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Monday, September 26, 2016

JKU Research List 2018 Update

                                                    JKU Research List
                                                                  2018 Update
                                                                          ~540 links.

Bin Laden-free for your protection.
I. Discussion Groups and Forums.
II. Metacrawlers.
III. Search Engines.
A. Current sites.
B. Older sites.
C. Visual sites.
IV. Address and phone nrs.
V. Audio Resources.
VI. Radio Sites.
VII. Podcasts.
VIII. Video.
X. Archives, Journals and Zines.
XI. Other searching.
Note: as with the other Lists, “DL” stands for Dead Link, also sometimes called a Broken Link. The date next to the “DL” shows roughly when it was discovered that the link was dead. These lists were started in 2006, so, that’s why they’re updated from time to time.
I. Discussion Groups and Forums.
(Note: in the 21st century, these have largely been replaced by “blog” sites. The use of the terms “blog”, “blogsite”, etc., have become so common that they are now used without the quotes.) May 2014 Update: a few “social media”-type sites have been added, which are similar to blogs, groups, or forums.    }this older directory of directories to linklist of forums, is somewhat older, but the links are still good and the sites are still there. This page current 26dec15.  Older directories are an excellent way to find older sites. Note that most search engines, especially the newer ones or engines based on google, don’t show older sites in the results, and especially don’t show older sites with a low traffic rating. 12 links on this page; number of links for each subdirectory shown in parenthesis.     }Meet other artists, learn about exhibits and museums in the New York area and broaden your tastes on this community site.    }”Welcome to the Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. “ Page is current (26oct15), 554 links on the page.    }Talk about your favorite books and share titles with other bookworms.    }We are 183,798 members in 80 forums discussing 139,388 topics. Keep our Community safe by not submitting personal identity information (first and last names, phone numbers, addresses, and/or other forms of identification) in posts and topics. Discussion Boards’ public content is searchable by Internet search engines. Internet search engines cannot search private message (PM) content, so you may exchange personal identity information in PMs if you wish.   } Talk about and share recipes and local restaurants.    }ConnectviaBooks is another social site for book lovers.    }as an example, this is one person’s list of her hand-picked online discussion groups.    }Reach out to other patients on this medical site, which also has news and stories about different diseases.     }the intro page for “Bohm Dialog” discussion groups. Mr. Kamel has participated in these so contact us for a review if interested. There is an ongoing dialogue by email in the spirit of David Bohm. If you are interested or if you have any questions please contact the facilitator of the dialogue (Don Factor):  .If you wish to subscribe to the dialogue list contact the administrator (William van den Heuvel): .    }Dialogue, as we are choosing to use the word, is a way of exploring the roots of the many crises that face humanity today. It enables inquiry into, and understanding of, the sorts of processes that fragment and interfere with real communication between individuals, nations and even different parts of the same organization. In our modern culture men and women are able to interact with one another in many ways: they can sing dance or play together with little difficulty but their ability to talk together about subjects that matter deeply to them seems invariable to lead to dispute, division and often to violence. In our view this condition points to a deep and pervasive defect in the process of human thought. Dialogue is not discussion, a word that shares its root meaning with “percussion” and “concussion,” both of which involve breaking things up. Nor is it debate. These forms of conversation contain an implicit tendency to point toward a goal, to hammer out an agreement, to try to solve a problem or have one’s opinion prevail. It is also not a “salon”, which is a kind of gathering that is both informal and most often characterized by an intention to entertain, exchange friendship, gossip and other information. Although the word “dialogue” has often been used in similar ways, its deeper, root meaning implies that it is not primarily interested in any of this.    }Delphi forums. “Share your passion. Meaningful conversations & True sense of community. “  “Live Now on Delphi: 318,753,710 posts; 25,867,698 discussions; 196 people now chatting,  81 active chat rooms . “  108 links on the page.    }General discussion forum.  236 links on the page, with more than 30 pages shown in the page index. Current 12mar17.    }A site to discuss better education for all. I am a historian of education and Research Professor of Education at New York University.  I was born in Houston, Texas, attended the Houston public schools from kindergarten through high school, and graduated from Wellesley College in 1960. I received my Ph.D. in the history of American education in 1975. I am the mother of two sons. They went to private schools in New York City. I have four grandsons: two went to religious schools, the third goes to public school in New York City, and the fourth will go to the same wonderful public school in Brooklyn.    }this is the dmoz linklist of chats and forums, basically about libraries. For those that don’t know yet, “dmoz” stands for the Open Directory Project, the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.    }Welcome to GeoNet. GeoNet is where the Esri Community—customers, partners, Esri staff, and others in the GIS and geospatial professional community—connect, collaborate and share experiences. We invite you to join the conversation!     }Etherpad (previously known as EtherPad) is a web-based collaborative real-time editor, allowing authors to simultaneously edit a text document, and see all of the participants’ edits in real-time, with the ability to display each author’s text in their own color. There is also a chat box in the sidebar to allow meta communication. Anyone can create a new collaborative document, known as a “pad”. Each pad has its own URL, and anyone who knows this URL can edit the pad and participate in the associated chats. Password-protected pads are also possible. Each participant is identified by a color and a name. The software auto-saves the document at regular, short intervals, but participants can permanently save specific versions (checkpoints) at any time. Merging of changes is handled by operational transform. A “time slider” feature allows anyone to explore the history of the pad. The document can be downloaded in plain text, HTML, Open Document, Microsoft Word, or PDF.    }the full collection of article and videos from EzineMark about Usenet (newsgroups) and (Web-based) discussion groups.     }although we normally don’t include “social networking” sites on our Lists, since this one is the largest one in the world, we can’t leave it out. The point here, is that you will find many forums and discussion groups on facebook, but, the facebook search itself is not very good. People often complain about that. Therefore, you will want to use the search tools on this page to find the forum or discussion group that you want there.*/index    }the Free Republic forums. FreeRepublic, LLC, PO Box 9771, Fresno, Ca, 93794. is powered by software copyright 2000-2008 John Robinson. 328 links on that first page. Page is current (26oct15).    }a smaller list of Usenet newsgroups or discussion groups.    }Learn everything there is to know about gardening, from picking seeds to planning around the seasons to pest control right here.    }Etherpad Lite up ‘n’ running in 5 minutes. Etherpad Lite is a lightweight version of (probably) the most popular web-based collaborative real-time editor – Etherpad. This great peace of software allows multiple users to edit the same document in real-time. To make collaboration easier, users have built-in chat at their disposal. History playback, infinite undo, easy import and export of documents are some of the cool stuff it has to offer. Compared to the original, EL has very short system requirements list, which makes it very easy to deploy. Since it’s written in server-side JavaScript using Node.js, to make it functional for testing/development purposes you’ll need only Node.js, but for everyday/production usage it’s recommended that you use a web server (e.g. Apache or Nginx) and MySQL.   }Gobby is a collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It is developed in GitHub, and instructions to download and getting started as well as other documentation is available on the Wiki. On this page, a rough overview of where the most commonly accessed resources of Gobby are is given, along with news concerning the project. Gobby is a free software collaborative real-time editor available on Windows and Unix-like platforms. (It runs on Mac OS X using Apple’s It was initially released in June 2005 by the 0x539 dev group. (The hexadecimal value 0x539 is equal to 1337 in decimal.) Gobby uses GTK+ for its GUI widgets. It features a client-server architecture which supports multiple documents in one session, document synchronization on request, password protection and an IRC-like chat for communication out of band. Users can choose a color to highlight the text they have written in a document. Gobby is fully Unicode-aware, provides syntax highlighting for most programming languages and has basic Zeroconf support.    }We don’t like to include google links, but, this is their guide to Discussion Forums Online. any of the Google Groups are part of Usenet. Usenet newsgroups (forums) are grouped into several large areas, each of which is broken into subareas.    }this is the directory of google groups, which are also somewhat similar to discussion groups. Owing to google’s terrifying size and frightening purchasing power and influence, they have a complete list of Usenet links, some of which undoubtedly go to old-style, bona fide discussion groups. The link for that is    }the few links that we tested all worked, but some of the groups had 0 subscribers. We still avoid google products on our Lists (JKU), and recommend that you do the same, most especially their search engine.!browse   }directory of google groups by region and category.    }forum, blog, and discussion site suitable for students. New. We have tested this site and find it clean and mostly easy to use. Those of you who are non-academic will enjoy this website.    }Submit and read about environmental news here.    }an intro to the differences between Usenet and Web-based discussion groups. This is recommended if you don’t know the difference between them. The original URL for that article is here:     }The Public-Access Computer Systems Forum (PACS-L) is a mailing list that deals with end-user computer systems in libraries. Utilizing PACS-L, subscribers discuss topics such as digital libraries, digital media, electronic books, electronic journals, electronic publishing, Internet information resources, and online catalogs. The University of Houston Libraries provides PACS-L as a public service. It does not verify the accuracy of submitted messages nor does it endorse the opinions expressed by message authors. Authors of PACS-L messages are solely responsible for content of their messages.    }Discover like-minded professionals and join discussions. Use this directory to browse groups in alphabetical order.     }this is the wikipedia linklist for online discussion groups. It would be too time-consuming for us to try out each URL/group for you, so, feel free to try them out yourself. They are grouped by various categories.    }if you are old enough, you will remember that Lycos hosted many discussion groups and forums in the 1990s and the early years of this century. The links goes to aggregated link data from Message Board Posts, and Forum Threads, which have linked TO and FROM both internally and externally.  Some of the links, some of those groups and message boards still exist; a few are on this List now.    }mathematics discussion groups and forums. 110 links on page; clean (non-commerical) site; easy to read and use. Recommended.     }the front page, intro, and link list for the Microsoft discussion groups. However, in our tests, the search/lookup service was temporarily down.     }NeoGAF is a nexus of hardcore gamers, enthusiast press, and video game industry developers and publishers. This is a neutral ground where facts and evidence, presented within the confines of civil, inclusive discourse, prevail through careful moderation. Enjoy reading existing discussions as a guest, or sign up for a free account and be patient through the waiting period.    }This politics social media site offers “an instant reflection of what the world is talking about at the moment.”    }list of newspapers, news websites, databases, and more, available from New York Online Virtual Reference Library [NOVELny].    }OpenGL Discussion and Help Forums. OpenGL – The industry’s foundation for high performance graphics.    }What are the best pharmaceutical industry discussion groups and forums?     }Welcome to the Resource Shelf Resource Blog where dedicated librarians and researchers share the results of their directed (and occasionally quirky) web searches for resources and information. Here:     }is news about searching and search engines.     }Catch up on “the latest research news” here.    }The Level3 Search Guide provides searches from web address errors. You entered an unknown name that the Armstrong service used to present site suggestions. Clicking any of these suggestions provides you with Yahoo! search results, which may include relevant sponsored links. The service uses the entered non-existing website name. We found that it gave relevant results, and that all the results from the search term were useful. Unlike some of the newer engines tested, on this List, this one uses the spelling that you specify in the quotes and returns results for that term, that is, exactly what a search engine is supposed to do. Highly Recommended.    }Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter,Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc. into a single stream of information.  We found this sites results to be below average. It failed an easy search term test.    }Creating group discussion forums. This lesson will demonstrate how to create group discussion forums for course groups.  The process of creating the group discussion forums would need to be repeated for each course group.    }A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers. Questions and answers displayed by user votes and tags. Stack Overflow is a privately held website, the flagship site of the Stack Exchange Network, created in 2008 to be a more open alternative to earlier question and answer sites such as Experts-Exchange. It features questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming. The website serves as a platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote questions and answers up or down and edit questions and answers in a fashion similar to a wiki or Digg.     }Real-time gossip powered search: Stinky Teddy uses the latest real-time buzz from the web to get to the root of your search. By listening to others, he knows what you want. We found that the site gave above-average results; however, it permitted names that were near or somewhat like the entered name, giving results which were mostly irrelevant.    }Public Library Computer Trainers (PublibCT). Purpose: This list is for those of us who work in Public Libraries and have found ourselves teaching computer skills. This is a list where Trainers/Instructors can share notes, tips, etc. on their training programs. Unmoderated discussion. Does not require owner approval. Readable by anyone.    }Teen Advisory Groups - Advisory Discussion (TAGAD-L).  Purpose: Discussion forum for the advisors of any public library teen advisory group or board. Unmoderated discussion. Does not require owner approval. Readable by anyone.    }this site has Usenet reviews and comparisons.     }front page for Vimeo’s video discussion groups.    }The warrior forum. “Warrior Forum – The #1 Internet Marketing Forum & Marketplace.”  165 links on the page, to forums and discussions for entrepreneurs, elite marketers, those wanting to make money, etc.    }Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. WHT is the largest, most influential web and cloud hosting community on the Internet. It is your main source for discussions and breaking news on all aspects of web hosting including managed hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting. is a community-driven resource whose goal is to keep consumers and businesses informed of the continued innovations and evolution of the web hosting industry.    }Western horse western riding school is simply all about western riding in Sweden!  Meeting place for western riding in Sweden. A portal you might say. This forum page has 101 links on it.     }the wikipedia intro page for discussion groups, for those that need to know.     }Wordpress has become probably the most popular free site host on the Web. You’ll find forums and discussion groups there, if you look for them. WordPress is the easiest and most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.  WordPress was used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites. However, in 2016, the wordpress sites were infected with what is called, the Wordpress Malware. It alters and therefore ruins, URLs on webpages. Beware! We have have suffered much and lost a year's good work, from the damage caused by their Wordpress Malware.     }the front page for Yahoo groups, which are similar to discussion groups.  2015 Update: Yahoo Groups is still online, page is current (26oct15). Groups in these categories: Business & Finance, Computers & Internet, Cultures & Community, Entertainment & Arts, Family & Home, Games,Government & Politics, Health & Wellness, Hobbies & Crafts, Music, Recreation & Sports, Regional, Religion & Beliefs, Romance & Relationships, Schools & Education, Science. 109 links on the page.   }Internet Forums search engine. Site is in German. It seemed to do well in our tests.

