it. Math Magazine, an
independent porn quarterly based out of Brooklyn, is raring for another evolutionary shift, one that moves away from big-industry porn and into a diversified and ethical approach to the ancient art.   }this is the page that has all the audio samples. Five are listed above, and a 6th near the top of the list.   }this site describes and celebrates the World Naked Gardening Day.    }Mystical Sex: The world of tantra, sacred sex rituals, esoteric sex cults, phallic worship and more…  This blog is intended for Mature Readers only. Its main purpose is to provide a source of adult erotic entertainment. }What can I say, except that I am a very happy bunny! Here is the first advance review for Freedom, the first in my series of erotic romances writing as Luna Ballantyne….  }What can you say about the relationship of erotic love to religion in this play?    }Emotional reactions are often excited by objects with which we have no practical dealings.

III. Music and Video.  This edition of JKU features replacements for links from previous Lists that have died. In some cases, the original work has no current hot link, and for these, a substitute is provided. New and Old music is featured as well.  Many of the songs linked to here can be found in my (Jone) podcasts. There are 133 of them now, each song below is in one of the shows. They're at , and the podcast Index is here: .
Music:   }Amphibian. This podcast has Next Is The E (Club Mix) along with several other Moby cuts we think you’ll enjoy. Some Björk as well. 42:45.
Replacement links for the Plastiscines:
}the Plasticines en Francais.  }requires Flash 9; low res. DL 2011 Here’s a replacement link: }Loser. 2:45.   }audio from them.   }apologies for substandard audio quality. 2016 Update: }Sade’s “official” music video of this song. 4:01. } Chakra Star – We resonate through each chakra. We spend one minute on each chakra and use a tingsha bell to signify the transition from one chakra to the next. 8:19. }Diane takes you deeper and deeper, into a state of complete relaxation. The CD, “Awakening” with Cello and Harp is in the background. This CD has binaural beats that transition from Theta to Delta to enhance the relaxation process. 2:29. Ocean 2 demo.mp3    }Diane takes you down to a state of deep peace and relaxation so you can gently drift off into a peaceful sleep. The “Calm Sleep” CD is in the background, which incorporates Binaural Beats in Delta to entrain you into calm sleep. 2:20.  }Enlightenment Meditation, 5:38. This is one our most powerful CDs. It combines the sound of monks peacefully meditating, with the sound of extremely heartfelt strings and vocal toning. It has a sweet beautiful flow that takes you from the heart into deep meditation. The Binaural Beats start in Alpha, then transition to Theta, to Delta, then to Deep meditation Sub-Delta.  }”Journey Through the Matrix ” Nr.1. 12:42.  Journey Through The Matrix is the second collaboration between David Gibson and Britain’s Harry Massey, co-founder of NES (Nutri-Energetics System) Health Limited and producer of the documentary film The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing. This CD incorporates bio-information about the human body. The information is provided by NES Health, based on the research of Peter Fraser into how energy and information direct the human body field, and affect health and well-being at the physical and emotional levels.   }”Body-Field Sound Healing”, 12:09. The sounds and music are based on both ancient and modern science from the field of sound healing and therapy. The structure of some of the songs is based on the keynotes for archetypal healing modes incorporating melodic breaks and shifts that are used purposefully to enhance the music’s therapeutic effects. The information is not in the form of subliminal messaging, but the notes and melodies are based on Bioinformation sequences correlated to bioenergetic therapeutic effects.  }This is a half speed version of Power of Love (below). It has the archetypal healing field of Universal Love embedded in it. It was also created while holding the intention of Unconditional Love during the recording, mixing and mastering. It is meditative, relaxing, and instills a deep sense of peace inside. It is also good for sleep as well. It incorporates binaural beats in Delta and Deep Delta for the deepest relaxation. This song has been extremely successful in getting rid of anxiety attacks. It has also gotten rid of tremors in our Parkinson’s patients. 6:13. }here they cover Lost In Translation, again in English. 1:58. }here’s a better version of their cover of Shake, Shake. 2:01.     }One of these days these boots…; The Plasticines; low res. This is a bootleg of an all-girl band from France; these college-age women cover the song, These Boots Are Made For Walking. Of course, the bootleg is lower-quality audio and video. 3:15.    }Mr. Driver(cover); better quality. DL 2011  2012 Replacement:   }they also perform Mr. Driver, in this video, 2:42.  }a little documentary, 2:46, about the Plasticines.  }this is the original Nylon magazine video that the above little interview was about. 3:22.    }alt. version of “Loser” (NYC) }a little movie about The Plasticines.  This is the new (2011) URL for it:  }they do a nice cover of “Shake, Shake”. They cover “Driver” also, low-res. Unfortunately, Daily Motion has started inserting ads into “their” videos.  }here they cover “No Way”, audio with stills. 2:00.  }here is their Zazie Fait de la Bicyclette, audio with stills. 2:25.
Old Music:
Many of the songs linked to here can be found in my (Jone) podcasts. There are 133 of them now, each song below is in one of the shows. They're at , and the podcast Index is here: .  }Prelude in C minor Robert Fripp & The League of Crafy Guitarists, 1:38.  }Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists – Invocation, 5:20.  }Robert Fripp & the league of crafty guitarist – Circulation I, 1:17.!AnMJAexkK6F490ba5G5VTy4rpWhj   }Exposure 4:28
2012 Update: You can now find many cuts from Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists here:         }for free. Use the Older Posts button at the bottom of the first post.!AnMJAexkK6F490frKb7lRB-GkD-v     }Water Music, Exposure, 1979. 1:17.!AnMJAexkK6F490hYzF9Y6stVqryq    }Water Music II, Exposure, 1979. 6:24.
Replacing lost Robin Williamson link:    }ISB, Job’s, of course, Tears.  2012 Update: You can now find most of the Icedible String Band and Robin Williamson cuts here:   }for free. Use the Older Posts button at the bottom of the first post.    }some, basically, King Crimson. DL 2011 2012 Update: Now you can find some of the best King Crimson cuts here: }for free.  }here’s the replacement URL for that,  2016 DL. Replacement: }this is on the archive, so, if you want you can download the mp3 now – before it is gone forever.
New Music:  }Queens of the Stone Age; drummer, Dave Grohl.  2016 DL. Replacement:   }live, 4:13.  and:   }studio version, 4:17.  (Queens of the Stone Age is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1996. The band’s line-up includes founder Josh Homme (lead vocals, guitar, piano), alongside longtime members Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar, lap steel, keyboard, percussion, backing vocals), Michael Shuman (bass guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Dean Fertita (keyboards, guitar, percussion, backing vocals), and recent addition Jon Theodore (drums, percussion). Formed after the dissolution of Homme’s previous band, Kyuss,[1] Queens of the Stone Age developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy rock music. Their sound has since evolved to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences, including working with ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons and steady contributor Mark Lanegan.) }Tokyo Police Club DL 2011  Replacement:  }Tokyo Police Club, 1:25 excerpt, studio version. }live version, full length. }more TPC.  }TPC live. }The View. DL 2011 No replacement link is available. 2012 Update, since the name of the band is lost, it is impossible to find this song. The ones we heard were from other bands, sorry.    }many Dead Science songs here, use the Older Posts button at the bottom of the first post. Hiroshima Love Song.mp3   }The Dead Science.’m_With_You.mp3   }The Ponys.   }Voxtrot.    }fripp and the league. DL 2011 It is nearly impossible to find any audio files of Fripp and the League for free on the web. However, as replacement we offer this link, that allows you to listen to short samples of their HQ work:  }longer samples, and }greater selection, shorter samples. Amazing work. 2012 Update: You may now find selections of works by Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty Guitarists, here:  You can now find many cuts from Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists here:         }for free. Use the Older Posts button at the bottom of the first post. These are complete works, free for you to listen to or download.    }song Filamented by Timonium, 5:23.  }Toyah Wilcox instrumental.
New Age Music:—————————————————————————————   }some synth music. }select collages from Angelic Music, Interdimensional Music, and Essence of Spring; no direct link available to Iasos music; must visit site and select. }lullabies; replaces lost Bill Douglas link.  2017 DL. Replacement:!AnMJAexkK6F490rVgsorACy4heht    }Bill Douglas & Ty Burhoe & Kai Eckhardt & Steve Smith - Tara,  }atmospheric synth.  }Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, and Robert Fripp.  }Brian Eno, an ending. DL 2011 Replacement:    }this is the new link for An Ending.    }Speed & Violence, 1:24. "Minute Warning" by Chaos UK.    }Queens of Stone Age - No One Knows (UNKLE remix) Full Version , 6:56. 

Videos: August 2012 Update: The sex videos have been moved to a separate document now. The Freedom videos are still here, and the sensual videos, and those containing no actual sex. Contact us if you want the sex video list.