II. Metacrawlers and engines not listed in other categories-including metasearch engines.     }this meta-search engine returns relevant results immediately, when other engines did not, using the same search terms.  In today’s test, it was better – more relevant – than Excite, Webcrawler, Google, DuckDuckGo, and Metascroll.  Scour didn’t work at all, said there was a problem with google that caused it. We have found this engine to be one of the best, Highly Recommended.    }the 100 search engines, links page. Links to all the popular news sites and other popular sites. This is also the search page. Recommended. 316 links on the page.    } Ahmia searches hidden services on the Tor network. To access these hidden services, you need the Tor browser bundle. Abuse material is not allowed on Ahmia. See our service blacklist and report abuse material if you find it in the index. It will be removed as soon as possible. For more about Ahmia, see indexing information, contribute to the source code, @AhmiaNews on Twitter, Bitcoin address: 3CMc52oegWqorFsBRcakUGHkZEQMfLP43s; Onion service: msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion .   }1200 categorized search utilities.  The ultimate source of free information. This is an older site which has been online for some time, but, some of the useful links on the page are still good.   }a newer metasearch engine, Highly Recommended by us. Returns more relevant results than the other engines do, and quickly. Use quotation marks to force exact term search. Using the same search term, some of the metasearch engines found no results at all, usually the ones that are “down”; others found only 2 or 3. Carrot found 45 (forty-five) results.  Results are displayed 3 ways, by folder, by circles, or by foam tree. Those are on the left-hand side of the page, and the results are on the right-hand part of the page. Try out each one to see which way you like them best. One of the best clustering engines in the world. 
See below for their desktop workbench.    }this engine did well in our tests. Draze is the first search engine of its kind to be exclusively family friendly. In other words, it is configured to be family safe ONLY. Draze is a meta search engine, which means we are using multiple search engines for a better overall coverage of the Web. We grab top results from the top engines and give you revamped results. Draze scours millions of pages while only displaying the top results and we omit over 99% of the adult oriented websites from our  results. After first launching Draze at over 1000 schools and universities worldwide, we found that students and teachers were raving about Draze and how easy it is to use and while never having to worry about content unsuitable for children being displayed in the search results.    }”The metasearch engine has no own index or database – instead the information is retrieved from several data sources in parallel (federated search, search several search engines at once). Highly Recommended. A data source can be, among others, a traditional web search engine, a web service or a database. is fast, as fast as the slowest data source that currently is queried by Therefore the search settings let you limit the maximum time to wait for a query (by default 2 seconds).  If a data source does not respond anymore reliably, will automatically disable it temporary. As soon as the data source is available again, it will be automatically re-enabled. “  This is a relatively unknown Swiss search engine.  Uses the non-google search engines well, and gives fast and relevant results. What we liked best though, are the humorous quotes at the top of the page. Here’s a sample: “There are three reasons why lawyers are replacing rats as laboratory research animals. One is that they are plentiful, another is that lab assistants don’t get so attached to them, and the third is that they will do things that you just can’t get rats to do.” -Blanche Knott-    }fazzle was a metasearch engine, and performed quite well. It is done now, but the page is still there, and the author says that the search engine is undergoing reconstruction (2015). 2016 Update: front page last updated 2014.   }a newer metasearch engine which did well in our tests. This engine allow you to group results by their “extension” or domain type. It is clean and easy to read, fast, and gave even images for a hard test (i.e. an abstract term), most engines fail that sort of test. Highly Recommended; we found only one flaw: when you select the “Knowledge” tab, it gives results, but won’t let you click to the site; you have to copy the URL and paste it into the address bar yourself.     }we Recommend this fast German search engine, it did well in our tests.    }may duplicate other sites or crawlers.    }image search, but tagged for reuse with modification.    }izito is a metadata-search engine, which mean that different search machines of izito search in more search engines on the internet. The results that are displayed by iziyo as result of a search command of a user, originate from other search engines. izito shows the source of each result in its result list.   }Practical Tools for Harnessing Today’s Information. “Before Google offered its popular Google Suggest tool, Silicon Valley’s SurfWax was offering dynamic search navigation technology called LookAhead.”  – SearchEngineWatch. Based in Menlo Park, California, SurfWax, Inc. offers leading-edge, patented “practical tools” for information search and retrieval. SurfWax's design/UI was the first to make searching a "visual process," seamlessly integrating meaning-based search with key knowledge-finding elements for effective association and recall.    }highly customizable. Competitive with the better known ones.  Metacrawler is one of the oldest meta-search engines on the web, but still worth it, or adding to a group of search engines, such as in your browser, if you use one. 2015 Update:  MetaCrawler also provided users the option to search for images, video, news, yellow pages and white pages. In the late 90’s  talk show host Conan O’Brien on TRL used the verb “metacrawled”. It used to provide the option to search for audio.   }a newer metasearch engine. Fast, and novel results; customizable, but not colors or background. Recommended.    }this is a new engine which organizes google results and presents them in novel ways. Perhaps the creators think it is easier or better to use; we found the layout and usage to non-obvious and perhaps counter-intuitive; but it is fast, and gives a visual presentation of results which is unlike any  other engine. Their “about” says that they may feature other engines besides google in the future. Today is 16feb15. We’re Recommending this for now; and it has plugins for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.    }shows the most popular websites in the world; also gives the ranking and statistics for URLs you specify. Easy to read and use. However, they rank more than websites:  “When you ask, “What is the most popular” anything, our system provides you with the answer! Our network of sites are all part of the very special “Most Popular” project where we do our best to organize all types of data according to how popular something is. We rank things like books, blogs, games, movies, news stories, songs, videos, websites and more and we make all of this information available to you on one of our specialty sites that focus on particular subjects. Our data comes from real world statistical information available from various sources we collect and process 24 hours a day. “      }Your Fast Meta Search Across The Web's Major Search Engines.    }Highly Recommended. Lingo3G clustering engine organizes your search results into topics. With an instant overview of what’s available, you will quickly find what you’re looking for.   }40 engines. This crawler is still up, but it also has links for travel, resorts, and hotels, and appears to be used for hotel searches by some users. Also “web games”.    }Tools of the research trade are found in many places and on many sites. The tools you will put in your toolbox vary according to skills sets and research requirements. Serious researchers will find some of the on-line sites and the tools that we and our students have found useful listed below. These are useful tools that fit many needs. Note that the site has some useless tools and resources, as well.    }Tor allows clients and relays to offer hidden services. That is, you can offer a web server, SSH server, etc., without revealing your IP address to its users. In fact, because you don’t use any public address, you can run a hidden service from behind your firewall. If you have Tor installed, you can see hidden services in action by visiting this sample site. This page describes the steps for setting up your own hidden service website. For the technical details of how the hidden service protocol works, see our hidden service protocol page.    }a metasearch engine that also acts as a metacrawler utilizing fast parallel metasearch technology for speed and accuracy. Metasearch using Keywords in any language, search in a specific Country with metacrawler or Ask-A-Question in any language. VROOSH! supports advanced boolean matching: +, -, “”, AND, OR, NOT. We found it fast, but not better than the other metasearch engines. It doesn’t do exact term searches unless you use quotation marks. It returns results of questionable relevance until you force the exact term search; then; it returns relevant results immediately. Using the same term, we comapred it with DDG – that DuckDuckGo if you’re new to this List or Category – and DDG found several more relevant results, and found them just as quickly. However, Vroosh is a good engine, and we Recommend it, since you can specify the geographic locations to be searched, “Worldwide, Canada, U.S.”.    }ZapMeta searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results. In just one overview, you are able to get web pages, videos, news, products and results seen from Wikipedia. This enables you to obtain a clearer and complete picture of what the web has to offer. With one entry you search for the answer in the worlds largest search sources and therefore get better and more results! A single search engine mostly searches for one particular type of information. ZapMeta provides full and thorough search results, made up of various types of information.

III. Search Engines.
(See Engines also in Academic Research List    & Online Tools List    )
A. Current sites:    }search engine link site and portal.  2016 DL. Replacement:    }The Most-Comprehensive Search Engine Portal on the Planet™. All the top search engines. Plus over 200 of the Web’s top sites. A service of Remarkable Technologies, Inc. Forecasts are Public Domain and provided by the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  654 links on the page.    }Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using a proprietary search engine ranking technology. All search results are provided by ASR’s internal indexes and databases without relying on outside resources or third party search engines. ASR maintains its own spiders visiting Web sites daily that are submitted to ASR and crawlers that index other popular Web sites on the Internet. Site did well in our tests; failed a hard-search-term test. 27may16.    }Addictomatic searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It’s the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what’s up, what’s now or “what other people are feeding on”.    }searching google and yahoo, and saying “web for everyone !” on the front page/ search bar page. Takes 10-15 seconds to load the page, but it well in our tests. 2017 Update: in a hard-search-term test, it returned no results, a blank page for about 10-15 seconds, then the results. Most of the engines - we have been testing all the non-google engines with the same hard-search-term - returned basically the very same results. One of google-filtering engines, as we call them, returned nearly the exact same results. This is unusual, and comes from the particular search term (phrase) that we are using.    }As a search engine only, it is average, and returns novel results, but otherwise uninteresting.    }this is the main Chinese search engine, and it is somewhat new. However, it uses methods and protocols that are different from the ones that have, sometimes by agreement, and sometimes from usage, become accepted and somewhat standardized by all the world’s other search engines. Google has difficult translating its pages, for example; and translated pages no longer show the images (in the case of images) and so on. It is therefore difficult to use. We haven’t tried other website/page translators with , since their results are usually similar to google’s. (We often use images to test engines since it gives us a consistent test, making comparison of engine results easier. We also use difficult terms for our “hard” search test.) The good news: Baidu usually gives results that no others find, especially with images! Even better than Yandex (see below) for this. 2016 Update: Baidu is not intended for non-Chinese users, and is designed to be inaccessible and user-unfriendly for Americans. The unique results mentioned above, apply only to the rare occasions when it returns any usable results.    }from Microsoft. Bing is competitive with basically all the other search engines listed here; we  tested it and don’t find it interesting. It is also basically redundant to all the other engines. Of course, all alternatives to google are good; but this is Microsoft. The concept here is, once again, to not use the giants, that strangle the market, thereby preventing innovation and progress. 2014 Update: Bing videos is user-unfriendly. It is awkward and difficult to find, view, link to videos from the bing results page. We also dislike the way the images are displayed in the results. We recommend that you use a different search engine for videos and images. 2016 Update: Microsloth has made some improvements to Bing; and it is still the best way to search the MSN Directory, an independent alternative to google.    }Search privately using your favorite search engine.  The free version of our desktop product allows you to block thousands of invisible trackers and malware sites across all your browsers and apps. Both the free mobile and desktop product provides the ability to search privately and see how websites collect and use your data. The premium version of the desktop and mobile applications also protect you from Wi-Fi snooping by encrypting all Internet traffic with Disconnect’s virtual private network (VPN). You can also choose the location of Disconnect’s VPN servers to keep your location private and access the Internet as though you are in another country. 2016 Update: some news about Disconnect: “Tor users are currently being served DuckDuckGo search results by default. In a note on what it dubs its “search engine situation” the pro-privacy browsing netTor users are currently being served DuckDuckGo search results by default. Work confirms it is still using privacy tool Disconnect as its search provider but has asked it to switch to DDG results, owing to an issue with Disconnect’s access to Google’s search results. Tor writes: “For a while now Disconnect has no access to Google search results anymore which we used in Tor Browser. Disconnect being more a meta search engine which allows users to choose between different search providers fell back to delivering Bing search results which were basically unacceptable quality-wise. While Disconnect is still trying to fix the situation we asked them to change the fallback to DuckDuckGo as their search results are strictly better than the ones Bing delivers.”    }from Infospace, Dogpile is not the giant that it once was.  Dogpile has suffered from the aggressive efforts of Microsoft (via MSN and Bing) and google to make big-bidness and other moves to limit Infospace’s successes. However, Infospace is still big in the metasearch market, according to recent (2012) search engine review sites. Searched Google, Yahoo, Bing, and (as of 6/15/10). Sites that have purchased ranking and inclusion are mixed into the results. Watch for “Sponsored:”.  2017 Update: wait about 15 seconds for the Dogpile results page to load.     }You can customize the search in many ways, check out those features. Their appearance, results, etc., are more customizable than other engines. Found difficult terms’ results that some others (on this page) did not. Best for technical searches. To find images with DDG, use the (so-called) “slashtag”  /images.  DDG is also on Tor:
http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/     }DDG on the Tor network.   }all the DDG bangs.  Their ! (“bang”) collection is impressive. More links than on this List, or perhaps any of our Lists; but, of course, only a small fraction of the 9000+ links on all these Lists. 2017 Update: we have tested many of the DDG Bangs, and many are DLs (Dead Links).In other words, not impressive anymore.    }save settings to the clouds or load from there.  Jae likes very dark grey with bright lime green;  I like burgundy background with neon blue letters.    }engine searches the worlds’s public records databases, for free. You can selected “U.S. only” instead or “world”. Use the “open platform” here:    }It unifies billions of records from thousands of government sources to make the world of public data universally accessible and useful. Free search account requested: an e-mail link. Search results: returned are many records from many national or global records databases; it is really too much information. However, this is the only engine that will give you business and government public records for free. Highly Recommended.    }web search URL, allows partial word, wildcards, and “sounds like” searches. See also notes on Exalead below.    }the ultimate google interface. Select any of the engine's many choices here all on one page.  Also has a unique history of google on the page, and search tips and advice for newbies, students, etc. Note that the Fagan Finder is a very old website, but that remarkably some of its links are still good and still work!  The tabs across the top of window are categories FF searches, and some have many more DLs (Dead Links) than others. Test yourself to find out. We don't think that it is maintained anymore, but .... it might be.    }this german search is new to us. We gave it a fairly easy test, and then tested it for images. We often search for the very same type of image with each search engine, so that at least one test is the same for each image search engine. Suche did very well. Recommended.    }an anonymous search engine from Germany, but does searches and returns results in English, as well as German etc., and did well in out tests.  Pretty good for image searches. Recommended.    }uncensored anonymous search.  It is “powered by” google custom search, and a few others here are as well. (We now include google sites and engines, and don’t reject them as we did in the past issues of JKU.) They say this on the search page (edited): “Founded in 2009 by Internet Privacy advocats, Gibiru is the preferred Search Engine for Patriots. Gibiru is faster than the NSA Search Engines since it does not install all sorts of personalization and tracking cookies on your system. Gibiru provides Uncensored and Unpersonalized Anonymous Web and News Results. Gibiru is Not partnered with the NSA so you can Browse  the Internet safely the way the Constitution would have intended. “ We found the site clean and the search relatively fast and easy to use. It also has links to “surveillance reports” and “anonymous news”. They also offer free plugins for Firefox users, 128 bit encryption and so on.  Here also is:    }powered by clean energy, so-called “green” search engine, and the only one that we know of on the Web. This is a good engine for alternative leads and URLs, but weak when compared to, say, ISeek or Ixquick. Failed the hard search term test. Gigablast is one of the remaining four search engines in the United States that maintains its own searchable index of over a billion pages. It is scalable to thousands of servers. Has scaled to over 12 billion web pages on over 200 servers. It supports Distributed web crawler, Document conversion, Automated data corruption detection and repair, Can cluster results from same site, Synonym search, Spell checker and lot more. We Recommend this site.  On GitHub:    }Gigablast.    }goo (stylized with no capitalizing of the first letter) is an Internet search engine and web portal based in Japan, which crawls and indexes primarily Japanese language websites. goo is operated by the Japanese NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT Communications.  Note that if you enter your search query in English, Goo returns results in English.    }Google Website Search is Not affiliated with Google Inc. We won’t attempt to do an exhaustive study of Google search engines but we’re trying to come pretty darn close. We will shed light on Google’s arsenal of search engines large or small that are readily available for anyone to use today. 2016 DL.  Replacements:  2 websites with “tips” and “hacks” about how to use google “more efficiently”. Of course, the “tips” are just descriptions of google features that most folks don’t use or know about, efficiently is not measured or described. The “lifehacker” site is “for dummies”, and insulting to a mature or intelligent person, but, they do have two webpages of the search features, that replace the lost site.    }a newer search engine. Called ‘the iconic search tool’, this engine shows icons for various searching choices, such as websites, and you can search by date range, suggestions, filetypes, or location, as well. Related terms appear as you type, somewhat similar to Netspeak. Recommended. As you type your search, related terms will appear.
2016 Update: Semantic search engines, are becoming extinct. We are unhappy about this. There is only one other good semantic search engine that still works, and that is I-Seek (reviewed on this list). 2015 Update: Replacement:     }this engine doesn’t give exactly the same results as Hakia, and doesn’t say that it is a Semantic Search Engine, but it did well in our tests and finds occurrences of words and word groups in text, in the same way that Hakia did. Let us know if this site works for you. 2016 Update: Netspeak does not always function correctly, so don’t rely on it to work for you. 2016 Replacement: The last remaining semantic search engine online is .    } Find library blogs and other library resources with this engine.   }the MediaWiki Community Portal.   }Mojeek was the first search engine to have a no tracking privacy policy, and it's quite simple, we don't track our users. Mojeek's technology maintains the only British built crawler based search engine with it's own index over a billion web pages. This means our results are unique to us, they contain no other engine's results, and offer a completely alternative view of the web. }metasearch engine, nominally “powered by google”, but you can select from Bing, google, Ask, DDG, Aol Search, MyWay, ZapMeta, and Excite. Also search is selectable on the search bar, for Web, Blogs, Downloads, Images, Torrents, and Videos.    }another new site, this one is still in its beta version. It claims to search 55,000,000 for recent news about your subject. You adjust a slider for how many days back you want it to search over, up to 14 days. Unfortunately, in our tests, it just said “searching”, and never actually returned any results, at all. 2016 seems to be down now.    }this is the list of sites that contain lists of search engines that support Open Search; since this is an older list, many of their links are dead.  To understand what Open Search is, if you’re not a search-application professional, you must read their FAQs at   }they have some interesting links with the Wikis, too. Read about that here:   }links for FAQs, etc. here; a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now also used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki. Use the links below to explore the site contents. You’ll find some content translated into other languages, but the primary documentation language is English.    }Qwant is an EU-based search engine launched on February 16, 2013, as a beta version. A final version was released on July 4, 2013. Qwant offers several types of results including conventional websites, online stores, news websites and social networks. According to its founder, Qwant does not want to compete with Google but “to show something different”. In Search mode, the results are organized in columns: Web, News, Qnowledge Graph (displayed only if there is an article on Wikipedia), Social, Shopping. It is possible to refine the search for each column by typing another keyword. The “Media” mode is for photos and videos; while the “People” mode if for finding people or organizations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Myspace. Users can create a free account allowing them to create notebooks and notes. }a newer engine; it seems to not be altavista. Site did well in our easy and hard search tests. The image and video results were somewhat disappointing; but the site has features that other engines lack, features you look for and are pleased to find, such as selecting what file type you want the results to be. For that, we Recommend this one. Also, no color options in the options/preferences; your only choice is white screen, black ink. Still, we Recommend this engine. 2018 Update: Redirects to "Search People", which then redirects to "Facebook Search - Altavista Search - Facebook People Search". The Search gave average results; it missed and obvious people-check Linked-In, though. }Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity. Get started with searx by using one of the public instances. If you don’t trust anyone, you can set up your own, see Installation.  If you want to use it with our preferences, use this URL.   }site did very well in our tests. Not a new engine, but still a current one. Returned very relevant results in our hard-search-term test. Engine belongs to GreenWave Online,  they have been internet-focused from it’s creation and primarily involved in the development of search engines, directories, website monitoring services, and website submission services.   }the world’s most private search engine. This is one of our favorite engines, we use it every day. Not a new engine, but a very current one. Does search w/w/o proxy, customizable. Combines Ixquick (The Netherlands) results with non-redundant results from google. Highly Recommended.   }this engine is new to us. It is from Germany, and most of it is in German. In out tests, it found sites that the American search engines did not. It is clean and easy to use, Recommended. Several quick link buttons on the main page.    }2015 Update: this engine has also been improved. It did well in our hard and easy tests, and, we can Recommend it now. 2017 Update: note that Kngine died and is gone, so is Hakia, so is DeeperWeb. Wolfram Alpha wins.    }Wotbox is independent Search Engine that has been in development since October 2002 and live since July 2003. After lying dormant for many years the Wotbox bots came back to life again in the summer of 2012. After many months of development resulted in a brand new index launched in the summer of 2013. This one did well in our tests; Recommended. WOT is an acronym that means, Web Of Trust.   }the famous Russian search engine. Translating the pages makes them easier to read. Finds URLs that the others don’t, sometimes. Note that the page is in the Russian language and alphabet. This was the only search engine besides Curry Guide to find three results in our hard search term test!  2016 Update:  here is   }the English-language Yandex. }”a treasury of user-submitted shortcuts that enable you to search the Web more quickly and efficiently.  YubNub is officially a “social command line for the Web”, which basically means that you can create your own shortcuts for pretty much anything you’ve been able to search for on the Web, from a simple site search to much more complex commands. Personally, I use YubNub to execute Web searches that I find myself doing over and over and over again, such as: abws: This searches the About Web Search site for anything; i.e., “abws search engines.” deli: Searches,one of my favorite social bookmarking sites on the Web. digg: Searches Digg, a popular user-driven site that votes stories up or down depending on content.” We found yubnub to be unnecessary. Several of the commands are duplicative, most try to speed up using google URL, apis, or searches; but those are already quite fast: how long would it take to type or text ?  2 seconds, 3 seconds?”   What does the word “yubnub” mean? “remember hearing this word as a kid, watching one of the Star Wars movies. Evidently it means “Hooray” in the Ewok language. “    }20 different UK search engines. Some of them search outside of the UK, as well.