I. Freedom. }instructions on how to surf the web anonymously. 3:06. About Tor.  }video of activism by the Surveillance Camera Players. 2012 Update: URL now goes to the download location for this video. Recommended to watch with VLC or your favorite media player. }this URL should go directly to the video. A woman making her masterpiece graff wall. 3:46.  If you know Ravel Patel, on Wordpress or on Facebook, or IRL, this is here working under a pseudonym. The video's name is also a pseudonym.    }SCP on youtube.   }2001 interview with SCP (the Surveillance Camera Players) in Times Square, in Duffy Square. 1:20. }excerpt from a walking tour of NYC surveillance cameras, 7:27. SCP.  }SCP Headline News, starts after 30 seconds. 2:36. No audio, excerpt only.  }SCP Headline News, 9:56.  }SCP: watching the watchers, and performing for them. 4:36.  DL 2011  }Critical Art Ensemble, 1:14:52. Story of what happened when their founder’s wife passed away while he was preparing an exhibition on genetically modified food for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.  }CAE’s performance in Germany, Target Deception, 6:43.  }A new breed of revolutionary stands poised along our information highways waging war on logos and symbols. They’re “Culture Jammers” and their mission is to artfully reclaim our mental environment and cause a bit of brand damage to corporate mindshare. Trailer, 2:02. }are north Americans minds being held hostage by the advertising industry? 6:06. These are some of the original “culture jammers”.  }Mcdonald’s culture jam montage, 1:13. Volume warning.  }although the AdBusters claim to have started Culture Jamming, in our opinion no one ever did it better than Negativland. They were the best at that; Highly Recommended. 3:34.
Music by The Swingle Singers, see also     }four or five songs are performed by the Swingle Singers in this show. We'll add another link here for the folder with all the Swingle Singer songs in it that we Recommend.  For Negativland, see also    }use the older posts button at the bottom of the first post to see the track listings of the other shows that have Negativland in them. }Culture Jamming mini-documentary. 4:52.  }The Masters. A little taste of Negativland to show you who was, The Best at jamming. 3:13.    }Less Than Utopia, 1:58. }Art in a time of Terror – 3/3, from Democracy Now. 7:19.  }Published on Jun 19, 2013. Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy. ( 14/6/2013 NII Open House 2013 National Institute of Informatics Privacy Visor, 2:29.    }GenTerra is a performance by Critical Art Ensemble and Beatriz da Costa. GenTerra is the name of a company dealing with “transgenics” – the isolation of one or more genes from one or more organisms to create another, new organism. Products created through this process – for example, transgenically modified foods – have often caused controversy. GenTerra claims to produce organisms that help solve ecological or social problems. 5:57.    }the video about privoxy, maybe watch on full-screen. Not a tutorial, just shows how the site and app works. 3:10. Words to the song seem to not be in English. }instructive video on what Proxy Servers are. 2:57.  }a tutorial on how to set up a proxy server. 5:15.  }video on how to get started with both Tor and Privoxy. 2:51. Interesting background music. Watch on full-screen.   }video on the Tor network and how to hide your IP address. 7:32. }NDS browser using Privoxy and Squid. 6:45. No audio, shows actual screens in use. }a short video, featuring a subway train filled with green apples. 0:30.    }Noam Chomsky on stupid people, from BBC Newsnight interview. 2:37.!    }A European Investment Bank (EIB) that would cease lending to coal projects and eventually all fossil fuels is still a dream. However we imagined it for one day and the effects would be tremendous. The EIB could play a leading role in decarbonising Europe’s energy infrastructure, it would be applauded by EU citizens and receive rewards from organisations like ours. That’s what we wanted to show with our day of action during the Bank’s annual press conference. All we call for is EU public bank that acts with the future in mind by taking the EU 2050 decarbonisation targets into account. Let’s hope it will when it reviews its energy policy later on this year. 3:14. }After a press release in which the EIB ‘announced’ its divestment from coal, activists stroke again the next day during the Bank’s annual press conference. In name of EU citizens, President Werner Hoyer received the 2013 ‘World Coal Down’ award. Unfortunately he had to enfeeble the rumours of the EIB’s coal divestment, saying it was “complete nonsense”. Check the rest of the story on our website;
This video has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this video are the sole responsibility of Counter Balance and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union. 0:47.   }the yes men fix the world, 1:35:40.  This is the complete movie, but on you tube you can view it in sections, or view excerpts or a trailer.    }Andy Bichlbaum, of the Yes Men, gives us a behind the scenes primer on how to pull off a high level prank, 6:50. Civil Disobedience, and using the Media for change (i.e. enemies weapons against them; see also Negativland, Jam Art, Grafitti, etc.)    }the yes men reporting the news of the Bhopal Disaster. 5:52.   }the Yes Men confront the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 6:06. Eric Wohlschlegel confronts Hingo Sembra (AKA Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men). Which one legitimately represents the right way for American business? }the Yes Men, Post Consumer Waste Recycling Program, at the WTO. 7:19. The Yes Men McDonalds and WTO spokespeople at a class lecture. }the Yes Men, with the help of Bill Moyers on PBS. Seriously. 3:24. (Bill Moyers gets in on the joke with two impersonators who use satire to make serious points about media consolidation, journalism, business ethics, and separating fact from fiction in a world of spin. The Yes Men – aka Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum – who discovered that pranks could get press attention to important issues that would otherwise be ignored.) }Democracy Now with the Yes Men, 10:00. (The Yes Men have struck again. On Tuesday, a man claiming to be a representative of Halliburton gave a presentation at the “Catastrophic Loss” conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. Conference attendees include leaders from the insurance industry. We speak with the Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum, who took part in the hoax. )    }Shell: We Are Sorry, 4:03. The Yes Men. 