B. Older sites:    }this is the search engine. Clean results, shows source, but crowded with sponsored links above and below results. In our easy search test, returned results comparable to Yippy, but fewer of them. 2016 Update: the site has been redesigned, we dislike the new look. is old and big, but we don’t Recommend it.    }an older German general search engine, automatically detects from your computer and returns results in English, if that’s your language. Select which top level domain to search in, .com is the default. Site page is current 26dec15, and did fairly well in our tests. Gave highly relevant results. Useful for finding older sites; but they don’t crawl as much as they should.  Online since July 2004, providing full Text Search of its own Database which is fed by the “Amibot” Web Crawler. Amibot currently crawls and indexes HTM, HTML, PHP, CFM and ASP Files in several Languages. You can directly access their large directory of 20449 websites.    }Best of the Web Directory, since 1994. Internet’s oldest directory. Failed the hard search term test, did well in the others.. BOTW is a human edited directory. They will decline your listing if they don’t like the site. A submission is $150 annually or $300 for a permanent listing. Recommended.   }since at least 2007, Congoo’s news service is a uniquely valuable tool for staying current on anything. Congoo News is the most comprehensive news source on the Web aggregating stories from over 25,000 free and subscription content sources. Congoo’s technology organizes articles into stories and stories into subjects; Congoo is a free real-time news, networking and information portal. Congoo’s unique channels merge the most important news with industries’ most important people.   }this is the URL for their new website, which is still under development. Their old engine can be found at  }based in the UK, curry guide is one of the oldest metasearch engines that still exists, since 1997. Many of their features are similar to those of other metasearch engines. They were one of the first to have a visual-search. One of the very few which has an “mp3 search” feature, it no longer works very well (but the mp3s it does find are real and do download for free) but perhaps the new version’s will. If Exalead is “the French Google”, then Curry Guide is “the English Google”. On the old site, the image search feature is very weak. The new site works much better, including the image search. Curry guide was the only other engine besides Yandex to find three results in the hard search term test. Site is up Jun 17, 2016 .    }although this engine is said to have a big index, and even though it is only 11 years old, we found that it did poorly in our tests compared to these others. Still, it found 1 of 2 results for our hard search term.    }2017 Update: Exalead seems Improved this year.  It has features similar to the other search engines listed here but is still unique. As with the others, click preferences to customize your search. Also allows advance searching, with features that some others don’t have, such as phonetic or “sounds like” searching. Allows for “audio” search selection. Inconsistent results, searching deeply for some items then poorly for others. Also has the “inurl” feature. Recommended. Exalead claims to be “the leading provider for searches and search-based-applications”. Its image search feature is very weak, as was the video search feature in our tests. Exalead has 3 other search engines at   }but we found them weak.    }freeality is another site that has been around for years, but is still one of the best search-link sites and reference-link sites on the web. Their site is quick and easy to use, with clearly readable pages, good colors and page layout.  They are definitely one of our major competitors. Of course, no website, including google, is as thorough as JKU is, no one has the breadth and depth of coverage that we do. But since it is fast and easy to use, we consider Freeality highly recommended. Their only flaw, is that often, button or other links are broken links, or DLs as we call them (stands for dead links). It is time-consuming and somewhat tedious to keep up with all the link replacements.    }this little search engine gave better results than some of the big ones. As the Web’s original searchable directory, you can search the web or the directory with it. Good appearance, easy to use. Failed the hard search term test.    }International web directory of quality family friendly sites. Organized through a good category structure. Updated daily to ensure fresh content through editorial review. Several submission options available. Read more under guidelines. The directories and sites we checked were “family friendly” as they said. The directories and sites we checked we still up and working as of 26dec15. Each category has the number of sites in parenthesis. This directory is typical of other older directories, and led to a few good sites. Recommended. Estimated <5000 total websites. Danish site.    }good for image searches, etc. Info is very competitive with Dogpile, and similar to it (in terms of results, not appearances), but is not an Infoseek product. Found two results in the hard search term test. Recommended, especially as another non-google website. Results from all the top search engines. Also shows a bubble-graph of the results.    }Update: After 20 years of service, ipl2 is now closed permanently. You may continue using the ipl2 website. However, the site will no longer be updated, and no other services will be available. DL 2015 . Replacement:   }BASE is one of the world’s most voluminous search engines especially for academic open access web resources, operated  by Bielefeld University Library. As the open access movement grows and prospers, more and more repository servers come into being which use the “Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting” (OAI-PMH) for providing their contents. BASE collects, normalises, and indexes these data. Currently in BASE: 82,451,092 Documents of 3,907 Content Sources.   You can access the full texts of about 60-70% of the indexed documents. The index is continuously enhanced by integrating further OAI sources as well as local sources. BASE is a registered OAI service provider and contributed to the European project “Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research” (DRIVER). Database managers can integrate the BASE index into your own local infrastructure (e.g. meta search engines, library catalogues) via an interface.   }this is better than a search engine, since it provides information about the search results it finds for you, in the left-hand margin. Search engine compiling hundreds of thousands of authoritative resources from university, government, and established noncommercial providers! Similar to Yippy! (formerly Clusty (formerly Vivisimo)), but goes beyond just clusters, highlighting, and search within results, 3 things that made Yippy! one of our favorite search engines, and we have see them All. Iseek has some demonstration videos which show how to get more out of the engine:  }and they say “At Vantage Labs, we wanted to use our advanced linguistic, conceptual, and AI technologies to make Web search better by making it more relevant, direct, productive, and intelligent. But what we built isn’t just a search engine. By making Web search more intelligent and intuitive, we’ve left “searching” behind and now offer you Targeted Discovery, the new era of information retrieval on the Web. “ ISeek still works, this description appears to have been last updated in 2011.    }Ixquick is the world’s most private search engine. It was once one of the top-rated metasearch-engines in the world, and is also one of the oldest ones that still exists. Allows, e.g., image searches without using cookies, and does not record your IP address, etc.; only Ixquick does this. You can also do proxy searches through them, thus leaving no traces.    }this is one of the oldest directories on the web, that is still on the web (and not in The directory sites are hand-chosen by human editors, however, and so we have included it here. “ is about providing a directory of quality sites for Internet users. Our goal is to list the best sites for a wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches. Former volunteer guides who wanted to keep their community alive by creating a new directory founded It is a community where every editor has the opportunity to make a difference by finding and adding the best sites in their chosen topics. was originally launched in the spring of 2001. We soon realized that our rapid growth required some changes. We introduced a new look in August 2002 with changes which included a fully spiderable index, faster results in searches, and better tools for our editors. We do know that JoeAnt will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our users and our editors. If you want to be a part of this future, become a JoeAnt editor.” Failed one of our search tests.    }a human-edited directory or directory. Each subdirectory list the number of websites in each category in parenthesis. It is similar to DMOZ and other older directory directories. Notable for being free from spam, redirects, and malware, and useful for finding older sites and links. Total number of linked sites unknown, estimate <2000. 66 links on the page.    }214 links on the page, 8 pages in the website, White Pages, Traceroute, etc. 113 search engines linked to. Many of them are to engines that still work. Recommended.   }this crawler did better on our hard tests than most of the others. Its image searches were satisfying as well. We recommend it. Though started in 1999, it’s a current site since this is a new version of it. Found both results in the hard search term test. Highly Recommended among the older engines. 2016 Update: Monstercrawler is working,  but the page takes seconds to load, similar to WebCrawler, Info, and Dogpile. The results show after a few seconds; and the speed of your wifi-router and ISP affects the time.    } Here are the Search Engine Plugins / Search Providers that match your query. Click once on the name to install. Confirm the addition and the new engine will appear in the search bar shortly. Output was cached at 04:14 on 27 Feb 2014. To bypass the cache, please use the advanced search and select ‘skip cache’.    }see below for more info. 2016 Update: Pandia was restarted and is different now, use their Archives to find that article. They say, " used to be a leading search engine and SEO news source. In December 2014, the site was relaunched to offer various product research, comparison and guide for online business owners."    }”, owned by CNET Networks, is a truly excellent meta search engine. retrieves results from Google, Ask Jeeves, LookSmart, AltaVista, MSN Search, and more., being part of the CNET network, also gives you instant access to their stable of technology sites, which include (obviously),, and” Unfortunately, this one failed completely in our image test.    }International directory of search engines. With Search Engine Colossus, Explore 317 countries and territories! Search in other languages! Make submissions to search engines! Since 1998. Site is current 16nov15.  353 links on the page; Recommended. Note these features: When you click one of these Express Buttons on a country or category page, you will immediately be transferred to the first French, Spanish, or German language search engine listed on that page;  “Fingers do the walking” Express Button transfers you to a country’s Yellow Page Searchers’ section. 2016 Update: Site is still up!  So many search engines have died!  355 links on the page.   }provides a Full text search of the DMOZ Open Directory sites. This ensures that our index only contains the highest quality content from carefully selected sources. Slider uses the best the internet has to offer without the junk. Our Database is currently in data acquisition mode. This means that search queries will be a little slower while we compile our initial index. Currently our index is growing by one million pages per day.    }The UFO Paranormal Search Engine, News, forums.    }another older engine that did well in our tests. Perhaps uses a separate directory; is a non-google site. Recommended. 2016 DL. Replacement:     }one of the best non-google search engines, Recommended.    }This URL now goes to the Yahoo front page.  2014 Update: yahoo search is owned by Bing now.  2016 Update: this is    }the new Yahoo search URL.    }this is the page for searching Yahoo’s directory, rather than its search engine. 2016 DL. On December 27, 2014, the Yahoo Directory was officially ended.  – said Search Engine Land.    }the Canadian yahoo site, listed as a good meta-index. 2016 Update: goes to the Yahoo (Canadian) front page now.    }2017 Update: Yippy is resurrected. Its using some "technology" similar to IBM's Watson; and the Yippy Corporation or Company has rebuilt it into "enterprise" -type search "technology". for instance, "Yippy Search Appliance’s technology stack is the same that powers IBM Watson Explorer® through a license acquired by the Company from Vivisimo (acquired by IBM)."  and "Our connector framework is based on technology acquired from MuseGlobal the leader in data connectors." So, we're still testing the new Yippy. It claims to have a "search appliance" which basically retired the google search appliance (GSA). They say, "The customization flexibility and core technology born from IBM Watson Explorer® makes the Yippy Search Appliance the best Google Search Appliance alternative. It’s just smarter, period." We'll let you know later if any of that is true. 2018 Update: it is Untrue.    }UK web search. Search 26 different UK search engines.

C. Visual sites:
(see also the PhotoList   and the VideoList    for all the visual search engines and apps.)   }Chinese search giant Baidu has served up its first ever visual search engine, which allows users to finally query the web using only images as input instead of keywords. “We didn’t have any similar kind of product in China because we didn’t have the sufficient technology to handle this,” says Baidu’s Kai Yu, who led the project. “In the China market, this is the first of its kind.” Unveiled last week, the tool grew out of Baidu’s newly launched Institute of Deep Learning, the company’s Beijing- and Silicon Valley-based research arm focused on deep learning, a field of computer science. The company has already deployed deep-learning algorithms for optical character, face, and voice recognition, online advertising and web search. Yu and engineers at IDL have been working on visual search since September to meet growing demand among their users, Yu says. Baidu’s visual search engine is powered by convolutional neural networks, the same type of deep-learning technology that also underlies Google’s photo tagging system, according to NYU’s Yann LeCun who developed convolutional neural nets in the 1980s and is working on photo-tagging systems based on the same technology.    }Behold, Search High Quality Flickr Images; A visual image search engine for high quality creative commons images. It aims to answer your queries based on what is inside the images — at the pixel level. It offers a completely new way to search for images, using techniques of computer vision. It is different to standard image search engines, such as Flickr or Google, because those search through images using only image tags and filenames. Behold looks for high quality images, so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of poorly taken pictures to find a good one. Behold uses both aesthetic and technical quality indicators to find some of the best images available online.  In our tests, the results were disappointing. We actually are not very impressed with this engine and can’t really recommend  it.    }Blippar is a visual discovery app, harnessing augmented reality and image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to life through smartphones. Once the Blippar app is downloaded, people can scan (“blipp”) objects they’re curious about and unlock useful and entertaining content. Blippar’s visual search tool can recognize hundreds of millions of items, at least on a category level. Some of these items are simply recognized as ‘building’ or ‘skirt’, whereas other items can get hyper-specific, like flora and animals. Whenever you pull up a Blippable item, the app’s interface with spread to a web of bubbles, each with some relation to that original Blipp. Users can click around within this web to see various items relation to one another, or scroll down to get more in-depth information on a single subject. As you click around from one Blipp to the next, you can end up wandering from one topic to another for quite some time, each with its own in-depth write-up. Blippar uses more than 100 sources to deliver this information, but wouldn’t specify who it has partnered with on content.   }The Informedia research group at Carnegie Mellon University has worked with speech recognition, image processing, and language technologies through the years to facilitate machine understanding of video materials. This site,, is devoted to aspects of Informedia research especially pertinent to Digital Video Libraries for cultural assets, with NSF funding supporting the application of Informedia technologies for oral histories. Hosted at are examples of Informedia Digital Video Library (IDVL) interfaces that build from automatic alignment of transcripts to video, named entity detection, geocoding to support map search, and other multimedia indexing and interface technologies. The IDVL interfaces are built with Adobe Flex, producing a Flash application. Users armed with the Flash plug-in for their web browser can explore the IDVL data sets on their own.    }Image Identify is an image identification tool identifying images by looking at them. Started in May 2015, Image Identify is a part of The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project and it seems to be just the beginning example of Artificial Intelligence put to use. I tried searching a couple of images and the results were below average. However, it’ll improve with time as it learns. 2017 Update: They need to keep working on it. Sometimes it gets close to identifying the person or object correctly, other times completely wrong.    }Reverse image search. Search by image on Google, Bing, and Yandex to find websites using up to 20 of your photos. Spend a few minutes adding your photo or image catalogue to Image Raider, and we’ll let you know when we find any websites using them. Their image search "functionality" failed our easy search-term test.   }original visual search. 2011 Update: Kartoo is apparently no longer a visual search engine, although it was the first of them that we knew of. It has been completely redesigned and is now an easy-to-read, fast metasearch engine. The strange thing about Kartoo is that all the other search results and lists still think that it is a graphical or visual engine – even Kartoo itself! However, it yields no graphical results at all in any of our tests. It did, however, surprise us by finding four results in the hard search term test! The same three that Yandex found, plus an additional one related closely to one of those. No other search engine to date has found four results, three of them relevant and one related to one of them.    }this is a different kind of visual search engine. After selecting a source, then topic, subject, or category, this “throws” images up on the screen, and you can change the viewing size of them. It takes a little time for the engine to find the images and show them, so give it a minute to work. Hovering enlarges. Since two of the sources are commercial sales sources, you can view products of any kind before you buy them (if images are available). We’re recommending this to Julie Éclair and she’ll test its usefulness for her image collections. Try out the view settings. Recommended. 2014 Update: this is now the best of the visual search engines. Many are gone, and spezify really doesn’t work anymore, and so on.    }the pinterest visual search tool is Not Recommended.   }although we usually only link to free products and services, we mention this piXserve Web Edition since it is supposed to be the ultimate image tool. We were unable to find a free version of this. Read their info page, and the free pdf download advertisements, and you’ll see what we mean. Apparently, the CIA, for example, uses a version of this for identifying people by their faces: facial recognition. Here is:    }45-day free trials for the ZBrush.     }This is a prototype visual search interface that explores content from the Digital Public Library of America. It is designed to provide an 'at-a-glance' visual overview of search results, and an intuitive means of narrowing the scope of the search. More info and source code on github.    }produces a 3-d visual cube consisting of images from the webpages that are the search results. The controls are a little “sticky” and some patience is required in the use of it. It is like a toy; the same results (and better and worse) can be obtained from the other engines, but, we include it as a visual search engine. Also found three results in our hard search term test. Update 2014: the old search cube is gone, and the site claims they are working on a new one. Currently redirects to a google custom search. 2016 Update: still no cube, still redirects to google custom search. 2017 Update: the stuff on their "About" page ("Search Trends: Visual Search is on the march") is pure fantasy. It shows and makes no cube; it shows no images, especially no 3-D images; it merely uses google custom search returning text results. Not Recommended.    }this visual search result site is fun to use, but can be non-obvious at times. Uses (apparently) Flash to post results on a page in a visual format, consisting of excerpts from the page(s) found. Newest Flash apparently required. One of our favorite visual searches, though not a map, and not graphical in that sense. Failed the hard search term test completely, finding no results at all. Did fairly well in our image test, but returned flash files for results. For images, click on the panel at the bottom of the image to go to the site with image selected;  but otherwise you are stuck at that image. When you find a way to go to the searchpage again, your query is gone, and spezify does not have type-ahead. So, images and videos are flash files. They say: “When searching with Spezify, a visual overview of a word or a subject appears. Pictures, texts, micro blogs, videos and music from a range of websites and search engines are presented side by side. Today Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, MSN Live Search and Twitter are found among the content providers. We eventually found a way to back up to the results page without losing them, but, we rate this site difficult and tricky to use. 2016 Update: Spezify is going down. 2017 Update: Site seems broken now. Example: we entered the search term "craters", and it returned images of pocket knives. If the knives' brand name was "Crater", no one knew, since it did not appear in any of the images of pocket knives.    }Using image recognition technology for both mobile and desktop, we activate visual product recognition on existing product images or by simply snapping a photo.    }Terrapattern is a amazing visual search engine for satellite imagery, and somehow the first of its kind. It’s very easy to use, click on a section of the map, and Terrapattern will show you all similar geographical features or landmarks in the area. A football field, bus station, outdoor pool — it doesn’t matter, Terrapattern can pinpoint the related image and location with surprising accuracy. The program was created by Golan Levin, David Newbury, and Kyle McDonald, with funding from the John S.and James L. Knight Foundation. Terrapattern is built on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN), and has been trained to recognize geographical features within small squares in four cities — New York, San Fransisco, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.   }allows searches by URLs. This seems to be basically a pay-site or –app, but you can use it free here: }just find the input bar, and then click “Graph it!” button. This is probably the best visual search engine for actual research, that you can use for free. (JKU never advertises nor endorses commercial products. We are Free.) Usage: click on a cluster and the URLs, quotes, excerpts, etc., all the data appears on the left-hand part of the screen. If you click “get related”, it shows a new cluster based on the selected item. Found only two results in our hard search term test.   }In 1973, the statistician Francis Anscombe devised a fascinating demonstration showing why data should always be plotted before it is analyzed. The demonstration consisted of four data sets that had almost identical statistical properties. By this measure they are essentially the same. But when plotted, the data sets look entirely different. Anscombe’s quartet, as it has become known, shows how good graphics allow people to analyze data in a different way, to think and talk about it on another level.  Most scientists recognize the importance of good graphics for communicating complex ideas. It’s hard to describe the structure of DNA, for example, without a diagram. Po-shen Lee at pals at the University of Washington in Seattle, who have used a machine-vision algorithm to search for graphics in scientific papers and then analyze and classify them, reveals for the first time that graphics play an important role in the scientific process. “We find a significant correlation between scientific impact and the use of visual information, where higher impact papers tend to include more diagrams, and to a lesser extent more plots and photographs,” they say.

IV. Addr. and Ph. nrs.    }one of the best free searches. Returns many results, and quickly, including in what turned out to be a “hard test” for almost all the people search engines. Recommended. 26jan14 Update:    }site may be broken. In an easy reverse-lookup test, result page was blank and there was no work-around possible. In an earlier similar test, found data on the number with no problems. Showed on map, gave address, type of phone or phone line, and carrier.  25mar14 Update: site is working fine.     }U.S. White and Yellow pages from AT&T.  The AnyWho White Pages is updated weekly with phone numbers of individuals from across the nation. For best results, include both the first and last name when searching the AnyWho White Pages and, if you have it, the ZIP Code. Search for local businesses by name to quickly find their Yellow Pages listings with basic details and maps, plus any additional time and money-saving features, such as coupons, video profiles or online reservations. Search by category to browse and filter local business listings and to see mapped results. Or, if you just have a number, search for a business by phone number to find its Yellow Pages listing just as well. Whatever method works for you best, it’s all good. Also reverse look-up, zip & area code finder, and maps    }their reverse-lookup page. Found no results in an easy test, and links to “yp” yellow pages with results. In another test, found the correct result immediately.    This website is maintained by an independent professional with quite a few years of experience in telecommunications. is the result of my affinity for everything telecom related and also, for creating easy to use, informative websites uses mostly information published by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA). New overlay codes and splits announcements are received from the NANPA via email and published in the area code news section. The advantage offered by this website over similar ones is the simplicity of its design and navigation structure resulting in an easy to use yet comprehensive area code resource. My goal is for all visitors to spend as little of their time as possible looking for information on this website.   }Online Yellow Pages and Phone Directory with reverse phone number, maps, zipcode, areacode, local search and latitude & longitude.    }If you ever need to research any city, zip code, or neighborhood for any reason, from considering a move there to just checking where somebody you know is staying, this is the site for you. Did well in our tests.    }Here you can find the dialing codes and country codes for all major countries in an easy to use interface. Select the country you are calling from and to in the search box and you will be presented with the relevant dialing code. You can also select the area within the country you wish to call.    }reverse white-, yellow-pages, e-mail, etc. This page uses several of the same search services listed here. Most of them are pay-sites, and give you little or nothing for free. Freeality is still Recommended, but too many of the services are not free.    }Free Cell Phone Directory Lookup is the top cell phone directory resource for looking up people online. Use our cell phone number lookup and cell phone directory tools to track down anyone in the USA. The cell phone directory databases where information is pulled are updated frequently and can provide current address, land lines, cell phone numbers, and email addresses. Not all information is free.    }Spokeo E-mail Address Search:Find out who’s behind an e-mail address. Look up an e-mail address and find the owner’s name, see their social media profiles, photos, street address, and phone number.    }Spokeo People Finder by Name. Contact info, public profiles. Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes White Pages listings, Public Records and Social Network Information to help you safely find & learn about people.    }this is another good free people search, did well in our tests. Recommended. Second-best after Pipl, and as good as Zabasearch, below. Main flaw with most of these sites, is that (after finding the person you’ve named, etc.) they give very little information, and are trying, sometimes too hard, to redirect you in to the big pay-for “background check” websites, “premium” people finders, and so on. There are only about 4 of those, and most of the former people-search engines redirect to them. They are big-bidness and make a lot of money charging people for data that is free, and that’s why we won’t list them here. This one links to peoplesmart, which charges for the street address.    }this service also returns a long, simple, easy to read list of results given just first, last, and state; but unfortunately is a pay site and so we don’t recommend it.    }2015 Update: PIPL is back.    }public records directory and search. See also enigma, above.    }works, but is a pay-service. Found 1 record in an easy test. In another test, found a free result immediately.    }in our tests, this service did well. It returns results from several of the most popular people-search services, and displays their results all on one page. You can use the provider’s webpage right on the snitch page. However, we are unable to recommend it, since the providers are all pay-for services, and won’t give you the info without paying by credit card first.  Uses, which charges for the address.    }directories, links to maps, zip code search, etc. is the local expert, and a top online resource for finding information and insights on businesses and retailers. Every month we help millions of consumers find valuable local business information from driving directions and hours of operation to Web links and customer reviews.    }searches by name, addr, zip.    }Find People, Phone Numbers, Addresses & More. Whitepages is the largest and most trusted online directory with contact information for over 90% of US adults. Online since 8 April 1996. Number 907 of all websites according to Alexa.  This is their Reverse Address page.    }World Telephone Numbering Guide (WTNG) provides information on the world’s telephone numbering formats. This includes various website links regarding telephone numbering. Area code lists, text articles, news of phone number changes, number-finding forms are included as much as feasible. There is information under each country, region or service reference containing information such as area code or numbering changes, links to area code lists or numbering news, and subscriber number/area code formats to the extent WTNG can find and include such details. Please note that details are missing in some cases,due to incomplete availability of phone numbering information. Also, the information is subject to some disclaimers. Also, the information is subject to some disclaimers.    }this free people search service, shows a large photo of the person found in the search results. Shows other first names with entered last name, when no results for entered first name last name. Failed in one of our hard tests, but still recommended.   }says, “At first we thought we could charge for a premium service, but then we decided to just give it away for free. Access Premium Searches here at Zaba by logging in with your Facebook account. It’s simple, and fast.”  Well, it is one of the second-best people-search sites, with Pipl being the first best. It did well in our tests, and returned many results for a person whose location we know, including where he used to live, that is, the correct result.

V. Audio Resources. (includes music sites)
(See also the JKU Poetry List )(and see also the  VideoList  for A/V apps and sites.)
Note: The Web is full of many audio- and music-finding services and apps these days, and we can’t know what kind of files you’ll be looking for. However, we don’t advertise or promote commercial or pay-sites. This narrows what we research and share; and to further narrow it, we share with you some of the sites we ourselves actually use. Many services that say they’re free, aren’t: they try to deceive you. Most music download sites want sign-up, registration, or both; we’ve listed below the ones that don’t. Also note that this Category includes music and non-music links.   }this site finds good music for free, but it finds “videos”, that is music files with a picture or photo, that you can play on the site, and the audio quality is good. But the download files are blocked, missing, etc., and don’t download. To download the “video”, go to the source URL, such as youtube, and then download the video, and then convert it to mp3 (or whatever).   }"Founded in 1985 to provide interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services. Part of AOL Time Warner. Based in Dulles, Loudoun County … AOL On, a platform of AOL’s complete video offerings and a curated video hub for consumers that offers premium video across 14 content channels including food, business, entertainment, style, tech, travel, health and others, reaching an audience of 57 million US consumers*. The AOL On Network brings AOL’s entire video offering under one umbrella that delivers premium content at significant scale within desired audience segments. All of the videos from AOL can be seen across four screens – desktop, tablet, mobile devices and connected TV devices. More than 450 brand advertisers, marketers, agencies and digital and TV media buyers came together to see AOL’s new slate of video programming, meet original programming producers and casts, and experience the power and reach of the AOL brand."    }has surprising results sometimes, some useful, some not.  You’ll want to avoid obvious ads, trick ads, and redirected ads. You can find mp3s of music you want, but you have to learn the tricks. Every page has several false buttons, playbars, statements, and so on. The trick is to learn which one actually plays and allows you to download, the mp3. It is not always the same place on each page. Sometimes you can’t simultaneously play and download a file, but rather can do one or the other. We list it, though, since we were able to find HQ mp3s here that weren’t available elsewhere; and also since the site shows the original URL of the music file, we found many other places were free music was stored.    } In August of 2005, we retired The Brain to reinvent, where content is provided daily, as news can’t wait for once per week.  The new system is searchable with archives of all old reviews and content from the old way of doing things. is an archival, educational, promotional non-profit service. The material included on Brainwashed radio is being used permissibly thanks to the copyright owners of the original sound recordings and is broadcasting at a frequency comparable to a poor FM radio signal without the fidelity necessary to make phonographic duplicates. You can search Brainwashed here: }search.    }This is a community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Music on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons license. You are free to download and sample from music on this site and share the results with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some songs might have certain restrictions, depending on their specific licenses. Each submission is marked clearly with the license that applies to it. ccHost is a web-based media hosting engine upon which Creative Commons’ ccMixter remix web community is built. The software is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database server. In 2005 it won Linux World’s award for Best Open Source solution. At ccMixter, musicians and DJs are using Creative Commons licensing to share music content and build a community of artists, thanks to the open source back-end system ccHost, an infrastructure designed to facilitate storage, tracking, and sharing of multimedia content.    }1,835  links on the page on April 21, 2016. Support for the site may have been discontinued after November 2016. Some of the links are Dead, many are still Alive. The world's greatest audio resource.   }She sings a note that is at exactly the same frequency as the resonant frequency of the glass. That makes the glass vibrate violently, and if she holds the note more than a few seconds, the glass breaks. So, you need to figure out what pitch the sound you want to amplify will be (what frequency it will be) and then find an object that will resonate at a complementary frequency. It all depends on what kind of sound you want to amplify.   }MediaMaster is the easiest to use full-featured media delivery system for schools, with support for everything from VCRs to modern IPTV and video on demand systems. MediaMaster is based on open technologies, so you are assured a flexible and manageable system that integrates with your school’s network.   }Exalead also has a multimedia selector, which allows you to select audio or video results from among the search results.    }Welcome to, a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects. On August 1, 2015, celebrated its 15-year anniversary as the leading Web search engine for sound effects. Search for sound effects. is a free site for finding sound effects on the Web. It is a Web search engine, like Google and Yahoo, but with a focus on sounds. It provides powerful features, yet is simple and easy to use, and suitable for all ages. Note to parents: audio files containing obscenities are filtered out so this site is safe for children. To learn how to search the Web using, visit the Help page. They also have a mobile version, one for android, and new downloadable apps.    }The functions of the old, well-known text-based search engine is available again with some optimizations at We are planning further improvements with regard to usability and expert search, speed and shortcuts, which explains the beta version status. This search makes available to all users for free all content provided by the countless number of contributors to the largest, free CD info database.    }this site is fast and clean. Seems like a good place to get new and contemporary music. They want you to sign-up and log-in, but don’t seem to require it. Lots of indy bands and music. The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in American Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.    }their folkmusic page. Free samples of the tunes on this page, and all their other pages. Recommended.    }Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.  Browse, download and share sounds. 126 links.    }Audio equipment makers and suppliers. 239 links.    }music and radio link list. 42 links on the page, 5,788 links total for this category.    }music recording links. 119 links. This is a very old website, as explained above, but some of the links are still Alive. The site is easy on the eyes, easy to use, with many links. When the links are not DLs, they are good websites, relevant to the subject, here audio. Note also that the website linked to can be on the Web, but at a different URL.   }The #1 platform for free music. Free music downloads for private use – Royalty free music licenses for commercial purposes. More than 55,000 albums by independent artists.    }We invite you to explore the world’s largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos. Our mission: To collect, preserve, and facilitate the use of wildlife recordings for science, education, conservation, and the arts.    }midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice. Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests. midomi features an extensive digital music store with a growing collection of more than two million legal music tracks. You can listen to samples of original recordings, buy the full studio versions directly from midomi, and play them on your Windows computer or compatible music players.    }watch out for pop-ups and ads. Must download first to verify URLs of files.  “Mp3Raid is dedicated to index and organize music that has been legally posted on the Internet. We have access to more than a million free mp3 downloads and free music downloads all over the internet which makes us one of the best music search engine on the net. You can legally listen to any mp3 file before you download it and you can post your mp3 on your page/profile for free.    }this site also has short samples of songs. Not easy to download full song form this site, but, you can listen to part of a tune to see if it’s the one you’re thinking of or looking for.       }150 links to audio resources. DL 2011. 2016 Replacement: }very old links. You probably won’t be able to find the pages for most of the FTP and similar sites. However, some the links and their sites are still good (24sep16) !!  Enjoy.   }Each song is listened to by an expert at Musicovery and described with 40 acoustic parameters. Each parameter can take between 3 to 20 values. An algorithm converts these values into a position on the mood pad. Because parameters are acoustic it is an objective way to set the relationship between music and moods/emotions. This is the result of 3 years of research. Playlists and recommendations on Musicovery are tailored to each listener based on their preferences, behavior, geographical origin. Musicovery engine playlist, SmartPlay is very powerful and a key component of Musicovery B2B offer.    }we are building a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Musipedia uses the “Melodyhound” melody search engine. You can find and identify a tune even if the melody is all you know. You can play it on a piano keyboard, whistle it to the computer, simply tap the rhythm on the computer keyboard or use the Parsons code. Every entry can be edited by anybody. An entry can contain a bit of sheet music, a MIDI file, textual information about the work and the composer, and last but not least the Parsons Code, a rough description of the melodic contour.    }this page has links for multimedia, for images, video, and audio. Scroll down. 2015 Update: we can’t find the multimedia, audio, and video search sites on this page now. Replacements:    }The following audio search tools will enable you to find specific audio files and audio content (though some will overlap and therefore be featured in both the audio search engines and video search engines sections).   And…   }Here are the top places on the Web to find free movies, videos, TV shows, and all sorts of great free multimedia. Please feel free to add your own favorite site to this list. Free MoviesTop Ten Sites for Free Full Length Movies: Yes, it’s possible to find full-length movies on the Web. These sites are the best places to find them. I’ve rounded up dozens more of the best places on the Web to watch free movies in my article titled Even More Free Movie Sites Online. 2017 Update: redirects to   }"strictly commercial."    }this service, which calls itself  “internet radio” is a music search service, that does too much, more than you want probably, and wants you to register with them besides. (On our Web Tools List are various sites and apps to help you get around those constant, annoying site registrations.) For instance, we wanted just one or two cuts by one artist (band), not an entire radio station of them. At all events, all the cuts and albums were for sale and none were for download.   }Prefix Magazine covers the latest in music daily. Prefix showcases an extensive catalog of exclusive interviews, reviews, mp3s, video, photo galleries and more. Daily music news, reviews, interviews.  141 links on the page.     }even though this list is multimedia, we put it here for your use. Some of their links are old and redirect to commercials. Some redirect to other search engines. Some, like     }go to pages that look like the search pages that are put in the place of expired or extinct URLs, but actually, some of the links on music finder are still good, and go to lists of music players, online “radio stations”, music collections, and so on. So, this older resource may be still be of use to you. 2014 DL.    }Royalty-free music. SmartSound Software, Inc. is the maker of the SmartSound family of royalty free music technology and content products. These unique, patented products are designed to help the visual creator unlock the true impact, emotion and reach of their visuals through the power of music customized to fit to their specific project. The company’s products make this result easy and affordable, bringing a new level of music options and flexibility to visual creators of all skill levels.     }Soungle is a search engine that allows you to find royalty free sound effects easily. Enter a royalty free sound effect you want in the box above and click the search button to find it.    }this is the pirate bay search engine, where you can search for torrents. There are video torrents as well as audio, but we put this here since typical user searches for audio torrents (music).    }the top ten libraries of sounds, in their opinion, are listed here. Audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, etc., but we have not tested each library individually.     }This is the most comprehensive collection of world music chart information anywhere (that we are aware of). These lists bring together 452,147 individual chart runs (most representing many weekly chart entries, of course) about the most popular 137,237 songs and 75,767 albums released since the year 1900. This site combines 222 different data sources, 132 song charts and 90 album charts from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US as well as some global and internet based listings to give the songs and albums that have topped the charts around the world for the last 115 years. The source data includes all the hits of 32,887 song artists and 20,169 album artists. 89 links on the page, clean, Recommended.   }here’s another site that actually allows you to download music, rather than the infinite run-arounds that the other sites provide.   }Waterbug Records is an innovative, ear-to-the-ground artists' cooperative label specializing in great songwriters and traditional folk musicians who do original research. Since 1992, "one of America's most consistent independent labels." - Folk Roots, UK.      }Jone's Podcasts, the Best Musical Freebox in the World. 132 podcasts, from 30 to 200 minutes in length. 2018 Update: there are now 151 podcasts that Jone has made there.