II. Sex.   }an animation to watch, 1:41.    }video about a new sex museum in Russian. 1:20. Unique. Recommended. Note that this video belongs to both the Freedom and Sex Categories.  }In the midst of the repression and political unrest of pre-Spanish Civil War, eccentric artist Salvador Dalí and renowned poet and revolutionary Federico García Lorca find their artistic and sexual freedom. Note that this video belongs to both the Freedom and Sex Categories. 1:14. }promo for Alphonso Taylor’s book, Sexual Freedom. 2:14. Note that this book belongs to both the Freedom and Sex Categories. }has freedom in sexual consent affected justice? 2:55. Also, what is true sexual freedom? Note that this video belongs to both the Freedom and Sex Categories. }the young turks (panelists/hosts) discuss an alternet article, 6 reasons why women should have casual sex. 3:56. }sexual freedom: is it possible? Is it natural?  By Kenya Stevens. 1:38:46. A radio talk-show with visuals, opens with a jazz song. Note that this video belongs to both the Freedom and Sex Categories. }for this video, the titles are in French and Spanish, the notes in Spanish. What is it? It’s a video excerpt from a film, in which a couple kiss, and do things with theirs mouths. 4:50. You might like this. They do enjoy a long kiss together, often in slow motion.   }excerpt from 9 ½ weeks; video is loud, be careful. 0:09.   }excrpt of Kim and Michael in Getaway, 0:09. }Kim in a funny scene with Dan Akroyd. 2:31.   }Kim in a scene from the Getaway, 1:02.    }Ellen Barkin in Siesta, 1:00.    }Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly, 2:04.    }Serenity excerpt, 2:58. WINNER of an Award of Merit for Cinematography at The Best Shorts Competition 2013.    }first-time sex, Twins (1988), 3:29.   }Naked massage, Sensual Massage, 5:14. Note (again) that there is no sex in this massage.   }here a woman gets a wonderful massage from an excellent masseur. 5:10. That is, no sex in this one, but very sensual. Recommended.    }Sensual Strangeness, 5:33.  Deborah Lou Turbeville (July 6, 1932 -- October 24, 2013) was an American fashion photographer. She is widely credited with adding a darker, more brooding element to fashion photography, beginning in the early 1970s. Turbeville is one of just three photographers, together with Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton, who essentially changed fashion photo shoots from traditional, well-lit images into something much more edgy. She was the only woman and only American among this trio. In 2009, Women's Wear Daily wrote that Tuberville transformed "fashion photography into avant-garde art."    }Body Language, 7:52.    }Dear Jiz, 1:11.  Wiiner Best Experimental Short Film 2014.    }longer, clearer excerpt of Reckless with Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn. 6:12. Recommended. DL Sep 2012. Replacement:   }watch it here.   } Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare In Love. 3:42.    }CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want - The Film, 3:16.    }Train de Nuit - CHANEL N°5, 2:21.   }Hotel Erotica 3 ~ Bath Time, 3:23.   }The Art of Seduction – 5 Essential Steps to Seducing the Woman of Your Dreams, 5:23.   }sensual, amateur striptease, 2:12.   }Relaxing Face & Head Massage Therapy Techniques, How to for Neck Pain & Headaches, ASMR, 22:42. Melissa LaMunyon shows how to give a head massage. This includes massaging the neck, scalp and face to relieve headaches, neck pain and stress. This is a very relaxing video that can help you fall asleep with beautiful massage music and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects. The massage model used is Corrina Rachel.   }ASMR Head & Scalp Massage – Self Massage For Relaxation & Headache Relief, Trigger Point Techniques. Corrina Rachel, Certified Holistic Health Coach does a follow-along self massage of the head and scalp to help relive headache pain and enhance general relaxation. This includes trigger point techniques for head ache relief as well as posture techniques to help avoid headaches. This video was recorded in binaural 3D audio so you can clearly hear the sounds of her hair and scalp being massaged. She is also doing the video in highly relaxing whisper or softly spoken tone. 27:29.  }Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1/12) Movie Cip – The Dance of Enticement (1996) HD, 3:00.    }Indian Kama Sutra methods, 8:31.  }Kama Sutra 2, the original audio is in Spanish, and the voiceover is in Russian. 33:16.  2017 DL. You tube has removed this video. Replacement:    }6:02.