VI. Radio Sites.     }BBC – World Service – Home.  International, analysis and information from the BBC World Service.    }notes about in-band-on-channel (IBOC) digital AM and FM radio.   }a small window that allow you to ask radio-related questions.   }the FCC’s AM radio station finder; somewhat technical.   }the FCC’s FM radio station finder’ also somewhat technical.    }allows you to find radio stations by various criteria, AM and FM.   }this finds radio stations by category or area, however, some are DLs and some have changed their contents since the site was made.    }one of the most popular music communities around, with personalized radio stations, social networking features, RSS support and more.    }a very popular Internet radio/community which brings you new music based on stuff you like. You can create up to 100 unique “stations.” And you can even refine them. If it’s not quite right you can tell it so and it will get better for you.    }Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio.  PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from shows like The Moth, 99% Invisible, and Snap Judgment, from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere.    }Public Radio features schedule listings for thousands of public radio stations and programs around the world. Follow the audio links to hear your favorite programs and discover new ones.     }Radiolab, with Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, is a radio show and podcast weaving stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Listen now. WNYC and NPR.   }this is our favorite radio station locator. It allows you to search by area, region, format, and content, and shows signal strength, gives streaming URL, and so on.    }the world’s largest radio communications data provider, featuring a complete frequency database, trunked radio system information, and FCC license data.    }Radio Free Europe: Radio Liberty. “RFE/RL journalists report the news in 21 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate.”    }A large directory of Internet radio stations, categorized by genre. Streams work in Winamp. Various genres, pick what you like.    }Slacker gives listeners anytime, anywhere access to the world’s best music and entertainment. Listen for free on any device or subscribe and enjoy a commercial-free experience with deep customization, offline listening and on-demand access to millions of songs and albums. Slacker is the most complete music service on Earth. Offers a desktop version of the application and a hardware portable music player. Available only in the United States.    }United States radio stations streaming live on internet.   }this goes to preset radio stations only, which play only the most contemporary, popular music in a variety of uninteresting categories. 2016 Update: now it’s    }and you have to take the link outside of yourself, links clicked on this page only go to other pages on    }We got involve in HIFI music player design since 2008. Before developing, we had put all the possibilities that could make HIFI music players, and analyze which was better. The result was, embedded ARM with software codec plus hardware jitter elimination circuit was the best. We developed it from the ground up. We didn’t buy anyone else’s networking solution like the one from Stream Unlimited which can be found in a number of similar devices on the market. YottaMusic player  supports most known digital audio formats. Since this player has no moving parts or fans, its operation is completely silent. It brings out the ultimate in detail, clarity and quality from your digital audio. It is easy to setup and use.  It can perfectly playback digital audio from iphone/iPad/Android device or NAS or USB storage drive or PC/MAC.

VII. Podcasts and Webcasts.
(See also Online Tools (  ) and Academic Research List (   ) , and the Poetry List (  ), for more podcast links.   }The WKU distance learning podcasts and videos are offered in poetry, drama, fiction and more.    }the American Public Media podcast list. Looked like lots of interesting and unusual shows that we didn’t have the time to listen to during our searches/tests. Easy listening stuff, like the Writer’s Almanac and the Prairie Home Companion, market reports, etc.   }podcasts from the BBC, you might find something surprising there.   }this site found a lot of older sites with dead links and so on. That is, the site is easy to use and well-organized, and works as it ought to, but links just lead to DLs and weird sites and such.     }of course, we make podcasts too. These are almost all music, with no talking and no commercials. Exceptions: 8 poetry  show podcasts, and one of Doris Lessing lectures:  Prisons We Choose To Live Inside .    }Submit your podcast, podcasting directory, and podcast information. Keywords: podcasts, flippa, ipodder, podcast, podcasting software, the abraham project, mac.   }podcasts from the Library of Congress; much what you’d expect.    }This site offers a limited number of podcasts.    }Miro Guide – Podcast Directory, Video and Audio RSS Feeds. The Participatory Culture Foundation, and Amazon Technologies Inc. On the main page, in the right-hand column, are the genres; each genre has podcasts listed inside of it. From the page-top bar, select either video or audio podcasts.    }this is the NPR podcast directory. It’s fast, works well, and we found no dead links, etc.    }in our test, this site found some shows quickly, but then they “play” feature failed. Something wrong with their player? But the “download” button worked, plays in your WMP if you’re on windows.    }this site is fast and works well, but, they have no podcasts in several easy subjects or persons. Just so you’ll know; but they may have lots of stuff that we didn’t look for, etc. “Your place for podcasting news & featured podcasts.  All the news from the podcast world if you are Interested in podcasting, the top podcasts or podcast news.” Find podcasts on virtually any subject, from the environment to health, here.    }”Ultra simple podcast publishing solution. Unlimited bandwidth and storage. Everything a podcaster needs to host, promote, and track your podcast. We usually don’t list pay sites; we are specialisists in Free. However, this one is not too expensive, and has other good features. “Podbean is an online podcast-publishing and crowdfunding service that provides free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy to use podcasting package. This web-based system allows users to publish, manage and promote podcasts in an easy point-and-click blog-like environment without any technical knowledge. The embeddable code make it easy for publishers to integrate podcasts into their ownwebsites, blogs and social networks around the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, etc. Another feature highlight is a selection of flat-rate hosting plans that come with unmetered bandwidth and monthly increases in storage space at no additional charge. “    }this one still works and the links are still good; however, in our tests, the podcast (video) itself loaded very slowly, but then played fine and high-res.    }did only “Fair” in our tests; but the only podcast search service still “up” on the web.    }the premier resource on the web for all things podcast. Whether it’s learning about podcasts, finding and listening to podcasts that interest you via our podcast directory, reading user reviews, or interacting with other members.    }a source of Science podcasts. In our tests, the site worked perfectly and the podcast was interesting.   If you’d like to hear it, it’s here:     }the 4 track mind.  (Example)    }Watch meetings and more from the UN.    }Use this guide to set-up free voip conferences or interviews to include in your podcast.

VIII. Video. (See also Julie Éclair’s Videolist, for all the video links. )       }directory of directories with links to sites with video.  BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources, Video. 98 links on the page. The Video section of that website has URLs to many websites, click on the letter your wish to view by the first letter of the website name or type. Probably more than 500 and fewer than 1000 links. Recommended.   }2017 Update: the blinkx site is still up, but has been assimilated. "Assimilated" is our term for any website that has been standardized, to look and perform just like all the other commerical websites do. The term was borrowed from STNG, used by the race of beings there name, "The Borg", since they are what has taken over much of the World Wide Web. They are why so many sites appear so identical in format, layout, function, language used, concepts, and so on, in 2017.    }The MediaMaster system offers a complete solution for scheduling and controlling centralized sources and media titles from your classroom. The MediaScheduler component lets you schedule sources and media titles from your computer. MediaController lets you control various sorts of video sources, and your classroom monitor. MediaController offers: Visual representations of the sources. The “rack” for displaying the available sources. Graphical logos of most popular television networks, which speeds recognition. A unified way of controlling sources like VCRs and DVD players so they all work the same way, even if they are different brands or models. Control of the classroom monitor via a keypad like that on a remote control. MediaScheduler offers: The ability to sort the media title database by any of the descriptive fields. Dynamic database filters to reduce the number of titles shown by filtering by any of the titles’ textual fields. You can ask the title browser to show only DVD titles having “frog” in their description, for example. A list of events scheduled in the near future so you can quickly see what is scheduled and when. The ability to see full details about a title or scheduled event by clicking on it. The classroom computer and monitor are connected to the media center over the school’s network. This allows you to control the centralized sources and see the result on your classroom monitor as though the source was right there in the classroom.    }their fourcc identifier page. A fourcc identifier allows you to determine which fourccs and audio tags are used within a media file. Knowing this allows you to identify precisely which video codecs and audio codecs that you will need in order to be able to playback the media file. FOURCC is short for “four character code” – an identifier for a video codec, compression format, color or pixel format used in media files.    }site with most of the codecs you’ll need for your computer. We mean especially windows, since it is the world’s most popular OS, but on this List we’ll have codec sites for Mac, Linux, etc. Page linked to is their sitemap and TOC.    }we mention Ixquick’s video search here since it is surprisingly poor, compared to others, for an otherwise very good metasearch engine. They rely mostly on Blinkx, in our test, and Blinkx is very FUBAR since it was acquired by another company some years back. Avoid Blinkx now.    }kartoo’s list of video downloaders. Some of these we have tested and listed here or, for example, in Web Tools. Some were DLs. Some are links to other lists of downloaders and converters. Note that many of these won’t install properly or won’t install on public computers, of which millions are in daily use across the U.S. Also we didn’t have time to check Kartoo’s linklist for DLs; and finally, we don’t use any of the “downloaders”, etc., on their linklist, and haven’t had the time to test more than a few. For instance, we tested the ImTOO app(s), but eventually chose other ones for our own use.     }”Our combination of high quality encoding, performance optimized for the latest processors and operating systems, as well as support for all of the major international codec standards in use today makes MainConcept the best choice for codec technology”, says their homepage. We haven’t tested any of their SDKs or codecs yet, let us know what your results are. Also: apps and plug-ins.    }Gives tuner IP Address and channel, click on “rooms” to see full list.    }Showing 1 thru 200 of 1673 matching titles. The MediaMaster System is copyright © 1995-2013 by Educational Technology Resources, Inc.    }Codec is short for compressor/decompressor, it is any technology for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs can be implemented in software, hardware, or a combination of both. Codecs are used to make large video files much smaller making them suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer like wireless devices etc. Sometimes when you are trying to play an .avi file the “Unexpected File Format” or a similar error message displays. This happen if you are attempting to play a file for which the proper codec is not on your system. To correct the problem obtain the correct codec.    }they claim to provide “the highest quality video chat for FREE!” ; we’ve been too busy to test that. However, their site is superior to the other viedo-chat sites we’ve looked at today. Apps and services for PC, Mac, and Mobile including Android and Windows Phone Video Chat.    }”the premier online destination for professionals seeking industry news, information, articles, directories and services. The site features thousands of original articles, hundreds of hours of audio/video content, breaking news, research reports, industry directory, and case studies that showcase the latest real-world streaming media implementations.”    TubesFan Video SE searches for video files from the most popular internet resources and displays them in one place for users’ convenience.  Did well in our hard test, Recommended.   }This site will help you to make your own DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, MP4 etc that can be played on your standalone DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, Media Center or portable device from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, DV, AVCHD or downloaded movie clips like AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Flash, etc.    }the newest video search engine that we’ve found. Did well in out tests. Returns relevant results fast, and easy to read and use. Engine searches all the video sites at once, including Veoh, Ifilm, Daily Motion, Live Video, You Tube, and so on. Recommended. Site is most popular in India.    }This has become, of course, the giant in online videos, much worse since google bought them. However, the other video providers are still out there and their videos appear on our Lists.

See also Julie Eclair's VideoList, for movie, tv, film websites.    }If you’re an Apple person, especially anyone already heavily using iTunes to watch content on your computer or Apple device, Apple TV is a compelling buy. But if you use Hulu a lot, then the Roku might be a better choice. Like the Roku, Apple TV is easy to use and works very well.    }If you’re already using the Boxee software on your computer and are happy, then perhaps this is the choice for you. Otherwise, Boxee currently lacks the major channels that both Roku and Apple TV provide. For the $200 price, you could buy both a Roku and an Apple TV and still have change left over.    }CinemaNow is an internet-based digital video distribution company providing downloadable movies, TV shows and music videos.   }Watch news stories from CNN.    }M-GO is a premium video streaming service at everyday prices, bringing you the very latest movie + TV releases to rent or own on demand. With stunning picture quality, smarter browsing, and the convenience of viewing across any device, M-GO is the shortest distance between you and what you want to watch.  Dreamworks Animation and Technicolor launched M-Go as a joint venture in 2013. Initially, both companies had big plans for the service, including the possibility to add other kinds of media. M-Go briefly even considered launching a live TV service, but eventually abandoned those plans. The company is best known for its collaboration with Roku; M-Go’s download store is the default movie and TV show store on Roku’s platform. M-Go also tried to broaden its customer base by taking over Samsung’s movie streaming customers when the device maker decided to shutter its movie store in 2014. However, M-Go always competed with other, much bigger video platforms, including Apple’s iTunes, Walmart’s Vudu and Google’s Play Store. NBCUniversal-owned online ticketing service Fandango has acquired the movie streaming service M-GO from its joint owners Dreamworks Animation and Technicolor.     }Watch videos, read articles and play games to learn about history, science, health and more.    }what the hell is goin on with TV? Google TV. Xbox. Apple TV. Roku. All these gadgets promise to make television more like the web. There’s just one hitch: None of them are ready for primetime.    }Not only can you watch your favorite FOX shows here, you can also get episode summaries, cast info, and upcoming previews here. They also offer behind the scenes information, exclusive looks at new or upcoming TV episodes, and specific offers only for fans.  We dislike Fox and their “content”.    }Watch political documentaries about Latin America, Russia, assassinations, Israel and more from this site.     }At you’ll find everything you need to put you front row at the best music festivals, on the street for cutting edge trends and back in the books for the finest in music history. will also keep you connected to our television programming with exclusive clips, full episodes, news and info, so you’ll never miss a beat. Fuse is a music focused media company as diverse and innovative as the artists we feature, bringing you content inspired by today’s music and culture. is the digital extension of our on-air brand, delivering content covering today’s most popular musicians and the latest in news and culture.    }you fans of our work, JKU, will know that we dislike using any google product including its search engines, and that we strive not to do so. However, they do have a somewhat popular internet-to-tv going, so here’s a review of it. Obviously, you can find info for all of these on Wikipedia. If you’re an early adopter with cash to burn, then Google TV might be for you. Otherwise, you may wish to wait until the software improves and the prices likely drop, as more competitors come into the space. However, any DISH subscribers may want to give Google TV serious consideration, because of the tight integration it offers with DISH DVRs.    }With HBO GO®, enjoy instant and unlimited access to every episode of every season of the best HBO shows, movies, comedy, sports, and documentaries. HBO GO is free with your subscription through participating TV providers.    }Hulu offers a huge amount of content from the major US television networks of ABC, Fox and NBC, all of which are investors in the service. Hulu Plus is a fee-based version of Hulu that, for $8 per month, allows access to more episodes that regular Hulu offers. Currently, only Roku has Hulu Plus. Roku + Hulu Plus = Pretty Awesome covers this in more depth. Boxee and Google TV are promising Hulu Plus support in the future. That will especially help those players, since the major networks block them from pulling TV content off their web sites. Also see Why You’re Still Waiting For Hulu Plus On Google TV.
if65je4uxyznpbjk.onion   }Television Downloads And Flash Streaming @ TV-DUMP.ORG – 1 file downloads. 2016 DL. Replacement:    }the only place you can find tv-dump now.   }LinkTV is “television without borders” and broadcasts news from around the world, documentaries. They specialize in content that you might not find somewhere else: documentaries, news and current affairs from all over the globe, world music, etc.  If you’re looking for a different perspective than you usually get from network news programs, Link TV is a good bet.    }While Netflix started as a way to rent DVDs via mail, it has developed into a major provider of movies and TV shows through the internet. For $8 per month, you can stream as much content as you’d like. All the players except Boxee have Netflix support, and Netflix is promised to come to Boxee in the future.     } is one of two sites that comprises OVGuide, Inc. On, users can search and discover free high quality videos on the Web. The site offers an easy way to watch videos across all categories including free full length movies, TV shows, trending viral videos, and clips. If free streaming content is not available for a particular movie or title, directs users to the right platform, subscription service, or video on demand site. The site is available worldwide and is accessible in Mobile Web format and as an app for Android, iOS, and tablet systems. With over 6,000 sites in the guide and embed feeds from over 400 different video partners on the domain, offers content from a wide range of partners and players, making it an important destination site as well as an effective portal.    }PBS is another fantastic site for catching up on politics, learning about history and culture, and playing educational games. 2016 Update: you can watch shows streamed from PBS now. See the following links:     }Full list of past and current PBS shows. Find show websites, online video, web extras, schedules and more for your favorite PBS shows.    }Watch your favorite PBS shows online, free and on-demand, including full episodes of Masterpiece, Frontline, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and more.  Revision3 is a multi-channel internet television network that creates, produces and distributes web television shows on niche topics.     }Revision3, a Discovery Digital Network, is a place for fans who love tech, games, and all-things-internet. Watch videos from Tekzilla, Film Riot, Anyhoo, SourceFed, and more.    }If you’re wanting to get into an internet-to-TV device, this is a top choice. Roku has a great line-up of major content channels. It’s simple to use, works extremely well and comes at a bargain-basement price. Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. On your terms. With more channels than any other streaming player.    }this turns out to be a subscription service. With those, if you agree to the “free trial”, they will automatically bill your credit card for the remainder of what you owe, and put a hold on it until you pay or cancel. If you cancel, the hold on your credit card will still remain for the rest of a 30-day period – FYI.     }SideReel is a platform that lets TV fans find, track, rate, review, and watch shows online. With more than 22 million monthly unique visitors and over 9 million registered users, SideReel’s community includes fans of popular network and cable TV shows, anime, original web series, and more. Founded in 2007, SideReel’s catalog includes over 22,000 shows—if it’s online, it’s on SideReel!     } is where TV lives online. It’s a place to find out more about your favorite shows, read episode reviews, keep up with breaking news, and join growing Communities with other fans. In short, it’s the most complete TV site anywhere. "Also on the movie front, Anjelica Huston will star in Watcher in the Woods, a rework of the '80s classic to be executive produced and directed by Melissa Joan Hart. Huston will play Mrs. Alywood, the frantic mother whose daughter, Karen, vanished in the English countryside. Another real-life tale on the way: a yarn about three women who stood up to leaders in order to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Cher will executive produce and star in Flint, which also lists Katie Couric and Chicago's Craig Zadan and Neil Meron as executive producers. " -from the site.    }TV Couch brings you the best internet television experience, right from inside your browser. It has all of the best shows, podcasts and entertainment all wrapped up in a beautiful interface. No software to install, no subscriptions, no contracts, it just works.    }this is another subscription-only service. Superior global broadcast monitoring.  Every U.S. DMA, national cable, and the most international stations. In-house language foundry supports rapid expansion.    }this is yet another subscription service. “Borrowers” pay a fee to borrow a broadcast, or can buy the broadcast on DVD. The Vanderbilt Television News Archive is the world’s most extensive and complete archive of television news. We have been recording, preserving and providing access to television news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968.  The Vanderbilt Television News Archive website will transition to a new interface soon. Preview it now:    }The Vanderbilt Television News Archive began recording broadcasts on August 5, 1968 with the mission to create, preserve and provide access to the news broadcasts from the U.S. national television networks.    }Veoh Networks, Inc., an Internet television company, delivers broadcast-quality video programming through the Internet. It offers videos, television shows, movies, music, online games, and other interactive content.   “Need to satisfy the urge to watch online free movies? We have a wide selection of every free movie online old and new. “    }an online video store, owned by Walmart, through which you can rent and purchase film and television content. The content can be streamed via a high-speed network connection to a variety of networkable devices, including computers, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming media players, and portable devices like smartphones and tablets. VUDU is a pay-per-use service, meaning that you pay a one-time fee for each movie or TV show that you rent/purchase. This is different from subscription services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that require a monthly fee to watch an unlimited amount of content. VUDU rentals are streamed to compatible devices and can’t be downloaded to your computer or portable device. VUDU purchases are stored in a digital locker to be streamed, and you also have the option to download a copy to your computer or mobile device for viewing through the VUDU To Go application when no Internet connection is available. Pay-per-use services like VUDU and iTunes generally receive titles on the same day they arrive on DVD, while subscription services often have to wait a much longer time to receive big-ticket home-video releases.   }called world wide internet TV, they claim to have 2136 online channels listed. In our test, it provided streaming, what-they-call, content, on demand. The live feed from L.A, was about 8 hours old, but, at least they provided something. The live feed from N.Y. was actually live. Only this site actually provides you live streaming TV to watch. Highly recommended.  }Comcast XFINITY is the largest cable internet provider in the country, offering fast internet speeds that are great for individuals or households that are always online. XFINITY charges its customers for leasing the modem required for the company’s cable internet service. This is fairly common among internet service providers, but XFINITY charges slightly more than its competitors. For most people, this shouldn’t be much of an issue, and more of a necessity. It probably wouldn’t deter you from going with Comcast XFINITY, but it might make sense to make an investment in your own Comcast-approved modem if you are going to be with the company long-term.  Few cable internet providers can match the speeds of XFINITY. As the name implies, its Extreme 105 package has download speeds up to 105 Mbps, which is some of the fastest consumer internet service available.

X. Archives, Journals and Zines.
New for 2017: includes Datasets. (see also Academic Research List )
http://udsmewv45lunzoo4.onion/   }TorLinks is a moderated replacement for The Hidden Wiki, and serves as a link or url list of Tor hidden services. Feel free to copy this deep web link list directory to your website to make others aware of the darknet. We regularly update the tor onion sites on this site. The link goes onto the Tor network; for World Wide Web, use     }the Tor links directory, 391 links on the page. List goes back to June 3, 2013, up to today (September 25, 2016).    }directory of journals, newsletters, and electronic discussion archives, also known as Listservs. 181 links on page. Evidently an older site, we found several DLs (dead links) on the site.   }the original website of the Right-To-Know Network, which was, a few years ago, the 5th largest website in the world. The current URL for this appears below. Welcome to the Right-to-Know Network, helping advocates push for improved access to government-held information on the environment, health, and safety. }Tor library. Tor.NET – A managed Tor network library; library to start or connect to the Tor network for SOCKS5 communications, and for middle-man proxy hosting.    }this is the Internet Archive site.   }this is the Archive’s Wayback Machine, which lets you find the remains of extinct websites. It can be useful.    }The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) - the United States' primary source for criminal justice statistics. BJS mission: To collect, analyze, publish, and disseminate information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government. These data are critical to federal, state, and local policymakers in combating crime and ensuring that justice is both efficient and evenhanded. Authorizing legislation: The Bureau of Justice Statistics was first established on December 27, 1979 under the Justice Systems Improvement Act of 1979, Public Law 96-157 (the 1979 Amendment to the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, Public Law 90-351). The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) is a component of the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice.    }the Internet archive at the New Library of Alexandria, Egypt, mirrors the Wayback Machine. Try your search there when you have trouble connecting to the Wayback servers. The Internet Archive is a complete snapshot of all web pages on every website since 1996. Since the average lifetime of a page on the Internet is 100 days, this snapshot is retaken every two months. The Internet Archive at the BA includes the web collection of 1996 through 2007. It represents about 1.5 petabytes of data stored on 880 computers. The entire collection is available for free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. The Wayback Machine is the tool that allows users to use the Web archive to surf the web as it was. This historic collection is invaluable to scholars trying to understand the interactions between people and events. We expect to build special collections that reflect the interests of the patrons of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.    }provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. Our Reference tab includes: maps of the major world regions, as well as Flags of the World, a Physical Map of the World, a Political Map of the World, a World Oceans map, and a Standard Time Zones of the World map.     }The Open Knowledge Foundation (see below) works toward a world in which the sharing of data and information is simple and ubiquitous. It promotes open knowledge because of its potential to deliver far-reaching societal benefits.    }Site has info on blogs, but was last updated October, 2013. But there are 528 links on the page, all of them that we checked were still good. A really complete blog index. About halfway down the page is a good collection of "Research Tools", that is, URL links. Other sites that might interest you near the bottom of the page. Recommended.    }his Research Tools on a separate page.    }this is a pretty good collection of links, mostly reference websites, and search engines. 470 links on the page. The site says that it was last updated in 2016, but actually, most of the engines and links date from 2013, or about 4 years ago. Most of the links are still good. Some of the dead links were corrected in the comments & questions near the bottom of the page. Recommended. There are many different kinds of linked websites, we include his list since some of those are sites we don't list in this List or in any of our others.  Pay-sites, for example; we review and publish only free websites, services, engines, and links.     }The vision of a national digital library has been circulating among librarians, scholars, educators, and private industry representatives since the early 1990s. Efforts led by a range of organizations, including the Library of Congress, HathiTrust, and the Internet Archive, have successfully built resources that provide books, images, historic records, and audiovisual materials to anyone with Internet access. Many universities, public libraries, and other public-spirited organizations have digitized materials, but these digital collections often exist in silos. The DPLA  brings these different viewpoints, experiences, and collections together in a single platform and portal, providing open and coherent access to our society’s digitized cultural heritage. Based in Boston in the historic Boston Public Library, DPLA has grown from an initial staff of four to nearly ten, including an in-house technical team.    }Free Economic, Demographic & Financial Data. Finding and downloading economic data have never been this fast, simple or free!  86 links on the page; site is current (March, 2017).    }Internet FAQ Archives. Online Education. Search the FAQ Archives. This archive contains Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings in HTML format and in text format. Select the format that best serves your purposes. By Author and By Archive Name listings are also available.    }Usenet FAQ Archive Search, A search here covers the entire *.answers FAQ database (over 4300 FAQs).    }Other FAQs and Reference Websites, or contribute your own FAQs. 83 links on the page to many other information lists and questions answered.     }Federal Government Gateway. Take a minute to look all around your screen.  A good way to quickly learn just what is here and where to find what you want is to click on  the "Basic Site Map" at the top of the "blue contents area" (on the left side of your screen).  We have organized this information according to how you might best use it--since trying to follow the different departments and agencies content presentations can, in itself, be a cause of confusion.  However, if you feel you can not find what you are looking for we would like to know what that is since we may be able to help.  Try will find that the entire United States Government here.    }Frictionless Data shortens the path from data to insight with a collection of specifications and software for the publication, transport, and consumption of data.  Data "Containerization": We see our approach as analogous to standardization efforts in the transport of physical goods. Historically, loading goods on a cargo ship was slow, manual, and expensive. The solution to these issues came in the form of containerization, the development of several ISO specifications specifying the dimensions of containers used in global shipping. Containerization dramatically reduced the cost and time required for transporting goods by enabling the automation of several elements of the transport pipeline. 712 links on the page including guides, articles, software, specifications, forum and chat.    }he U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is the Federal Government’s official, digital, secure resource for producing, procuring, cataloging, indexing, authenticating, disseminating, and preserving the official information products of the U.S. Government. The GPO is responsible for the production and distribution of information products and services for all three branches of the Federal Government, including U.S. passports for the Department of State as well as the official publications of Congress, the White House, and other Federal agencies in digital and print formats. GPO provides for permanent public access to Federal Government information at no charge through our govinfo (, partnerships with approximately 1,150 libraries nationwide participating in the Federal Depository Library Program, and our secure online bookstore.  69 links on the page.     }HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. 15,072,183 total volumes, 7,467,168 book titles, 417,671 serial titles, 5,275,264,050 pages, 676 terabytes, 178 miles, 12,246 tons, 5,795,434 volumes(~38% of total) in the public domain.    }U.S. News Archives on the Web. These pages provide links to United States news archives available on the Web.   }International News Archives on the Web.  These pages provide links to non-US news archives available on the Web.    }here is a website where someone has attempted to imitate what we do, that is, bring you the best collection of sites on the web, by category. Unfortunately for them, ours are much better, since here the sites are reviewed and annotated. We checked out a few of their linklists, and, they are amateurs; no comparison.     }Their Web Directory.    }their list of archives maintained on the Web. 90 links. See below: many of these old links will still be good; but also many dead.  However, the dead links can still be found on    }their history archives, 25 links on the page.   }Information Please has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938—first as a popular radio quiz show, then starting in 1947 as an annual almanac, and since 1998 on the Internet at Many things have changed since 1938, but not our dedication to providing reliable information, in a way that engages and entertains.   }links to E-Journals.  112 links on the page. Virginia Tech digital library and archives.     }This web page is the home of the LOD cloud diagram. This image shows datasets that have been published in Linked Data format, by contributors to the Linking Open Data community project and other individuals and organisations. It is based on metadata collected and curated by contributors to the Data Hub . Clicking the image will take you to an interactive SVG version, where each dataset is a hyperlink to its entry in Datahub. The diagram is maintained by Andrejs Abele and John McCrae (Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway). For any questions and comments, please email and The original version was developed by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. Last updated: 2017-08-22.    }Glossary of Internet Terms, Copyright (c) © 1994-2011 by Matisse Enzer. Last update: November 24 2015. Recommended.    }McSweeney’s is a publishing company based in San Francisco. As well as operating a daily humor website, we also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, the Believer, and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints. You can buy all of these things from our online store. We’re also changing to a nonprofit and would greatly appreciate your help.    }Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts – Fun Quizzes and Trivia,  Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games.    }Printable Maps, US, State, Counties.    }6177 newspapers and other news sources make the ideal tool for news research. The most complete archive available for each publication is included. Click on “search” tab to search the database. 106 links on the page.    }Data collections. We manage a number of data collections covering many aspects of health and social care and collected from a wide variety of NHS trusts, local authorities, and independent-sector organisations. For each data collection below, you can find: background information, publications, guidance, and submission dates.    }OCLC partners with global publishers to make content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services. 6 January 2016—OCLC has signed agreements with leading publishers to add metadata for books, e-books, journals, databases and other materials that will make their content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services. “OCLC partners with leading content providers around the world to ensure discovery and access to libraries’ most important and popular resources,” said Suzanne Kemperman, OCLC Director, Business Development and Publisher Relations. OCLC has agreements in place with more than 200 publishers and information providers to supply metadata to facilitate discovery and access to key resources.     } 206 links on the page.     }‘Open knowledge’ is any content, information or data that people are free to use, re-use and redistribute — without any legal, technological or social restriction. The Open Definition gives full details on the requirements for ‘open’ data and content. Open data are the building blocks of open knowledge. Open knowledge is what open data becomes when it’s useful, usable and used.     }Today, we’re announcing a major milestone in the Frictionless Data initiative with the official v1.0 release of the Frictionless Data specifications, including Table Schema and Data Package, along with a robust set of pre-built tooling in Python, R, Javascript, Java, PHP and Go. Frictionless Data is a collection of lightweight specifications and tooling for effortless collection, sharing, and validation of data. After close to 10 years of iterative work on the specifications themselves, and the last 6 months of fine-tuning v1.0 release candidates, we are delighted to announce the availability of the specifications.    }The Global Open Data Index provides the most comprehensive snapshot available of the state of open government data publication. 11% of dataset entries in the index are open. 94 places. 1410 entries. 166 open datasets.    }Global Open Data Index, Dataset Overview.     }The Data Wrangling blog. We're part of Open Knowledge International and operate as a collaborative community which anyone can join. Labs is organized through a public GitHub repository. We're a community of civic hackers, data wranglers and ordinary citizens intrigued and excited by the possibilities of combining technology and information for good – making government more accountable, culture more accessible and science more efficient. We focus on making things - whether that’s apps, insights or tools. We have a strong preference for open data and free / open source software.    }We need to make an ecosystem that, like open-source for software, is useful and attractive to those without any principled interest, the vast majority who simply want the best tool for the job, the easiest route to their goal. We think that by getting a few key pieces in place we can reduce friction enough to revolutionize how the (open) data ecosystem operates with massively improved data quality, utilization and sharing.    }This handbook is about open data - but what exactly is open data? For our purposes, open data is as defined by the Open Definition:
“Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share alike.” The full Open Definition gives precise details as to what this means.    }The Open Source Lab is an organization working for the advancement of open source technologies. The lab, in partnership with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, provides hosting for more than 160 projects, including those of worldwide leaders like the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation and Drupal. Together, the OSL’s hosted sites deliver nearly 430 terabytes of information to people around the world every month. The most active organization of its kind, the OSL offers world-class hosting services, professional software development and on-the-ground training for promising students interested in open source management and programming.    }Here you find links and information about over 250 free PDF magazines from around the world with main focus on art, design, illustration and everyday culture. Magazine covers are displayed and categories of each shown. Links for download and website for each mag.     }Citation: Molloy JC (2011) The Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data Means Better Science. PLoS Biol 9(12): e1001195. . This is an important consideration for scientific data where in some cases data is accessible, for example, in online supplements to published papers, but is not licensed to be reuseable; or it's accessible and reuseable but in a form that inhibits capture and modification. Prior to online supplementary materials, requesting and obtaining permissions and data was an extremely time-consuming process, but even with instant downloads, deciding what rights one has to reuse data can be confusing due to a lack of licensing and clear terms of use. In some cases, the supplementary data associated with papers is open even if the article itself is not; but this is often not explicit. Clear labelling and licensing is vital to save scientists the many hours they may spend discovering the openness or otherwise of datasets and becomes even more imperative as computerised analysis of the scientific literature increases, for example via data and text mining. Websites such as the crystallography data aggregator CrystalEye ( prominently display an Open Data web button on their website and link to the Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) license as well as the OKD (Figure 1).   }Viderum is an open data solutions provider spun off from Open Knowledge. We build tools, provide advice, implement projects, and develop communities in the area of open data. Our mission is to make the world’s public data discoverable and accessible to everyone. Get started publishing data quickly with our cloud-based hosting platform. Publish and manage your data on a fully functional CKAN portal without any technical expertise.     }Journals and Zines,  678 links on the page.  Comprehensive portal and linklist from UCSB.    }gives you instant access to hundreds of different categories and databases on a wide variety of subjects, anything from Agriculture to Anthropology. More about this amazing resource: “The WWW Virtual Library (VL) is the oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and of the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn’t the biggest index of the Web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web. 2016 Update: 41 links, site still works.    }WebCite®, which used to be a member of member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium, is an on-demand archiving system for webreferences (cited webpages and websites, or other kinds of Internet-accessible digital objects), which can be used by authors, editors, and publishers of scholarly papers and books, to ensure that cited webmaterial will remain available to readers in the future. A WebCite®-enhanced reference is a reference which contains – in addition to the original live URL (which can and probably will disappear in the future, or its content may change) – a link to an archived copy of the material, exactly as the citing author saw it when he accessed the cited material.    }DataBank is an analysis and visualisation tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. You can create your own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them. Watch the tutorial and read the FAQs. Enjoy using DataBank and let us know what you think! 2016 Update: the site may be difficult to reach owing to network traffic or server unavailability. We double-checked, and the site is still up as of 25sep16.  See also the worldbank link below.    }Zines, E-Zines, Fanzines : The Book of Zines : Directory.  27 links on the page.