2nd Replacement:    }45:16.
3rd Replacement:   }Kama Sutra, A Tale Of Love, 110:05.   }interview with Daming Chen, director of What Women Want. Mr. Chen speaks English well, which is then translated into Italian. 12:39. }what women want, part one, with english subtitles. 14:42. }video montage from Pretty Baby. Recommended.  3:56.    }Laguna Blu , 8:30. The film is here now, plays in your browser.  }Jennifer Connelly in the Hot Spot. 2:21. With Don Johnson. 2017 DL. You tube has removed this video. Replacement:       }0:52. }Jennifer Connely montage, 3:08. }Kim in a fun scene with Mickey Rourke. 4:11. Music by Randy Newman. }Kim and Mickey enjoy some food and drink, 3:08.    }Pandora Blake and Parker Marx meet unexpectedly in Berlin and head back to her flat for tea and cake. The sexual tension between them rises and soon they’re getting it on – but this isn’t your usual straight porn scene.  A fantasy of domination and submission unfolds. 2:17. }Aphrodite underwater, the making of it. Recommended.  2:47. }some fashion models, doing sensual work in this vid, 3:00. Recommended.  DL 2015. Replacement:   }Lily Aldridge shows us why less is more in this short video. Featuring the new, simple, sexy collections from Victoria’s Secret. 2:27. }asian massage. Enjoy. 3:47. }a “realistic” love scene, starring Ashley Judd and Jeffrey Donovan, some consider beautiful . 3:59. Recommended. }a sensual video, this has no sex in it. 5:00. Lingerie.    }a video about the Kama Sutra. 1:53:13. An Indian film made in India. DL 1/2012. It appears that youtube has removed this video from their site. However, we have been finding portions of it, and also similar films, for you to watch. For example,  }the concubine in Indian history, 1:53.
LBNL,   }Venus (9/12) Movie CLIP – Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? (2006) HD ,  2:41. The words:
Sonnet 18
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.”


(of this Cold List)
1. Q: What do those crazy art sites have to do with freedom?
A: No.
2. Q: Do you have any audio-only by the Plastiscines?
A: Sure. See “Music”, above.
3. Q: Is spiritual sex the same as Tantra?
A: Not really.
4. Q: If I’m consciously in love with my sexual partner, is that Tantra?
A: Not necessarily.
5. Q: So, what is Tantra?
A: Compare   }Their pretty-good article.
6. Q: Then what is Tantric Sex?
A:  The point is that most of the Website authors who talk about Tantric sex   are “newbies” and, well, “uninformed” for lack of a better term. Hint: they talk too  much about it, and talk like they just discovered it yesterday. Still, though, you  can look at  if you like.
7. Q: Why have you done a Sex List?
A: Because we have already done all the other interesting Lists; this is the end.
8. Q: Where did JKU Review go?
A: We have discontinued it.
9. Q:Why are so many of the links to music and videos dead now?
A: Since they were originally collected starting in January, 2009. Links expire without warning. Video  hosting sites are notorious for breaking links and moving or deleting videos without warning.
10. Q: Why are there sex videos on this list?
A: (Mr. Kamel) We always have videos on our lists, except for the research lists.
A: (Dr. Dae) Since there are only two categories on this List, Freedom and Sex. We have freedom videos on there too, just look for them.
11. Q: What is “graff”?
A: “Graff” is, of course, the short and commonplace form of the word “graffiti”.
12. Q: We enjoyed watching some of the sex-videos. They go well with the Sex Category, and with the URLs there. Do you have any more like those we saw, or different  ones?
A: Yes, we have more of them for you to view, if you like. We’ll send the complete list of them to your e-mail address. Enjoy.
13. Q: So, why did you move the sex videos to a separate list?
A: For the convenience of you, our dear fans and readers. This List still has the sensual videos, and the Freedom videos as well; and you can have the sex videos by special request, if you like.  Remember, these are just  links to the videos, not the videos themselves. Also, you could try an adult film portal if you wanted to.
14. Q: I noticed above, that we would contact you to obtain the sex videos. I’m into sex videos, and would like those links again? What is your contact info?
A: Mr. Jae Kamel:; Dr. Jone Dae: .

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