XI. Other searching tools-    }Invisible Web Directory, annotated links to search resources “for the deep web”, which duplicates many of the URLs that we have here for you.    }at first this looks like we have put it on the wrong List, and as if it should be on the JKU Academic Research List. But pause a moment and look closely, and you will see this is another resource about Information, Standards, and Research. However, we thought that someone without our combined knowledge and expertise – we’re probably a genius when combined – wouldn’t know what JISC stood for, and acronym the University of Edinburgh, uses in this website. So, here’s a link for that which is explanatory:   }so, they say, “Our vision is one of easy and widespread access to information and resources, anytime, anywhere; a vision with technology and information management at the heart of research and education.” And who are they?    }”We are a registered charity and work on behalf of UK higher education, further education and skills to champion the use of digital technologies. Historically, JISC stood for Joint Information Systems Committee but over the last decade we have evolved and as a company we are now known as Jisc.“ So, and here is   }the site map for Edina. From here you can link to these information resources.   }A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.   }”One of the core challenges of the Semantic Web is to create metadata by mass collaboration-by combining semantic content created by a large number of people. To attain this objective, researchers have developed several approaches to deal with the manual or semiautomatic creation of metadata from existing information.” Click on "table of contents" and see the articles in IEEE Intelligent Systems,
Volume 18 Issue 5, September 2003. "Powered by the ACM guide to to computing literature". Reading the descriptions of these articles gives you a good idea of what the state of the art(s) was in 2003, in many areas. Useful if you are studying the history of these technologies, ideas, or organizations.   }applied math and science education repository. AMSER is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use. AMSER is funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the National Science Digital Library, and is being created by a team of project partners led by Internet Scout.   }this site is a list of search links just like this List is, and duplicates many of our links here. Many of the links on this page are DLs (dead links), but we’ve included it so that you can find what you’re looking for, if it isn’t on our Research Lists. 2017 DL.
However, don’t forget our Index (  ), since what you want can usually be found on one of our Lists.    }this is the list of Largest Deep Web Sites, from Complete Planet, a dead website now. We found this page on for you.  As with any site in the Archive, the data is dated and older; but again, owing to the huge amount of data there, some of it is bound to be still current, living, and useful. The existence is such sites is itself interesting, since their kind is extinct now, and there are no longer any sites of this kind on the Web. It says "Discover over 70,000+ searchable databases and specialty search engines.". It says, "The table below indicates that the 60 known, largest Deep-Web™ sites contain data of about 750 terabytes (HTML included basis), or roughly 40 times the size of the known surface Web. These sites appear in a broad array of domains from science to law to images and commerce. We estimate the total number of records or documents within this group to be about 85 billion. ", and more. Note that links in an archived page lead only to other archived pages; if you want to link to a page outside of the archive, you will need to do more than click on the link; for example, right click on it and use a search engine; right click on it and copy it, then paste it into the address bar in a new tab after having removed the "archive" part of the URL; select and copy the URL and paste it into the address bar in a new tab, after selecting only the non-Archive part of the URL; and so on.    }an archived page from, the internet information service. The link for this page is on the site itself; they have links to their own archived pages on the front page/portal (see below). Note that is very old (by web standards), but still has valid  and interesting links, thelayour and design is pleasing and interesting. It was the biggest one of its kind on the web 10-15 years ago, and some of the links and categories and pages still work.   }there are 25,687 pages and 9,423 images there: Search the Encyclopedia Astronautica… It gave good results for one of our hard tests. Recommended.    }checks the backlinks for a URL you specify. Did well in our tests; shows a list of the URLs back-linked to by your website, with statistics, in a table format. Shows the page rank of back-link giving url, outbound Links which means total external links found on back-link giving webpage, and any abnormal flag like ‘nofollow’ tag used on your back-link. Recommended.    }Context Search is a Firefox Add-on that transforms the “Web Search for…” context menu (right click menu) item into a submenu containing your installed search plugins. This allows you to choose which search engine to use for each search without having to change the selection in the Firefox toolbar. Highly Recommended.    }Harvard University has a new Internet-monitoring tool that should be catnip to you news junkies. “Launching for free on Monday, the Internet Activity Monitor is a real-time dashboard tracking blackouts, news hits, Internet speeds, and outages across the world. The service pulls in public data from services such as data-transfer mega-highway Akamai, and security firm Kaspersky.”  “You can sign up for a personal account and organize a series of dashboards that suit your needs, sort of like a Pinterest board documenting Internet speeds in South Korea or outages in Pakistan.”  One suggestion: one of the things I can do is monitor news from a certain country for a certain term. Great. But it would be great if you could specify what language you want it in. If I want to monitor Russian Federation news for the term “Google” (because I’m still very curious about the antitrust penalties) I’m sure there is news available in English. But all I’m getting is Russian.    }Use the research already done on google. Add-on ‘Improved search bar’. Makes visible the search bar drop-down list. The search bar history is ordered by ‘new entry-first’. Also enlarges go button that is small by default. Includes in search bar drop-down list also searches done in main google page. As Google Toolbar.    }A Web-blog about the Invisible Web and Information Availability on the Web.    }version Translate the selected text and the full page with Google Translate.By default, the add-on will try to set your detected language for the default target language. If it is not possible then English will be the target language of the translation. The language of the original text is automatically detected. The translations are powered by Google Translate, the addon uses their translator-program. }Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine. It can automatically organize small collections of documents (search results but not only) into thematic categories. Use Carrot2 Document Clustering Workbench on your desktop and possibly other applications from Carrot2 application suite to see what the clustering results are like for your content. If the results are promising, you can use the Carrot2 Document Clustering Workbench to further tune the clustering algorithm's settings. The online demonstration is here.  The manual for the Carrot2 Document Clustering Workbench is here   }As this site does not have any content yet, let us know what you think. We like to provide you with meaningful content in the future. Feel free to give us your inspiration! By using this site and giving your input you accept the Terms of Use.  This site is based on Textpattern using the ‘yellowmint’ template by Steve Lam.    }listed here are custom search engines, which are made to search specific categories. A person can make their own CSE, as well.    }Welcome to the Datahub, the free, powerful data management platform from Open Knowledge International, based on the CKAN data management system. CKAN is a tool for managing and publishing collections of data. It is used by national and local governments, research institutions, and other organisations which collect a lot of data. With its powerful search and faceting, users can browse and find the data they need, and preview it using maps, graphs and tables - whether they are developers, journalists, researchers, NGOs, citizens or your own colleagues. CKAN is free, open-source software, which has been developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation since 2006 and used by government and organisations around the world. Version 2.0 was released in May 2013. The Datahub provides free access to many of CKAN's core features, letting you search for data, register published datasets, create and manage groups of datasets, and get updates from datasets and groups you're interested in.    }The 11,273 datasets found. Page shown is in “last modified” order.  -See Archives, Journals, and Zines (above) for more explanations and links.    }CKAN Organizations are used to create, manage and publish collections of datasets. Users can have different roles within an Organization, depending on their level of authorisation to create, edit and publish. 959 organizations found. 44 links on the first page of 46. Skip the organizations with 0 (zero) datasets.    }webpage for checking if another website is down or not; or, down for just you or down for everyone.    }When searching for data, returns those pages in the data dictionary where your keywords are found. This provides both context and related series and increases the usefulness of your search results and provides a easy-to-use interface to download financial and economic data from a variety of reliable sources.     }BlindSearch, the search engine taste test. Type in a search query above, hit search then vote for the column which you believe best matches your query. The columns are randomised with every query. The goal of this site is simple, we want to see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. How differently will you perceive the results?  This site is built as a fun experiment by Michael Kordahi, follow me on twitter @delic8genius for notification of updates to this site. 2016: engine returned 5 relevant results quickly, and they were all from Bing. Recommended.    } a tool to get information about a link before visiting it. Use it to: Preview tinyurl,,,, or any other short URLs. Very useful for Twitter users. Works with ALL URL shortening services! See the original URL of a short URL before visiting it. Find out where a URL redirects, detect affiliate links. Get a webpage’s title and description to decide whether it is appropriate/safe/secure to visit. Get more info about a YouTube video to decide if you should watch it. Determine if a website contains malicious software or is a phishing site.  Powered by data from Google Safe Browsing. View a small preview image of a webpage or YouTube video before watching it.   }Gimpsy only covers sites that provide an interactive online service. If a site is only a repository of information, such as a newspaper, it will not be included. Even a store that has its catalogue online, but does not allow users to shop online – will not be included. That’s why we have coined the slogan “Active Sites for Active People”. Gimpsy provides excellent service for the active people, that want to accomplish something online. We have not tested this newer engine thoroughly, feel free to send us your results if you’d like to.   }the download link page for Resurrect Pages. In the context (right-click) menu for the current page, and for all links.  In the toolbar, just customize it to drag the button in. With the keyboard: press `Ctrl-Shift-U`.   Directly in the net error (“Firefox could not load this page…”) page. Highly Recommended.    }With Snap Links Plus you can open multiple links in to new tabs by drawing a selection rectangle. You can also use it to click multiple check boxes, a single radio button, regular buttons and JavaScript links with a single action. Many other actions are available for the selected links such as open links in one new window, open each link in separate windows, copy links to the clipboard and more. For FF.   }Ahmia is a free search engine software for Tor hidden service websites. You can test the running search engine at Building a search engine for anonymous web sites running inside the Tor network  is an interesting problem to solve. Tor enables web servers to hide their location and Tor users can connect to these authenticated hidden services while the server and the user both stay anonymous. However, finding web content is laborious without a good search engine and therefore a search engine is needed for the Tor network.    }For as long as there’s been too much information to keep in one brain, folks have been writing things down. Wikichucks! provides a framework for quickly and easily writing stuff down for later reference. In short, Wikichucks! is a searchable outboard brain (a windows-based desktop wiki) that helps you manage all the info-widgets you’d never remember unless you stored them centrally in your personal wiki. Scroll down for download link. Made for use with IE, but might work with other browsers. Note that, this e-zine, Jae Kamel’s URLs, does the same thing, but better.   }Link Gopher is a simple extension to extract links from Firefox. It extracts all links from web page (including embedded links), sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for copy and paste into other systems.   Also, Link Gopher does the same for unique domains. Download Link Gopher from Mozilla Add-ons.  Recommended.    }various online tutorials on new tech.   }The old Gibson Research Corporation site. It still has interesting freeware, payware, widgets, services, and links. Recommnded. With any older site, there will always be some DLs or pages/widgets that don't work or aren't there.    }A User Script Manager for Firefox; allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript. You can write your own scripts, too. Check out to get started. Many scripts already exist, probably ones to enhance your favorite sites. Find them at .    }User Script Hosting: 1-Gist; 2-Greasy Fork;  ;  4-The Whole Internet.  We use: }User scripts put you in control of your browsing experience. Once installed, they automatically add features, making them easier to use, or taking out the annoying bits. The user scripts on Greasy Fork were written by other users and posted to share with the world. They’re free to install and easy to use. We Recommend these scripts for your research work:  Google Cache Browser (Improved) 1.1; and google cache comeback 2.016.0130; and there are others similar to these. Use these in conjunction with Resurrect Pages. If you’re not using MFF, for example, if you’re using Chrome,  note also that there are user scripts for Chrome also, use Tampermonkey (    }The best thing to do is to install the Tampermonkey extension. This will allow you to easily install Greasemonkey scripts, and to easily manage them. Also it makes it easier to install userscripts directly from sites like OpenUserJS, MonkeyGuts, etc.   }Herdict’s name is a portmanteau of ‘herd’ and ‘verdict.’ We seek to gain insight into what users around the world are experiencing in terms of web accessibility; or in other words, determine the herdict. Whereas OpenNet views Internet filtering through an academic lens, Herdict uses crowdsourcing to present a rougher, but more timely analysis. When individuals can’t access a site, they can report that experience to Herdict through browser toolbars, e-­mail, Twitter, or Herdict aggregates this data to create a real-­time map of global Internet health. This data can be sorted and visualized by country, URL, and date, creating a picture of changes as they are happening.   }website checks selected site to see if it is ‘up’ or ‘down’;  says if it is “down just for you” or not. Short URL:  . Also lists status of the most popular websites.    }front page and portal for the huge Info Service site. 643 links on this page.  The colors make it very easy to read and use. Modern web sites are not “user friendly”. They are difficult to read and use. Often the “content”, the part of the page that you actually want to look at, is very difficult to find; sometimes it is placed many links more away; each time you have to link to a new page, it gives ads a new chance to pop-up, redirects to redirect your browser, and the sites have more chances to throw interfering panels and pop-ups at you. The text of the “content” part of the page is often different from the rest of the page, usually much smaller, and enlarging it enough to read makes the the rest of the site go outside the browser window. If you are young enough, you probably won’t know that webpages weren’t always so user-unfriendly, and so hard to use and read. And they are all white backgrounds now. And flash is “way” over-used on websites now. So, this page shows what a user-friendly site looks like, and how much better the web was even 10 years ago, than it is today. The pages are easy on the eyes, and easy to read and use. Site is Highly Recommended. There are 56 main Categories on this front page.    }the 32-bit internet software page from the truly amazing s-info site.  The site is very old; you can find apps or pages there for, yes, Windows 95.  That is the extreme example, but…. it is old. The pages we checked were last updated in 2014, that is, two years ago; but the Lists were made in the 1990s. The site is huge. Some of the links we checked still went to live webpages; others, we had to get from  However, is also amazing, in that often the older software or whatever is still, on the archived page, sitting on some old server somewhere. And, LBNL, some of the old software still runs on windows up to 8.1, and is useful. 217 links on this page alone.    }this is the info service subject links page. We selected ‘A’ but it shows all the links, alphabetized.  Page says “84,000 links – 841 pages”; if that were true, it would be bigger than Jae Kamel’s URLs ! On this page are 896 links, so, the “84,000” links means the whole site. Again, this is an old site from the 90s, but a huge one. And many of the links are still good. When you are doing a search, sometimes just to see what categories there are can be useful, for example, for improving your search terms. But that are still many live links on those pages.  Also select which services to browse by category.    }the Info Service Chart & Reference Guide page.  29 links. The charts are there.   }the “D-I” section of their alphabetized list of “Super Sites”. We were curious about how these sites would be different from “Mega Sites:, “Page Listings”, and some of the other Categories. We found fun sites linked to from this page, as well, so again Highly Recommended.    }Not all types of information are easily gathered using surveys. Surveys are self-report tools that take place at a single point in time, so exact measurements, external impressions of reactions, and data about things that happen over time can be difficult to capture. Nevertheless, these are important pieces of information that you may need, so let’s discuss a few of the other data collection tools you can use to better collect these types of data.     }Integrum is the most comprehensive risk, compliance and business optimisation platform in use around the world today. Trusted by the blue chips, for integrated management systems for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Risk & Compliance it can help businesses of all sizes streamline their processes and accelerate business growth.     }We are glad to welcome you at Integrum World Wide site. Our company provides access to the Integrum databases, the largest digital archive of the most influential sources of information of Russia, Ukraine and other FSU countries as well as a range of analytical services for mass media and social networks monitoring.    }use the right tool, small collection of online search tools. “Use the best tool for the job.”    }a video about the Semantic Web. 14:30.    }Anyone who works with LaTeX knows how time-consuming it can be to find a symbol in symbols-a4.pdf that you just can't memorize. Detexify is an attempt to simplify this search. How do I use it? Just draw the symbol you are looking for into the square area above and look what happens! When you draw a symbol in the box, it returns the symbols it resembles. If you just doodle there, it returns the symbols that most closely resemble it. Highly Recommended.   }here is the lexis/nexis start-page. There are resources for legal, academic, and business/corporate research.    }The Lumen database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. These data enable us to study the prevalence of legal threats and let Internet users see the source of content removals.    }Have you ever wanted to have a search engine available in Firefox’ search bar that isn’t shipped by default, but this site doesn’t have the ‘glowing’ search bar icon to add its search (like e.g. YouTube)? With Add to Search Bar you can add the search engine of any page to the search box  by right-clicking on the search bar.    }this page allows you to add a search provider to your Internet Explorer. The page is available in different languages.    }a web service that collects and analyzes any data about domains and keywords they are optimized for. Currently we use around 25+ open API sources researching the most popular domains and keywords. We have 938,147,687 records stored (for 7,546,229 domains) in our database and are continuing to grow.     }If you cannot access a website, and you discover using our sitedown monitoring tool that the site is not down and that other people can access it (i.e. the problem is on your end, and has nothing to do with the website itself), then what could be the reason for this? What problems could be stopping you from accessing the website? These are the 4 principal reasons why this may be happening.    }Extend Firefox’s search engines for searching web sites and file formats. Extend Firefox’s search bar with advanced search functions of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ixquick, Startpage and Ask (if the corresponding search engine installed). Selection between web site search or internet search. When we list a specific add-on or extension here, it is automatically Highly Recommended. Mozilla FF has many thousands of extensions; we list here only those that improve your searching abilities and results, or make it easier to search.  Search for highlighted text. Use of HTTPS for Google SSL, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ixquick and Startpage for increased security. Enable-/disable search types. Support of Firefox Sync for Settings (BETA).     }Search within the current site from the search bar, the new search panel or the context menu. Search within current subdomain or within entire domain. Fully supports the new search panel and search engine buttons. Highly Recommended.    }this is the main site for finding search engine plug-ins for your browser, Chrome, Explorer or Firefox.    }networkx has a search feature and will sometimes find info that no one else does. “NetworkX is a Python language software package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and function of complex networks. With NetworkX you can load and store networks in standard and nonstandard data formats, generate many types of random and classic networks, analyze network structure, build network models, design new network algorithms, draw networks, and much more.“  Here is the search page:    }this page shows the results of one of our tests, for the word “search”. Great for programmers, information scientists, mathematicians, Recommended for them.    }in this somewhat easier test, this engine found some surprising results, such as this Glossary:    }a short glossary, but shows key concepts from graph theory and Python about their subject.    }4438 newspapers and other news sources make the ideal tool for news research. The most complete archive available for each publication is included. Click on “search” tab to search the database. 106 links on the page.   } is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.  A type of web application where users can store plain text. They are commonly used to share short source code snippets for code review via Internet Relay Chat. The first pastebin was located at, but other sites with the same function have appeared, and several open source pastebin scripts are available. Many pastebins allow commenting, where readers can post feedback directly on the page.    }Carefully review your evaluation purpose and research questions to determine which data collection method or combination of methods is most appropriate for your evaluation project. It is important to triangulate your data collection methods. This means, using a variety of different methods to collect data instead of relying on just one type. Triangulation provides data from multiple perspectives and helps reduce the effects that the limitations of any one particular method may have on your data and conclusions. For example, you can supplement what you learn during a participant interview with document reviews and/or observations, thus reducing the effects of the participant’s potential biases or misinformation (Maxwell, 1996). Once you have selected your data collection method, it is important to map these back to your original research questions to ensure that you will be able to answer all of your questions using the most appropriate method(s). The table below shows the types of research questions each data collection method is most appropriate for.   }”In 2001, PubGene founders demonstrated one of the first applications of text mining to research in biomedicine (i.e., biomedical text mining). They went on to create the PubGene public search engine, exemplifying the approach they pioneered by presenting biomedical terms as graphical networks based on their co-occurrence in MEDLINE texts. Co-occurrence networks provide a visual overview of possible relationships between terms and facilitate medical literature retrieval for relevant sets of articles implied by the network display. “    }”We host data from hundreds of publishers on a single easy-to-use website. We make it easy for data users to get the data they need in the format they want.“  We’re testing new search engines and databases such as this one now (16feb15).    }this service measures image, post, or website popularity on the world wide web. It summarizes Tumblr post as its sample population.  Rebloggy is a service which tries to aggregate all the popular posts on Tumblr. We analyze this wonderful social network and its millions of blogs every day to get to know which posts are most influential, choosing automatically those that grow faster than others.    }new sites, invisible web; free resources are available on the web, including databases, lists and rankings, real-time sources, and multimedia. 2016 Update:  “The time has come to say goodbye. We’ve posted 26,773 items to ResourceShelf since its launch in March 2001. We have now taken the decision to cease publishing at ResourceShelf. This is a decision not taken lightly, as we care just as deeply about supporting your research as you do about performing it. “ We will link you to some of the important sites that the former Resource Shelf did. It can now be found at:    }in January, 2016. Note that all the ResourceBlog articles are still available here:    }ResourceBlog is no longer updated, since February 2016. However, we still Recommend some of their valuable links.    }weekly newletter. News and resources covering social media, search engines, databases, archives, and other such information collections. Since 1998. Resources in the world of search engines, online databases, digital archives, etc. I’ve got almost 150 Google Alerts and an RSS feed reader packed to bursting. Multiple times a week I post digests of what I find. You can see a list of the latest over on your right. You’re welcome to subscribe via e-mail (also over on the right) or grab the RSS feed (the RSS feeds are full-text.) If you’re more interested only in specific topics, please check out The ResearchBuzz Firehose, which is items posted individually instead of in digest. I’ve written an article explaining how you can use it to monitor your topics of interest without having to go through a lot of extraneous material.    }This is a beta release, and it does not yet have all information available at our old site, but it will come together with new data that is not available even there. We aim to make the fastest and most comprehensive free DNS lookup tool on the Internet. Please note that robtex is not only used by the NSA (we guess that is not a secret anymore, and no we didn’t know before either). Are you a normal IT guy doing data forensics, investigating competitors, tracking spammers or hackers or a virus, or just curious? No matter what, this should be the first place to go. Enter an IP address or hostname in the field above, and click on any of the buttons to look up technical information Also, due to popular demand, we will soon release an API available for qualified organizations and companies. We will keep you posted.     }Robtex Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool. In the searchbox above you can search for things like: DNS checks detailed dns information for a hostname; IP-number checks ip number information such as dns reverse and forwards; route checks a specific routed prefix; AS numbers checks information on an AS-number; AS macros checks who belongs to an AS-macro.!input.action    }ZIP+4 Lookup — US ZIP codes and ZIP+4 codes.    }United States Patent and Trademark Office — Database of patents,  full-text and full-page images.    }new academic sites; go direct to their table of contents:    }and also, find recent project reports here:    }and links from there. (See also Academic Research List ).     }the search engine directory’s list of directories and search engines.    }and another listing/guide. This will find search engines by category for you, and give you links if it finds none specific. "Internet search engines are categorized by topic in our searchable directory of general and specialty search engines. Also listed are resources and tools for exploring the deep web, performing advanced research, and for learning about using search engine tools and technology."     }the search engine land guide to all things ‘search’. Clean, easy to use site. It is new to us, but we Recommend it based on what we’ve seen. Info if you want to research search engines, how they work, etc., can be found on this site and the other sites in this Category.    }SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads. }Historically, search engines have been unable to extract content, such as text and links, from Flash (SWF) files. Subsequently, much of the Flash-based content on the web has been unavailable in search results. This situation has been frustrating for web developers, who have tried to come up with workarounds to help get search engines to index and rank their Flash pages. This situation hasn’t been ideal for searchers either, as this limitation has kept them from seeing potentially great matches for their queries because they’ve been locked away in Flash files. According to Adobe and Google, all of that is changing. Google is launching what they tell me is a “deep algorithmic change,” augmented by Flash reader technology supplied by Adobe, that enables them to “read” Flash files and extract text and links from it for better indexing and ranking. This could be great news for both site owners and searchers    }The purpose behind the Search Engine Roundtable  is to report on the most interesting threads taking place at the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) forums. By enlisting some of the most recognized names at those forums, the Roundtable is able to not only report on these outstanding threads but also provide a synopsis that provides greater detail into those threads.    } Looking for search engines? This section of Search Engine Watch lists some top choices in various categories.    }this is their list of categorized “specialty search engines”.  We haven’t tested all those engines yet, but this site is trustworthy; it is also a little old, by today’s opinions.    } Search Engine Watch provides listings for search engines that serve the entire world, which you can find on the Major Search Engines page. There are also search engines that are devoted to particular countries and regions of the world. The resources below will help you locate these country-specific web sites.    }SearchPreview inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites into search results pages. See a preview image of every search result before you click. Thumbnails are created and provided by SearchPreview servers. Works in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.    }Seeq is the first application dedicated to time series data investigation.  Seeq™ provides software and services that convert industrial process data into information, enable discovery, increase collaboration, and increased earnings. You can download Seeq for free, try it for free, and be up and running in minutes.    }Shodan, World's first search engine for the Internet of Things.
Maps:Intuitive map interface to search the Shodan database. Images: A stream of screenshots from crawled devices. Exploits: Search across a variety of vulnerability databases at once. Scanhub: Make your Nmap results searchable by uploading them to Scanhub. Blog: Stay up to date with the latest developments and research.     }customizable site search using Semknox "technology". There is a free package, and 4 or 5 pay-for ones. Recommended.    }the plagiarism checker is on the List, JKU Academic Research. The other tools here are an article rewriter, link tracker, backlink checker, backlink maker, website ping tool, keyword postion, reverse IP domain checker, server status, and others.    }here is a list of untested proxy sites.    }Top Similar Sites is a free tool that helps you to find similar sites to any site!  We found this one to be much, much better than the other “similar sites” website. Recommended.    }this is, of course, the search engine list itself. }   here’s a site with a long list of links, to search engines in various categories, and other useful links. This would be competitive with our linklists, that is, JKU, but they’re weak on annotations, tests, and reviews; only we do those for you. They categorize their links, but they’re all on one huge page. Ours are categorized better. This page is just for searching and researching; other pages have entertainment links, government links, academic links, etc. We’re still the best at what we do on the web, but we include this page for you since it has links we didn’t use, and so on, for your convenience.   }URL Revealer shows you the real destination of a link or shortened URL.    } is an absolutely mammoth search engine/portal that gives the searcher direct access to a wide variety of information and databases from the United States government, state governments, and local governments. This includes access to the Library of Congress, an A-Z government agency index, the Smithsonian, and more.   }Darknet is a private, distributed P2P file sharing network where connections are either made only between trusted peers — sometimes called “friends” (F2F) — using non-standard protocols and ports. Darknets are distinct from other distributed P2P networks as sharing is anonymous (that is, IP addresses are not publicly shared), and therefore users can communicate with little fear of governmental or corporate interference.     }You’ll love Free Account Up to 1,000 requests per month. Completely free. No credit card required. Comprehensive data collection & structuring. 100,000s of internet sources crawled and indexed; 80 languages covered. Quick integration. Multiple formats of data available.   }Freenet is a peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication. It uses a decentralized distributed data store to store information, and has a suite of free software for working with this data store. Both Freenet and some of its associated tools were originally designed by Ian Clarke, who defines Freenet’s goal as providing freedom of speech with strong anonymity protection. }a collaborative project to produce a free-content multilingual dictionary. It aims to describe all words of all languages using definitions and descriptions in English. Wiktionary has grown beyond a standard dictionary and now includes a thesaurus, a rhyme guide, phrase books, language statistics and extensive appendices. We aim to include not only the definition of a word, but also enough information to really understand it. Thus etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations are included. –See also IX. Language Tools: Dictionaries and Glossaries in JKU Academic Research List .    }free and open access to global development data.    }”The #1 Search Engine for US News – Search 5,000+ national, business, and local news sources.“ We tested this, and it impressed us. In one test, we asked for news about the “Swiss Jet Crash”, and it returned the most recent crash, this year (2015), at the top of the results, followed by all the other jet crashes which were in the news, including facsimiles of newspaper stories, back as far as 1960 !  We are Recommending this one.   }The April 2017 Zillman Column features Healthcare Bots and Subject Directories 2017 by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library. This column is dedicated to the latest and most competent resources for healthcare bots and subject directories available over the Internet.

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